Venom 2 Trailer Breakdown: Amazing Detials You Need To Know

Venom 2 Trailer: After the series of Loki, people eagerly talk about Spider-Man: No Way Home’s trailer, but then Sony treats us with the 2nd trailer of Venom: Let There Be Carnage. The 2nd trailer of the movie is way much better than the first one.

And gives us some new and amazing details about the movie and showcases the complete look of Carnage that was missing from the film’s first trailer. And there are also some insane new details in this new trailer.

Image Credits: The Indian Express | Image Source: Google | Licensed By: Sony Pictures Entertainment

Venom 2 Trailer: New Details in 2nd Trailer

Directed By:Andy Serkis
Produced By:Avi Arad
Matt Tolmach
Amy Pascal
Kelly Marcel
Tom Hardy
Hutch Parker
Story By:Tom Hardy
Kelly Marcel
Starring:Tom Hardy
Michelle Williams
Naomie Harris
Reid Scott
Stephen Graham
Woody Harrelson
Production House:Columbia Pictures
Marvel Entertainment
Distributed By:Sony Pictures Releasing
Release Date:This Fall

The First and the primary and new detail from the new venom 2 trailer: Let There Be Carnage, is the complete look of Carnage and its origin, which did not show in the movie’s first trailer.

So the Venom 2 trailer starts. Venom is seen riding a Ducati, which is a continuity from the first movie because, in Venom 1, Eddie rides a Ducati, but this Ducati is a different model. It is evident in both the trailers that Eddie and Venom are having difficulties coordinating with each other.

Though Venom 2 takes place after 1.5 years of the first one, they both struggle to go along with each other. Now Eddie has made a strict rule of not eating any living human to Venom.

Because if Venom continues to eat humans, then Venom will be taken to Area 51. Area 51 is a top-secret location in America about which almost everyone knows, but still, no one knows further about it.

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Then we see the first glimpse of Ravencroft in the new Venom 2 Trailer. This Ravencroft is very much different from the Ravencroft of MCU’s Spiderman universe, which we see in the climax of Spiderman Homecoming.

Then we see Shriek, who has the power of creating sonic sound waves from her neck. And in Comic books, Shriek is the girlfriend of Carnage, and if in this movie Shiek and Carnage come along, then with the help of Shriek’s Sonic sound waves, they can destroy Venom.

Because Sonic sound waves are the only weak link of Venom, then we see Venom lashing out at Eddie and telling him that he is a loser. Which is a reference from the first Venom movie in which it was shown that Venom was also a loser on his planet, which was the main reason Venom and Eddie made a bond.

Image Credits: | Image Source: Google | Licensed By: Sony Pictures Entertainment

Then we see Eddie meeting Cletus Kasady, and he tells him his story. Kasady is a serial killer who has killed many people, but the dead bodies of his victims were never discovered, so Kasady tells Eddie the location of all the dead bodies.

In the Venom 2 Trailer, we also get to see that Eddie is now working for Daily Bugle. Then there is a scene in the trailer in which Carnage is expanding himself in a church, and that scene discloses that Carnage believes himself as a god.

Then in the next scene, we see Kasady biting Eddie’s thumb through which some particles of Venom travels into Kasady through which he transformed into Carnage. And in comic books, Carnage is Venom’s son.

In the Venom 2 Trailer, when Venom sees Carnage, he gets Terrified by looking at him and immediately hides. He also quotes, “It’s the red one” by this quote, we can understand that on Venom’s planet, all red symbionts, which are red, were the most dangerous ones.

And that is why Venom is so terrified after seeing Carnage. Then Eddie makes a deal with Venom that he will let Venom eat whoever he wants to. Then we see a glimpse of Venom and Carnage’s fight.

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At the end of the trailer, we see that the movie’s release date has been shifted again, and the new release date has not been disclosed yet. The previous release date of the film was 24th September 2021.

Venom 2 Trailer: Complete Look of Carnage

3Rd Venom 2 Trailer Compressed 5
Image Credits: The Hollywood Reporter | Image Source: Google | Licensed By: Sony Pictures Entertainment

We finally get to see the complete look of Carnage in the new Venom 2 Trailer, and god, it looks total Savage. In comic books, the origin of Carnage is slightly changed from the movie. In comic books, Eddie and Kasady are both cellmates in prison.

