7 Anime Charecters With Strong Fathers

April 6, 2022


Madhouse Studio

7. Norman

Cloverworks Studio

Norman is one of the main protagonist of promise neverland. He have amazing intelligence to defeat those alians.

6. Madara Uchiha

Pierrot Studio

Madara planned 4th great ninja war long decade ago and It happens exactly same. It's incredible.

5. Conan


Detective conan is one of the best detective series I have ever seen all because of Conan's intelligence.

4. Dr. Stone

TMS Entertainment

Dr. stone can save whole humanity from cosmic event with his amazing depth in science.

3. Lelouch

Sunrise Studio

Lelouch can use his geass once for a person. You should incredibly wise to think when it comes to use. That prove how smart he is.

2. Light Yagami

Madhouse Studio

Light Yagami is undoubtly have amazing mind and analysing & deductive skill. How he use death note proves his intelligence.

1. L

Madhouse Studio

L is the smartest charecter of all time. How he track Kira and that proves his intelligence. It's incredible. I am stunt when I witness L's intelligence first.

The Tops 10

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