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TVF Aspirants: Summary, Cast, and Review & More :

TVF is entertaining us for a long time now. It has given us so many excellent web series and some of the most realistic shows which anybody can relate to with their daily lives. From the Permanent Roommates to Tvf Aspirants, TVF has given us show many shows and so many characters to remember. This show is also known as tvf unacademy aspirants becasue Unacademy sponsored this show.

Tvf Pitchers is currently one of the highest-rated shows over IMDB. And now they have given us Tvf Aspirants, the most realistic story of UPSC aspirants. Tvf Aspirants is a 5 episodes series. All the episodes focus on a particular topic or problem that almost every student has faced during his days as an aspirant. Tvf Aspirants is currently available on YouTube for free. It is now the highest-rated web series of India on IMDB.

1. tvf aspirants
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TVF Aspirants Cast | Aspirants characters :

Directed ByApoorv Singh Karki
Written ByDeepesh Sumitra
ProducerArunabh Kumar
CastNaveen Kasturia
Shivankit Parihar
Abhilash Thapliyal
Sunny Hinduja
Namita Dubey
Production HouseThe Viral Fever Media Labs
Sponsored by Unacademy
Characters Avilash , Sk , Ghuri , Sandeep bhaiya, Dhairya
Total Episodes 5 episodes
DistributionThe Viral Fever (TVF)

Episode 1 – Optional Me Kya Hai? : TVF Aspirants review

Video Credit : TVF | Video Source : Youtube | Licensed By : The Viral Fiver

In the first episode of Tvf upsc aspirants Aspirants, we first got introduced to the character of Abhilash, an IAS officer who is giving some tips to people about ‘How we should throw a water bottle after using it.’ This scene was inspired by an actual life incident, where we can clearly see that a real-life IAS officer is explaining the same thing to people.

Throughout the 5 episodes, we see similar real-life inspired scenes in the show. And then we get introduced to SK sir, who was also an aspirant but could not crack UPSC, so he starts coaching other aspirants to help them crack UPSC. The third character of Guri got introduced where he is watching Abhilash’s video on his mobile phone. Guri, who was also a UPSC aspirant but now he runs his own company of Shoes. Then we get into flashback.

In the flashback, we transit to the days when these 3 characters were UPSC aspirants themselves. This is the final attempt for Abhilash. He is tensed because he failed for 3 attempts and now thinking about changing his subject in optional in the last attempt. Now he is confused about which subject to choose. Then we learned that Abhilash, Shwet Ketu (SK), and Guri are school friends. They were so close that people called them ‘Tripod.’

They all live in old Rajedar Nagar, known as the hub of UPSC aspirants in Delhi. Abhilash is the main focus of the story. And from the current timeline, we got a hint that now everything is not right between Guri and Abhilash. Both the timelines are going together. In the old timeline, Abhilash is seen struggling to choose his optional subject in the final attempt. Then we get introduced to the best and most relatable character of this series Sandeep bhaiya. Sandeep bhaiya helps Abhilash a lot to understand that what he really likes and what subject he should really choose.

Episode 2 – Teacher Sahi Hona Chaiye : TVF Aspirants review

Video Credit : TVF | Video Source : Youtube | Licensed By : The Viral Fiver

At the start of the 2nd episode in tvf upsc aspirants, we see SK sir giving online classes to some students. Then he and Guri got into a discussion about whether to invite Abhilash in Guri’s marriage or not, where SK is in favor of inviting Abhilash and Guri thinks that it is not a good idea to invite Abhilash. They got into a heated argument where Guri says something offensive to SK, and SK lefts in anger. Then SK tries to call Abhilash, but he did not pick up his call then SK leaves a WhatsApp message to Abhilash. Then cut to flashback.

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Now, Abhilash is tensed and thinking about how a teacher who himself failed had given up earlier can teach anybody to crack UPSC. Abhilash now does not wants to continue his coaching classes further and wants a refund for his coaching fee, and where he meets a girl Dhairya who is going to support Abhilash and also going to be his love interest in the coming episodes. Then his friends told Abhilash that he has a negative approach towards everything, and this is what is stopping him from cracking UPSC.

Then in the present timeline, Abhilash calls Guri and congratulates him for his marriage and complains about inviting him for the marriage over WhatsApp. He confirms that he will attend Guri’s wedding. Then he says that he, Guri, and SK should meet.

In the flashback, there is a conference set where an IAS officer will come and give some tips to the current UPSC aspirants, and there that IAS officer tells everybody that how a teacher guided her so well to crack UPSC, and when she reveals the name of that teacher, that teacher was the same person about whom Abhilash was complaining earlier. Then the point of view of Abhilash changes, and now he is willing to continue his coaching classes and does not want any refund.

Then in the present timeline, Guri is tensed that Abhilash is now coming to his marriage. SK says that this is a good thing if Abhilash agreed to come into the marriage. Then Guri reveals that he is marrying Dhairya.

Episode 3 – Positive Approach Rakh Yaar : TVF Aspirants review

Video Credit : TVF | Video Source : Youtube | Licensed By : The Viral Fiver

In this episode, Abhilash, Guri, and SK are finally going to meet in a restaurant. Guri is nervous facing Abhilash, so he tries to skip from the situation.

Abhilash is now questioning everything about India and complaining about how India is not developing in the flashback. He is getting into arguments with everybody about the same thing. Then one of his teachers told him that he is having a negative approach to all the situations. He was only complaining but not giving a proper solution to all the problems and told him to see every situation in a positive light. Then he met Dhairya in a library, and there they both decide to study and practice together for their studies. Then Dhairya also says the same thing to Abhilash about his negative approach. Then this goes for some time.

