7 Most Mangekyo Sharingan User In Naruto, Ranked

Feb 15, 2022


Pierrot Studio

Pierrot Studio

We list them according to How powerfull of their mangekyo sharingan is, not judging their overall power. Rinnegan is not listed here.

7. Sasuke

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Sasuke's mangeyo can perform Amaterasu and Kagutsuchi. In Amaterasu he can perform undistingushable black flame and wirh the other eye he can shape the amaterasu

6. Kakashi

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Kakashi is non uchiha in the list but he have the one same eye and ability as Obito. There eyes are linked. Kakashi's one eyes kamui can teleport you in space time.

5. Obito

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Obito with his two eyes and activated Mangekyo can sent you in a dimention and he can avoid all kind of attack with his continuing teleportation with space time

4. Itachi

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Itachi's Tsukyuomi can perform without any direct eye contact and In his genjutsu he can control time and space and amaterasu which is nerver ending black flame

3. Madara

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Ah, Madara can controll all 9 tails with his mangekyo that much powerful his genjutsu is. His Mangekyo full power is not shown that much in series.

2. Indra

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Father of all Uchiha's definatly can have the one of the strongest Mangekyo in the series. He is the first activator of Susano.

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1. Shishui

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Shishui visual prowess are so strong that it cames second after Infinite Tsukyuomi. That's why everyone wants his eyes. His Genjutsu is known as Kotoamatsukami.

The Tops 10

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