Toofaan Movie Review – Is This Toofaan Able to Bring A New Toofaan to The Screens?


Toofaan Movie Review:

 Toofaan is a recently released Amazon Prime Video’s original Bollywood movie. Toofaan was released on 16th July 2021. Toofaan is a fictional story about a street fighter turned boxer.

Toofaan showcases the journey of Aziz Ali, who lives in Dongi, Mumbai, and does extort money for a known gangster, Jaffar Bhai, and then how he conceives his journey to become a Professional Boxer is the main plot of the Toofaan movie.

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Toofaan Movie Review – Movie Summary

Ratings: 6.4/10

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Directed ByRakeysh Omprakash Mehra
Produced ByRitesh Sidhwani
Farhan Akhtar
Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra
Written ByAnjum Rajabali
Vijay Maurya
Farhan Akhtar
CastFarhan Akhtar
Paresh Rawal
Mrunal Thakur
Hussain Dalal
Supriya Pathak
Production HouseROMP Pictures
Excel Entertainment
Distributed ByAmazon Prime Video

Toofaan movie starts with a fight scene where Aziz Ali (Farhan Akhtar) and his best friend, Munna (Hussain Dalal) goes to a shop whose owner earlier has beaten a member of Aziz’s gang. After brutally beating him, he clicked a snap of him and sent it directly to the leader of their gang, Jaffar Bhai.

Then Jaffar Bhai sends Aziz to avenge the beating of his gang member. After this fight, Aziz was left with some bruises on his face and his skull, so they go to a charity hospital in their area for bandages, where Aziz meets Dr. Ananya Prabhu (Mrunal Thakur).

When Aziz tells her how he got these bruises while extorting money, Ananya lashes over him and tells him that this charity hospital is for poor and needy people for their free treatment and not for some gangsters and extortionists like Aziz.

Aziz is an orphan, and Jaffar Bhai has raised him, so he also works for him in return, and because he is an orphan, he sometimes visits other orphan boys like him to relive his childhood memories. Then one day, one of his local boxing coaches tells him about Mohammad Ali and shows him some of his videos.

Which became his inspiration to become a boxer, then he starts practicing under that local boxing coach. Then after few days of practicing coach takes Aziz to a local boxing competition where they meet coach Narayan (Nana) Prabhu.

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Narayan Prabhu is the best boxing coach in the entire Mumbai city. Aziz’s coach tells him that if Aziz wants to become a good boxer, he needs a coach like Nana Prabhu who can train him well.

Aziz realizes Nana Prabhu is undoubtedly a great coach after losing the competition to Nana Prabhu’s amateur boxer. Then he again visits Dr. Ananya Prabhu for bandages, and this time he tells Ananya that these bruises are from a boxing match and not from any street fight.

Then one day, Anaya sees Aziz in a street fight, after which she gets angry with Aziz. Then she tells Aziz that he has two options one is Ajju Bhai gangster, and another one is Aziz Ali boxer, and now it is Aziz’s choice to choose one option.

Aziz got motivated by Ananya, and he chose to be Aziz Ali Boxer, and he visits coach Nana Prabhu to join his academy to become a boxer. Coach Nana Prabhu accepts to coach Aziz as he sees real potential in his eyes. First Half of Toofaan Movie.

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Then after few weeks and intense training, Aziz finally got his Boxing license. Then he visits Anaya to the hospital to show her his Boxing license and to say thanks to her because Aziz became a boxer just because of her.

From there, they both start generating feelings for each other, and by now, it was revealed that Anaya Prabhu is the daughter of coach Nana Prabhu, but Aziz does not know that yet. Coach Nana Prabhu is a being who hates Muslims because he lost his wife in a bomb blast on a bus.

Then coach Nana Prabhu takes Aziz to the state Boxing championship, where Aziz turned out to be an outstanding boxer and wining each match with knockout after knockout. It is when coach Nana Prabhu addresses Aziz as Toofaan who will wipe anyone in front of him.

