The Tomorrow War Review – 5 Things That Good (5 Things That are Bad), In this New Sci-Fi Movie


The Tomorrow War is a Sci-Fi, Alien Invasion movie starring Chris Pratt in the lead role essaying the role of James Daniel Forester Jr., a Biology teacher and an Ex Green Beret operator who has served 2 tours in Iraq. The Tomorrow War is released directly on Amazon Prime Videos and is now streaming on Prime Videos.

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Everything You Need to Know About The Tomorrow War Review

Ratings: 6.9/10

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Directed ByChris McKay
Produced ByDavid Ellison
Dana Goldberg
Don Granger
Jules Daly
David S. Goyer
Adam Kolbrenner
Written ByZach Dean
CastChris Pratt
Yvonne Strahovski
J. K. Simmons
Betty Gilpin
Sam Richardson
Edwin Hodge
Production HouseParamount Pictures
Skydance Media
New Republic Pictures
Phantom Four Films
Lit Entertainment Group
Distributed ByAmazon Studios

The Tomorrow War is a movie that deals with the Alien Invasion, which almost wiped out the whole of humanity. But this war has taken place 30 years in the future. These Aliens, who are known as Whitespikes, somehow appeared on earth and started killing everybody, and humanity does not know how to kill these creatures.

The only known way to kill a Whitespike is to shoot them on their neck or at their belly, but it is not that easy to accomplish, and these Whitespikes are increasing at a very rapid rate and killing humans brutally.

When humanity has a severe issue facing Whitespikes and humans were highly outnumbered, humans decide to travel to the past to warn humans about their upcoming attack. They also decided to recruit some soldiers from the past to help humans in The Tomorrow War.

It seemed they only recruited those who previously served in the army or those who are Ex-army officials and those who will be dead in the near future because if they die fighting against Whitespikes, it won’t matter much because they were about to die anyway.

So future soldiers came to the past during an ongoing soccer game on the soccer field and warned the world about the coming attack, which will arrive after 30 years in the future. They also said that they need help from the past, and they need to recruit some eligible personals to help them in The Tomorrow War.

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So, they started recruiting for The Tomorrow War, and they also select James Daniel ‘Dan’ Foster Jr. to help them in the war. James’s wife and daughter are worried for him because there are only a few people who have returned alive from The Tomorrow War, so his wife and daughter are worried for him.

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But James decided to go to the war. But there is some malfunction in the machine, which changes the course of the landing location, and many of the soldiers died immediately at the time of landing because they got transmitted upon a skyscraper.

Immediately after landing there, they got attacked by Whitespikes, and due to the malfunction in the time machine, they can not travel back to the past, so they have to survive there till the time machine got fixed.

At the Warfront, James meets his daughter, who is a Colonel now and leading the research to invent a tonic that can kill Whitespikes. They all know that they can not save the world, so they decide to give the tonic to James, and then he will take that in the past, so he can mass produce it there because, in the future, there is no means left to mass-produce.

Then James takes that tonic and gets it mass-produced in his current timeline, and then they decide to find the origin of the Whitespikes so that they can be prepared for the coming attack. But there is chaos going on in the current timeline.

When people get to know that humanity will be wiped out in the coming 30 years, people start to panic. Then James successfully finds out that Whitespikes never arrived on earth after 30 years.

In fact, they were always here on earth inside a Russian Glacier, so James and his team decide to go there and kill all the Whitespikes with the tonic they have created in the future. And somehow, they managed to kill all the aliens at the Russian Glacier and saved the whole of humanity from The Tomorrow War.

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5 Good Things About The Tomorrow War :

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  • The first thing that is really good about The Tomorrow War is the Cinematography, Visuals, and VFX work of the movie. There are so many scenes in The Tomorrow War which are visually breathtaking. Especially the final fight at the Glacier.
  • 2nd great thing about The Tomorrow War is the character development of the main lead. Throughout the journey of James Forester, we witness growth into his character from an Ex-army officer to a caring father to a devoted son, and we feel genuinely invested in the journey of James Forester.
  • 3rd good thing about The Tomorrow War is the theory about time travel. In many movies, we have seen that changing your past means changing your future, but this is not in the case of The Tomorrow War. In this movie, the Past and Future are different timelines that can not be changed by any actions taken or not taken in the other timeline.
  • 4th great thing about the movie is the Direction of Chris McKay. The movie is very well directed by Chris as this movie could quickly become a mess and could have lost its plot, but instead, this movie holds up pretty well and turns out to be a worthy watch.
  • 5th good thing about the movie is definitely the performances of the cast. We all know how good J.K. Simmons is as an actor, and in this movie, he does not disappoint with his brief appearance in the movie. Chris Pratt is the Heart and soul of the Movie.

5 Bad Things About The Tomorrow War :

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  • 1st lousy thing about the movie is its storyline. There is nothing new in the storyline of The Tomorrow War, as we have seen the same kind of time travel and alien invasion in many movies in Hollywood.
  • 2nd lousy thing about The Tomorrow War is that in some scenes in the movie, we can actually tell that the actor is standing in front of a green screen and the VFX also feels a bit bland there.
  • 3rd lousy thing about the movie is that some scenes and some plots do not add up in the storyline ideally, and they feel misfit in the storyline.
  • 4th lousy thing about the movie is sometimes it feels that soldiers do not care about other soldiers, and whenever any alien attacks, the soldiers at the more significant post always run for themselves, leaving all other soldiers to fight and die there.
  • 5th lousy thing about the movie is that it is not a great movie. The movie is just a one-time watch and does not have the quality to attract its viewers back to it. If anybody has watched this movie, then he is done with this movie.
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Should You Watch The Tomorrow War or Not?

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The Tomorrow War is not a bad movie thoroughly, but on the other hand, this movie also has some excellent scenes and some really great performances, especially J.K. Simmons. There is nothing new or creative, or unique about the storyline of the film.

There are many other Sci-Fi movies in the industry with the same kind of plot. The Tomorrow War has a fair share of both good and bad, which we have already discussed above. So, this movie can neither be labeled as good nor bad.

It now depends on the viewers’ choice, some may like it, and some may not like it at all. But this movie surely deserves a watch. If you love watching Sci-Fi movies and are a Sci-Fi movie fan and you need something to do in your free time, then you can give this movie a look.

If you are looking to watch something new or unique which you have never seen before, then this movie may disappoint you, and you should definitely skip this one.

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Faqs About The Tomorrow War :

How White Spikes (Aliens) arrived on Earth?

White Spikes didn’t arrived on Earth, their spaceship got crashed on earth 1000s of years ago at a Russian Glacier.

Who is the Cinematographer of The Tomorrow War?

Larry Fong

How old is Chris Pratt?

Chris Pratt is 42 years old.

Where can you watch The Tomorrow War?

The Tomorrow War is available on Amazon Prime Videos.

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