And when Eddie breaks that prison with the help of Venom, then Venom loses a microscopic particle of itself which Kasady later consumes, and then Venom gives birth to Carnage. Hence Carnage is Venom’s son in comic books.

And there are also some fantastic details about Carnage in the new Venom 2 Trailer. When Eddie transforms into Venom, Venom covers all over Eddie’s body, but when Kasady transforms into Carnage, Carnage consumes Kasady, and they both gets merge.

This shows that Kasady and Carnage have a much better bond than Eddie and Venom. Even when we see bullets fired at Carnage, Carnage splits his body to dodge bullets, which we never see happening with Venom.

And by look, Carnage looks much more Savage than Venom in new Venom 2 Trailer.

Venom 2 Trailer: Who is Cletus Kasady?

4Th Venom 2 Trailer
Image Credits: Syfy Wire | Image Source: Google | Licensed By: Sony Pictures Entertainment

Celtus Kasady is a deranged serial-killer, who has a very psychotic mind and a very saddened past. Kasady and Carnage are a perfect match because both have similar mentality, both have saddened past and violent nature.

Carnage increases the violent nature of Kasady and he singlehandedly beats both Venom and Spiderman. Cletus Kasady was born in a psychiatric prison at Ravencroft, and after birth his heart stopped beating for few minutes.

Kasady killed his own grandmother, and tried to kill his mother by growing a hairdryer into his mother’s bathtub, and Kasady tortured and killed his mother’s dog with a drill. Later Kasady’s mother tried to kill him, but she was beaten at the brink of death by Kasady’s father.

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After this Kasady was sent to St. Estes home for boys. Kasady’s antisocial behaviour makes him the target of abuse and jokes by other boys and staff. Kasady took revenge by killing a staff member and by pushing a girl in front of a bus for laughing at Kasady when he asked her for a date.

Kasady then burned the whole orphanage. Kasady then developed a philophy that life is meaningless and futile. He then continues murdering and slaughtering people mercilessly and he caused unplanned bloodshed by thinking that he is freeing them. ultimately becoming a serial killer.

Venom 2 Trailer: Kasady’s Love Interest

5Th Venom 2 Trailer Compressed
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Taking a break from ripping people apart and having some intimate moments with his new interest. Kasady finally finds his love interest in another supervillain. In Venom 2 trailer, we also see a moment where Shriek and Kasady were together in a car.

And by looking at the comic books, it is assumable that Kasady finds love in Shriek, and they are all ready to cause Absolute Carnage to the world. In comic books, there is already a storyline of Kasady and Shriek’s romance.

And it looks like Sony is about to bring this romance to the big screen. If Carnage and Shriek come together, they both will give Venom a very tough time because Shriek’s Super Sonic soundbars are like kryptonite to Venom. I think this movie is going to create a new world for Sony and Marvel.

Ducati in Venom 2 :

Ducati Venom 2
Image credit : Youtube | Source Credit : Google | Studio Credit : Sony Pictures

In venom let there be carnage movie shows the new model of ducati racing bike. Ducati Scrambler 1100 features are here. There is no actual confirmation of Venom 2 Ducati.

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FAQ About Venom 2 Trailer:

Is Venom going to appear in MCU?

Venom is one of the biggest enemies of Spiderman, and now Spiderman has made his way to MCU then at some point Venom also going to mark his debut in MCU. For now, there are no talks about it, but MCU is going to bring one of the biggest Spiderman enemies to MCU.

What is the new release date of Venom: Let There be Carnage?

The release date of Venom 2 has been shifted again from 24th September to this Fall in the new Venom 2 Trailer which means there is no fixed date to Venom 2. All thanks to Corona.

Why is Venom scared to Carnage?

At Venom’s planet those symbionts who are Red are the most dangerous ones, and Venom is considered as a looser at his planet that is why Venom is Terrified after looking at Carnage.

Tom Hardy Age?

Tom Hardy is 43 years old.

Tom Hardy’s Debut Movie?

Tom Hardy marked his debut in 2001 in Black Hawk Dawn.

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