7 Naruto Charecters Battle Iq Is  Smarter Than Other

7. Kakashi Hatake His battle Iq, ability makes him so powerful and dependble charecter.

6. Sasuke Sasuke Uchiha known for is immitdiate and instant planning in battle which is crucial to win.

5. Naruto Naruto act like dumb but in my opinion he is one of the smartest anime protagonist. His battle iq is superb.

4. Kabuto Kabuto's intelligence is insane. We can say that he start the 4th great ninja war and he was prepared for everyone.

3. Madara Uchiha Most badass villain, he planned and execute eveything perfectly even after 30 years of his death.

2. Itachi Itachi's unique sharingan ability and his battle iq make him so powerful and you can't even know that you are already trapped in his genjutsu.

1. Shikamaru He is the strategist of hidden leaves. His instant strategy make him a dependble teammates and they can win against a powerful opponent with his strategy.

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