7 Warlord Based On 7 Sins In One Piece

In One Piece Warlords, played a major role. They are very powerful

All of them work with the marines and the world government, and for that Government helps them to rule.

Maybe you don't know that Oda designs them to represent 7 sins. Let's take a look

7. Boa Hancock represents lust. Her devil fruit power and her beauty prove that.

6. Crocodile represents Greed. He tried to take over a kingdom.

5. Mihawk is like Sloth because he travels alone and suffers from boredom and loneliness.

4. Moria is Envy. His motivation for gathering power is to defeat Kaido. 

3. Kuma represents Wrath. He is infamours for his brutality.

2. Doffi represents Gluttony. His incredible hunger for power shows that.

 1. Jimbei represents Pride. He always wants to fight for his honor.

The Tops 10

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