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Video Game Based Anime : One of the most seen themes in anime is games. And they can appear in many forms. The most popular nowadays are the animes of the Isekai genre, when the protagonist is transported into the game. There are also animes where the characters are like us, mere mortals, with controls in hand.

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List of Best Video Game Based Anime :

 9. Accel World

Best Video Game Based Anime accel world
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 Like Sword Art Online, Accel World is one of the great animes of the genre. The featured game is called Brain Burst. Unlike Sword Art Online, where the protagonist is teleported into the game and can no longer leave, in Accel World, characters can leave at any time. The problem is, once you lose all your points in the game, you can never play it again. This makes our protagonist’s journey much more careful. It also has excellent twists.

8. Log Horizon

Best Video Game Based Anime LogHorizon
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 Another anime focused on MMORPG. Log Horizon had two excellent seasons, each with 25 episodes, totaling 50. Although the anime has not gained its predecessors’ fame, it has a fascinating and detailed story. It narrates the story of Shiroe, one of the 30,000 Japanese players trapped inside the silly game Elder Tale. Its characters are well defined, and the plot is not lacking—a great request.

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7. Kings Avatar

the kings avatar
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 Anyone who thinks that only the Japanese produce anime is wrong. Kings Avatar is an excellent example of Chinese anime. In China, the gaming profession is taken very seriously. Several players earn enormous salaries for participating in gaming championships.

Kings Avatar highlights this well. Ye Xiu’s protagonist is a professional from the online game Glory. He has been dubbed the “God of Battle.” Upon retiring from his team, he works in an internet cafe. When Glory launches its tenth server, Ye Xiu starts playing again. And the rest, you’ll only know if you watch.

 6. Sword Art Online 

Video Game Based Anime sword art online
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 SAO is considered as one of the fathers of the Isekai genre. That said, it was also one of the great animes of its time. Despite the work slipping in the second half of the first season and continuing to slip in its sequel, SAO is still one of the best of the genre. The turnaround of the first season is spectacular, and it’s worth watching for its own sake.

5. Fate/Grand Order

Based on the popular Fate/Grand Order game comes an anime adaptation featuring the Chaldean Security Organization and all other servants of the game’s Singularities. If you’ve been playing the game on mobile for years since its release, watching the animated adaptation of the game is the perfect way to complete your journey.

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It’s like recapitulating everything that happened in Chaldea and the rest of the world! For non-gamers, watching anime is a great way to discover the history of the mobile game.

4. Kakegurui

The Japanese word kakegurui literally means to bet or participate in a bet with a crazy attitude, which is the central theme of the series. The MC, Jabami Yumeko , is always on the lookout to participate in any type of bet, to the point where different assets are at stake – money, life, and even social status.

Since this anime is about taking risks, each episode is emotional, especially with Yumeko and male protagonist Ryota Suzui’s decisions to elevate (or demote) their status. You can even chant “Saa, kakegurui mashou” after each episode.

3.No Game, No Life

What are you going to do if you were suddenly transported to a different dimension, only to find that you could play all day, every day? That’s what happened to the playing brother & Sister Sora and Shiro, who brought isekai into the gaming world. Each episode is an absolute delight.

It shows different games and even adds a different twist to the simple game like rock, paper and scissors, blackjack, and even chess. And because this duo of hikikomori (disabled) are pretty bankrupt and OP when it comes to playing video games, there’s nothing Shiro and Sora can’t accomplish. How will they fight against the one true god of gaming, Tet?

2. Overlord

The favorite isekai anime of many nerds, Overlord, features the mighty Ainz Ooal. Even before the series received the green light for an animation, the chaotic covers in almost all its volumes were already drawing attention. Overlord follows the story of Momonga, aka Ainz Ooal Gown, a giant skeletal figure you see throughout the series.

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He got stuck inside an MMORPG title after the game servers shut down, leaving him with only NPCs to interact within the game. It’s an entertaining anime as it shows this strong skeleton and its army of NPC. Overlord is the perfect anime for MMORPG lovers.

1. Hi-Score Girl

An underrated anime gem in your Netflix library, Hi-Score Girl, is made for all fans of fighting games, new and old. It follows the story of two high school students, Haruo and Akira, and how playing video games against each other brought them together. Hi-Score Girl takes place in the 90s, the golden age of arcade machines and fighting games in Japan.

The anime may not be available in some libraries due to geo-restriction issues. Thus, it is worth checking out the best VPNs analyzed and tested globally to guarantee access to this and other animes. Hi-Score Girl is highly recommended if you’re searching for something light and humorous that accurately depicts retro gaming throughout arcade season.

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