7 Naruto Charecter May Be Beat Goku In Super Saiyan 2

Feb 16, 2022


Toei Animation Studio

Pierrot Studio

In terms of Raw power and Strength nobody can beat Goku. Only Sharingan and Rinnegan abilities can hold goku or may be they can beat Goku Super Saiyan form.

Toei Animation Studio

Powerfull jutsu takes so much chakra from user & it depends on how powerful opponent is. That's because Goku is too powerfull that their chakra reserved can't hold Goku that much.

7. Shishui

Pierrot Studio

Shishui's Genjutsu Kotoamatsukami can change Goku's mind but His visual prowass can not hold goku that much longer.

5. Obito

Pierrot Studio

Obito's kamui dimention can teleport Goku in space-time and Goku's ki-blast can't affect on him because Obito make his body teleport space-time to reality simultaniously.

5. Madara

Pierrot Studio

Madara's rinnegan possess absorbed chakra and Goku's key is similar to chakra. I think that Madara can absorbe the Goku's ki also.

4. Naruto

Pierrot Animation

Naruto's bayron mode can also absorbe chakra which is similar to Goku's Ki. He can perform sage of six path which can surpass Goku in Super Saiyan 2.

3. Itachi & Sasuke

Pierrot Studio

Itachi's Tsukyuomi can trap Goku in a Genjutsu for a moment and if then Sasuke use amaterasu on Goku, They can win. Even Itachi has Izanami to trap Goku.

2. Indra

Pierrot Studio

Father of all Uchiha's definatly can have the one of the strongest Mangekyo in the series. His power and ability maybe beat Goku Super Saiyan 2.

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1. Kaguya

Pierrot Studio

She sent Goku in a dimension where oxygen is absent. Goku will eventually die because unble to breathe but Goku's ki much stronger than Kaguya, he can escape the dimention.

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