Vikrant Rona Trailer Review : Next Kannad Film Are Going To Beat Bollywood


FilmVikrant Rona
Production HouseKichcha Creations
Shalini Arts
Invenio Films India
DirectorAnup Bhandari.
ProducerShalini Jack Manju and Alankar Pandian
Star castKichaha Sudeep and Jaquline Fernandez
Release date28th July, 2022

This film will release on 28th July; It’s a fantasy action thriller drama. It will release in Kannada and simultaneously dubbed versions in Telugu, Tamil, and Hindi languages. You will be happy to hear that this film will be released in four foreign languages: Russian, Mandarin, Arabic, and German. The budget of the film is 50-60 crore. The official trailer was released on Zee studios on 23rd June.

Vikrant Rona Trailer Plot:

vikarant rona
Studio Credit : Kichcha Creations

This trailer starts with a sea and remote village in south India, their fear, gruesome history, and mystery. The trailer shows us that this village has a curse, and no one wants to tell us what happened previously, but their faces and their fear tell us that something bad happened to them and the village.

Suddenly the same curse and right to say the same Devil came, and the village became the same as previous. When a police officer came into this village, he was never afraid of anyone. He came and firstly said one thing: is this a village or a maze?

His junior reply: Not only the village but also the people of the whole village are a maze. Then some fighting scenes in the forest, and the whole village starts talking about Vikrant Rona, the police officer. After that, the film’s heroine Jacqueline Fernandez tells the Vikrant that “there is only one name doing rounds in the whole village these days, Vikrant Rona.

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“Then, the previous inspector’s murder case unfolds to us. How did the inspector Suresh Krishna’s body find the well? And got killed by the Devil. Villagers told the police that even some villagers went missing after it stated that “the real game begins now. “And the plot raises a question: Who is the Devil? Kichaha Sudeep is a hero or a villain ? that is the film’s mystery, and one more mystery is what happened in the past. What is the gruesome story?

Vikrant Rona Trailer Review & My Expectations :

vikrant rona poster 3
Image Credit : DNAIndia | Studio Credit : Kichcha Creations

The Indian cinema, especially south cinema, is passing through a fruitful stage because, for the past five years, they have the audience some beautiful movies like Bahubali part one and two, KGF chapter one and two, robot, and RRR. And now they are showing us a promising movie trailer called ‘Vikrant Rona.’ Anup Bhandari directs this film, and the star casts are Sudeep and Jacqueline Fernandez. Supported by other great actors like Nirup Bhandari and Neetha Ashok.

This trailer begins mysteriously; a lady narrator describes a mysterious village, and their people are trying to hide something. All the villagers have fear something. They don’t want to tell. In this village, there was a devil who came back. Everyone has a fear of this place, but one day someone came who didn’t have fear.

As mentioned at that time, Kichaha Sudeep appears with a cigar. This is a wow entry for Sudeep’s fans. After that, the story goes on through a dramatic scene play. In this film, Sudeep did some gruesome fight scenes. This film has some twists, suspense, and thrills. There is a big question: Who is the Devil? Vikrant Rona himself or someone else.

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The trailer didn’t introduce the villain. We have to wait until twenty-eight July to unveil every mystery. This film will premiere in 3D. This is a pan-India film. This trailer has great visuals. I can hope that the whole film has too.

Vikrant Rona Trailer Conclusion :

vikrant rona 2
Image Credit : Abplive | Studio Credit : Kichcha Creations

Before conclusions, I can say that if this film distributes and reaches the audience very well, this film will be a box office hit. And will take names besides Pushpa, KGF, and RRR., and one more thing, this film has a chance to be an international hit. Every corner of the world has Sudeep’s fans, so they will never want to miss this masterpiece.

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