The Suicide Squad Movie Review: The Best DC Superhero Movie? Summary, Cast & More


The Suicide Squad is a very ambitious project of James Gunn. Everybody knows that James Gunn is a very talented director and has previously directed some very successful movies like Guardians of the Galaxy. After an underwhelming movie like Suicide Squad 1, people are very excited about The Suicide Squad Movie.

The movie has a cast of talented actors and some of the biggest celebrities in the world like Idris Elba, John Cena, and Margot Robbie. But people still have to see that James Gunn can create magic this time on the big screen, or The Suicide Squad Movie will also end up like Suicide Squad 1.

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Summary of The Suicide Squad Movie :

Ratings: 8.5/10

1st The Suicide Squad Movie compressed 1
Image Credits: Empire | Image Source: Google | licensed By: Warner Bros. Pictures
Directed By:James Gunn
Produced By:Charles Roven
Peter Safran
Written By:James Gunn
Starring:Margot Robbie
Idris Elba
John Cena
Joel Kinnaman
Sylvester Stallone
Viola Davis
Jai Courtney
Peter Capaldi
Production House:DC Films
Atlas Entertainment
The Safran Company
Distributed By:Warner Bros. Pictures

Intelligence officer Amanda Waller creates two suicide squads, names them as Task Force X, and sends them both on a mission to Corto Maltese, a South American Island nation. The government there has started an Anti-American regime.

The main objective of both teams is the same, to destroy Jotunhime, a laboratory established in the Nazi era, to cover up their involvement in a top-secret project called “Project Starfish.” Both teams are lead by Colonel Rick Flag and Bloodsport, respectively.

The team lead by Rick Flag got entirely killed immediately after landing upon the city’s shore because the army knew about their arrival and was waiting for them after a member of the group compromised the team.

The second team lead by Bloodsport consists of Peacemaker, Nanaue (King Shark), Ratcatcher 2, and Polka-Dot Man. The team used the fight between the first team and the army as a diversion to move inside quietly.

Only Harley Quinn and Colonel Rick Flag survived, Harley Quinn got caught by the army, and Colonel Flag got away from there. Then the second team got orders from Waller to rescue Colonel Flag, who is being captured by the Rebel Soldiers.

After successfully rescuing Colonel Flag, the rebel group leader agrees to assist Task Force in their mission. Now they have to find Thinker, a metahuman scientist who is the head of the Project Starfish.

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Corto Maltese government is planning to use Project Starfish against other countries. Then after capturing The Thinker, the team got to know that Harley Quinn is also alive and captured by the government, who are trying to extract information from her.

Then Colonel Flag decides to rescue Harley Quinn, and she also joins the team in the mission. Then the team breaks into Jotunhime half of the team members plant explosives into the building, and half members go with the Thinker, where they are doing Experiments.

2nd The Suicide Squad Movie compressed
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Then they discover that Project Starfish is Starro The Conqueror, a giant alien in the shape of a starfish who can capture other human beings to use their body. The Thinker then reveals that Starro was captured and brought on earth by American Government.

And American Government could not conduct these experiments on their soil, so they choose Jotunhime to conduct these experiments. Colonel Flag wants to expose American Government in front of the media.

But Peacemaker got secret orders from the Waller that every evidence stating the American Government’s involvement in Project Starfish should be destroyed. Peacemaker kills Colonel Flag, but then Ratcatcher 2 got away with the chip, which has all the evidence.

Then when Peacemaker was about to kill Ratcatcher, Bloodsport arrives there and shoots Peacemaker in the neck. Then Starro got to escape from the Laboratory and took control over almost the whole military.

Starro is about to take control over the whole city, but Waller ordered the team to return and leave the city on its own because the team’s main objective is completed. But Bloodsport decides to stop Starro against direct orders by Waller.

Waller was about to kill the whole Task Force, but her subordinates stopped Waller to kill them. Then Bloodsport leads the team to kill Starro. While Fighting Starro, Polka-Dot Man got killed, but he weakened Starro much to make it easy for Ratcatcher to summon all rats of the city, which chew Starro from inside and killed it.

Then Bloodsport forces Waller to let the team go free, or he will show the evidence to the whole world.

