7 Anime Charecters With Strong Fathers

April 2, 2022


Madhouse Studio

7. Edward's Father

Bones Studio

In FMAB Edward Elric's father litterally show himself as a god of that universe and he lived thousand of years. This show the power of him.

6. Ace's Father

Toei Animation Studio

Ace's father was Gol D Roger who was a pirate king. His strength is legendary. His swordsmanship and haki is tottaly insane.

5. Gon's Father

Madhouse Studio

Gon's father ging is the top 5 best nen user According to netero but he is very mystrious charecter. Even in the end of H x H er don't know much about him.

4. Ichigo's Father

Pierrot Animation

Isshin is a member of shiba clan. He is a soul reaper. He became the captain, only the skilled and strong soul reapers became captain.

3. Boruto's Father

Pierrot Studio

Naruto is count as one of the best anime charecter of all time. His power and how he controlled it which make him one of the heart-touching charecters.

2. Trunks Father

Toei Animation Studio

Trunks Father Vegeta is one of the strongest among all and his superhuman strength, charecter development and dedication make him great father.

1. Gohan and Gotan's Father

Toei Animation Studio

Gohan and Goten's father Goku is undoubtly the strongest and how he became friendly and motivate his sons and how innocent  

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