A New Update Behind Deleted Thor’s Cameo in Loki – ” The Throg “


Thor’s Cameo in Loki – ” The Throg ” :

After the release of Loki’s Episode 5, everyone is discussing it, and everyone is going gaga over it. But, the thing about which only a few people know is that there was also Thor’s Cameo in Loki, which was later deleted by the makers. Let’s see what leads to deleting Thor’s cameo in Loki, Disney+ show.

1st Thors Cameo in Loki
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Who is Throg? Thor’s Cameo in Loki.

2nd Thors Cameo in Loki
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For the first time in Thor – Ragnarok, this war informed that Loki once turned Thor into a Frog, but that was just a joke. But then, no one knew that there is a Frog Thor that exists in the MCU, which is known as Throg: The Frog of Thunder.

When Loki Episode 5 released, no one could stop themselves from noticing a Frog dressed in Thor’s costume, trapped in a jar, in the Void. Since then, everyone is discussing about Throg.

The real name of Throg is Simon Walterson. He was a human who was once turned into a frog. He was given Thor’s Hammer, which he used to fight for justice as Throg. And Throg was also teased in Thor – Ragnarok during a play where the character of Loki was apologising from the character of Thor for turning him into a frog.

But Throg’s origin is not clearly explained in MCU, and he appeared merely for a second on-screen in Loki Episode 5. But there always are so many fan theories around what happens in MCU, but still, we have to wait and watch if MCU explores the character of Throg further, or this will end up just as a cameo.

Appearance of Throg – Thor’s Cameo in Loki.

Thor's Cameo in Loki
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In Loki Episode 5, there were so many easter eggs present in the Void, one of which was Frog Thor and a Thor’s Hammer, which was lying in a pile of trash. After which so many fan theories started to come out regarding Throg.

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In a recent update, it was informed that there was also a scene of Throg and Loki in the Disney+ show, which was later deleted from the show, and the voice of Throg was given by none other than Chris Hemsworth himself, who plays the character of Thor in MCU.

A fight scene between Loki and Throg was chopped off from the show, which marks Thor’s Cameo in Loki.

Why Thor’s Cameo in Loki was Deleted From The Show?

5th Thors Cameo in Loki compressed
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The possible reason for which Thor’s Cameo in Loki was deleted, is that it would have stolen the limelight from Loki, and fans would have only noticed Thor’s Cameo in Loki as Throg, which makers do not want to happen.

The Disney+ show is about Loki, and the makers do not want the focus to be a shift from Loki to someone else, and Thor’s Cameo in Loki would have easily stolen all the focus from Loki, which is why Thor’s Cameo in Loki was deleted.

The decision is wise if we think this from the makers’ point of view because they want Loki to be the only focus of this show. Since there are so many Loki in this show, but a small Thor’s Cameo in Loki would have easily stolen the thunder.

It was not just Thor, but a Thor in the form of a Frog, and fans would have gone insane if this scene was not deleted from the show. And when the voice is also given by Chir Hemsworth, one of the most loved actors from MCU, no variant Loki would be able to steal focus from Throg.

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How Thor’s Cameo in Loki Would Have Changed the Show?

5th Thors Cameo in Loki compressed 1
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If we see this cameo from the fans’ point of view, this would have been a perfect delight for the MCU fans to see Throg vs. Loki. But this small scene could have complicated the whole plot of the show, as the makers now have to explain one more character to the fans.

To save the show from being more extended and complicated, makers have to delete this scene from the show. We have seen similar instances many times in MCU. First, the makers have deleted a scene where Hawk Eye’s family got vanished after Thanos’s snap in Infinity war.

Then they put that scene at the start of the Endgame. The reason behind this was simple as Hawk-Eye was not seen in the whole Infinity War, and then putting him in the climax would not have made such an impact which it made in Endgame.

The second similar incident is when makers deleted the scene when Tony Stark meets his daughter after snapping his finger in the Endgame, identical to when Thanos meets Gamora in Infinity War at the climax after snapping his fingers.

That scene was included in some of the early previews, but it left viewers confused, and it didn’t create any impact or sympathy in them, so makers agreed on chopping that scene from the final cut of the movie.

Now, similarly, makers have deleted Thor’s Cameo in Loki.

Loki VS. Throg – Thor’s Cameo in Loki.

4th Thors Cameo in Loki compressed
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A proper scene of Throg; Frog of Thunder hitting Loki was shot, with Chris Hemsworth giving his voice to Throg in Loki. And this scene was intended to play in the time theatre when Mobius shows Loki’s life span in the time theatre.

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As makers have to believe, this shot was one of the most hilarious shots from the show. But sadly, fans would not get to witness this utterly funny scene in the show because of various obvious reasons.

If this shot was included in the show, it would have created a lot of buzz around the fans. But fans have to believe in the makers of the show because Marvel never deletes or adds any scene without any reason.

This Thor’s Cameo in Loki is yet not available anywhere on the internet, so fans can not see what that scene was like. Maybe in the future, Marvel releases this deleted clip from the show, but this clip is nowhere available on the internet for now.

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FAQ About Thor’s Cameo in Loki :

What is the real name of Throg: Frog of Thunder?

Simon Walterson is the real name of Throg: Frog of Thunder.

Is the deleted clip available somewhere?

For now the deleted clip is not available anywhere. Perhaps in future Marvel release the deleted clip of Thor’s Cameo in Loki.

Who gave the voice to Throg: Frog of Thunder?

Chris Hemsworth gave his voice to Throg: Frog of Thunder.

Will Throg reappear in MCU?

So far there is no confirmed news about Throg reappearing in MCU.

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