Then at the state championship finals, Aziz is set to face former and defending state champion Dharmesh Patil, and somehow Aziz manages to win that championship by defeating Dharmesh to a knockout.

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Then while celebrating Aziz’s victory, Aziz tells Nana Prabhu about Ananya. Then Nana realizes that Aziz is talking about Nana’s daughter Ananya Prabhu after which Nana starts abusing and humiliating Aziz because Aziz is a Muslim and Nana is a Hindu.

Then Aziz confronts Ananya about why she didn’t tell Aziz that she is the daughter of Nana Prabhu. Then Ananya tells his father that she loves Aziz, and she left her house for him. They both face so many problems even for finding a suitable place to live.

When Aziz and Ananya were facing financial crises, Aziz had to accept an offering to lose at National Championship. But then this News got leaked on News, and Aziz got Banned for five years from boxing.

After getting banned, Aziz starts his traveling agency. Aziz and Ananya became parents to a girl child. Then after five years sports federation removed the ban from Aziz Ali and allowed him to Box again, but now Aziz does not wants to start boxing again.

Ananya forces Aziz to start boxing again and become the national Boxing champion. Then what happens after, to know that you have to watch Toofaan movie on Amazon Prime Videos.

5 Points Why You Should Watch This Movie

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  • The first thing for which you should watch Toofaan on Amazon Prime is definitely the performances of the star cast of the movie. Farhan Akhtar certainly packs a powerful punch with his dynamic performance. Mrunal Thakur and Paresh Rawal also have made a commendable job and special mention to Hussain Dalal.
  • The Director, Ramesh Omprakash Mehra, has directed Farhan’s career-best movie, Bhaag Milkha Bhaag. There is no doubt that Rakesh Omprakash Mehra is a wonderful director, and for him alone, one should watch this movie.
  • The cinematography of this movie is one of the main highlights of this movie. Jay Oza, who has done the cinematography of Toofaan, surely deserves appreciation from all for his excellent job.
  • There are few moments in the movie that are genuinely epic, which stand out in the film. After watching this movie, these scenes are definitely going to stay with you for a long time.
  • The action Sequences of the movie, especially the Boxing matches. The boxing matches of the movie are captured very beautifully and keeps your interest alive in the movie, with special mention to the State championship final match and the climax scene of the movie.
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5 Points Why You Should Not Watch This Movie

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  • Slow Pace of the Toofaan movie is the first and the main reason which is why you should not watch this movie. The story telling of the movie is so slow that after a certain point of time people will start loosing interest in this movie. The story telling of the movie is not gripping at all and does let vieweres to keep their interest in the movie.
  • 2nd reason why you should not watch Toofaan movie is the Length of the movie. Toofaan is around 2 hrs and 41 min. long which is around 161 minutes. The movie could have been shorter and chrisper. It almost feels like watch 2 movies back to back while watch this movie.
  • Nothing new in this sports drama. There is noting in this movie which have not seen already in other sports genre movies. We can clearly see the lack of vision of the creators while watching Toofaan Movie.
  • Poor Direction of the movie. Rakesh Omprakash Mehra is no doubt a good director but in Toofaan it seems like he lost his touch in the direction this time. As this movie progresses further it gets utterly boring and uninterested.
  • The movie is very very boring. Even if you are a fan of Sports Drama genre, and likes to watch slow paced movies, you are not going to like this movie a bit. Toofaan is so soporofic that it can put an insomniac person to sleep.

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FAQ About Toofaan Movie

Is Toofaan Movie based on a real story?

The story of Toofaan Movie is a completely fictional story and has no inspiration from any real life moment.

Who is the Actor who played the charactere of Dharmesh Patil in Toofaan Movie?

Darshan Kumar played the role of Dharmesh Patil in Toofaan Movie.

How old is Farhan Akhtar?

Farhan Akhtar is 47 years old.

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