Now in the present timeline, they all meet in a restaurant and chat about their current life. Then Abhilash asks Guri about his would-be wife. That is when Guri told him that he is marrying Dhairya, to which Abhilash reacts like he is perfectly ok about Guri and Dhairya getting married.

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Episode 4 – Plan B Kya Hai? : TVF Aspirants review

Video Credit : TVF | Video Source : Youtube | Licensed By : The Viral Fiver

At the start of the episode, Abhilash is in a dream where he sees that he and Dhairya both failed their UPSC. However, Abhilash is still happy because Dhairya is still with him. In the previous episode, we saw that Abhilash and Dhairya are starting to feel for each other. Now the story has moved forward, and now Abhilash and Dhairya are living together. And their exams are really close now, but Abhilash is tensed because of his old job from which he has taken a sabbatical leave, but now they are calling him back. Abhilash is confused that he should attempt for UPSC and quit his job or move back to his old job and forget about UPSC.

And then Abhilash asks her about having a plan B in life. And then we all get the most emotional and most relatable monologue from this series when Abhilash and Sandeep bhaiya sit for a chat. Then Sandeep bhaiya starts talking about his life and his family. This scene is just magical and will definitely leave tears in your eyes. Then after thinking so much, Abhilash finally decides to break up with Dhairya. After all, he cannot afford to have a plan B in life because then he will not entirely focus on his studies.

And then their exams happen, and then comes the day for their results and heartbreakingly Abhilash, Guri, SK, Sandeep bhaiya, And Dhairya none of them clears their UPSC. And this scene is the more hearth breaking scene of the series.

In the current timeline, after hearing about Dhairya and Guri, Abhilash has left without saying anything to anyone. And then SK says that Guri and Abhilash both are coward to communicate and express their feeling openly to each other. Then Guri takes SK and goes to Abhilash’s house to confront him. There they both get furious and say many things to each other. In the end, Guri says to Abhilash that it does not matter to him that whether Abhilash is going to attend his wedding or not, he is still going to marry Dhairya. If Abhilash comes, he will indeed feel good.

Episode 5 – Pree…Mains Aur Life : TVF Aspirants review

Video Credit : TVF | Video Source : Youtube | Licensed By : The Viral Fiver

After failing the exam, when Guri tries to cheer Abhilash up, he gets furious. He says some nasty things to Guri, and after that, they got into a fight. After that, their friendship got affected so much that still, after so many years, their friendship suffers. And after this, the story of this episode follows the current timeline. Then one day, Sandeep bhaiya comes to meet Abhilash, who is an IAS officer now. Sandeep bhaiya is a PCS officer, and then they both sit together and have a chat.

Their Sandeep bhaiya once again clears many things in Abhilash’s mind indirectly by just telling his own story and how must he has left in his life just to achieve this one dream. Then Abhilash thinks and decides to lose all the grudges he has for Guri and decides to go into his weeding.

In flashback, we get to see that Abhilash has joined his old job again. Still, he is not having a good time there because his goal is achieving IAS, which he will never be going to accomplish in his life, but then he sees a piece of news on TV that govt. Now has decided to give UPSC aspirants 2 more attempts. Then after hearing this, Abhilash quickly quits his job again. He goes to old Rajendra Nagar to achieve his goal and become an IAS. 

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TVF Aspirants review :

Ratings: 9/10

2. tvf aspirants
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Tvf Aspirants is a sporadic kind of a series that will showcase real and very grounded problems which almost every UPSC aspirant has gone through in his life. It is a very realistic web series that shows us the reality of aspirants’ lives, what situations they go through while preparing for UPCS, what mental traumas they have to face, and how much a person sacrifices in his life while aspiring to be an IAS. Honestly speaking, this series is going to motivate you so much that at a point, you will definitely think about being an aspirant and go prepare for UPSC.

Tvf Aspirants is simply a marvelous piece of work. It is such a beautiful show which is going to stay with you for a long-long time. The music of this series is purely original and so soulful that you will listen to this album on a loop. The songs of this series are a pure delight for your ears. One of the best web series you can see now is Tvf Aspirants. All the actors of this show have done an excellent and honest job, especially Sunny Hinduja, who plays Sandeep bhaiya.

Sandeep bhaiya’s character is going to stay in your mind for an extended period of time. Sandeep bhaiya will make you so emotional, and I’m sure that most of us will definitely sympathize with him and will connect to him because this character resembles the most to most of the people and their story. Everything about this show is just next to perfect. If you have not watched this show yet, then I’ll urge you to open YouTube now and start binge-watching this series. It is so damn good.

Why did abhilash leave Dhairya ? | Why abhilash left dhairya ?

In the end of episode 4 of TVF upse aspirants Avilash leave Dhairya because he want to focus on his goal and he think that for this time Dhairya is distraction and he will lose focus from studing for his feelings for Dhairya.

Tell me in the comments section what you think about this show, and if you like this article, then please leave a like. Thank You.

Writing Credit :

All Research and Wrting Credit goes to our team member Sagar Varshney (Freelancer) . You Can Check Out his profile.

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FAQ of TVF Aspirants :

Is TVF aspirants available on TVF app?

No, TVF aspirants is not avaliable on TVF app. It is sponsored by Unacademy and It is avaliable on Youtube for free now.

Is TVF aspirants Real story?

Nope, story of TVF aspirants is tottaly fictional but it tells the story of every UPSE student in Rajendra Nagar. I think every aspirents will be relate to themselves and connect with it emotional aspect.

Who is Dhairya in TVF Aspirants?

Namita Dubey , is the actress who played the roll of Dhairya is TVF Aspirants

Where can I watch TVF aspirants?

You can watch TVF aspirants in Youtube For free.

Aspirants tvf where to watch ?

You can watch it free on youtube.

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