There are two post credits scenes at the end of the Suicide Squad movie, in which we see that Weasler from the first Task Force, who was believed to be dead, is still alive, and in the other Post Credit, we see Peacemaker is still alive and is being treated in a hospital.

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The Suicide Squad Movie Review: Members of The Task Force X

3rd The Suicide Squad Movie compressed 1
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In the Suicide Squad movie, the intelligence officer waller does not like to call the team Suicide Squad, so instead, she names the team The Task Force X. Waller has created 2 Task Forces without letting them know of each other.

The members of the first Task Force X in the Suicide Squad movie are:

  • Harley Quinn – played by Margot Robbie
  • Colonel Rick Flag – played by Joel Kinnaman
  • Captain Boomerang – played by Jai Courtney
  • Blackguard – played by Pete Davidson
  • Javelin – played by Flula Borg
  • Weasel – played by Sean Gunn
  • Savant – played by Michael Rooker
  • Mongal – played by Myling Ng
  • T.D.K (The Ditchable Kid) – played by Nathan Fillion

The members of the 2nd Task Force X in the Suicide Squad movie are:

  • Bloodsport – played by Idris Elba
  • Peacemaker – played by John Cena
  • Polka-Dot Man – played by David Dastmalchian
  • Nanue (King Shark) – voiced by Sylvester Stallon
  • Ratcatcher 2 – played by Daniela Melchior

The Suicide Squad Movie Review: Peacemaker Vs Bloodsport.

4th The Suicide Squad Movie
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Bloodsport and Peacemaker are two very similar characters of the Suicide Squad movie. Both are recruited by Amanda Waller. While describing both the characters, Waller uses the same statements that both are masters in weaponry and everything in their hand is a weapon, and they both are trained to be killed by their father at the moment they were born.

While introducing them to each other, Bloodsport immediately says that he thought the team consists of members with different abilities, but Peacemaker has the exact same abilities as Bloodsport.

They both are very competitive of their skills and always tries to show off their skill to prove that they are more perfect than the other one. In the Suicide Squad movie, we see many times they both competing with each other.

When Bloodsport says that he always hit his enemies at the center, Peacemaker replied by saying that he hits them in the more center. And even Peacemaker says that whatever Bloodsport does, he does it better.

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So, it was very obvious that at the moment, they both are going against each other to prove their superiority, and that happens at the climax of the movie when Bloodsport and Peacemaker both shoot each other with such perfection that their bullets collide with each other.

Though Bloodsport wins because he uses a smaller bullet that passes through the bullet fired by Peacemaker, hits him at the neck, and leaves Peacemaker completely stunned.

The Suicide Squad Movie Review: Why this is the Best DC movie after Justice League?

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The Suicide Squad movie is the best DC movie after Justice League because James Gunn utilizes each and every character beautifully this time. Each and everyone is as important as the other member of the movie.

That was the biggest mistake in the first Justice League. After creating a team of superheroes, the group still depends on Superman only, which makes Superman the ultimate hero and makes other Superheroes look like supporting heroes.

And the cinematography of the movie is visually stunning, and each and every frame seems very attractive. Plus, James Gunn has a magic touch in making every scene funny and memorable.

The movie’s characters play the most prominent role in making this movie a great movie that will be remembered as Gunn’s one of the best movies for a long time in the future. The Suicide Squad Movie is not as dark as other DC movies.

Instead, James Gunn has made this a very entertaining movie. Suicide Squad is literally a team of idiots who finally learn to come along with each other to work as a team. James Gunn does not repeat mistakes that he made in the first Suicide Squad movie.

The viewers feel interested in each and every character of the movie, and each and every actor has played their part very convincingly. The Suicide Squad is one of the great Superhero movies featuring anti-heroes.

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FAQ About The Suicide Squad Movie:

Why is Bloodsport Captured?

Blooddport is captured because, he put Superman in ICU by hitting him with a kryptonite Bullet.

Where can we watch the Suicide Squad Movie?

The both Suicide Squad movies are streaming on HBO Max and you can also watch The Suicide Squad movie in theatres.

Who is better Peacemaker or Bloodsport?

Both are eaually good in thier skills and they both have equally perfect aim. So, it is hard to decide which one is better. Though in the movie Bloodsport manages to hit Peacemaker.

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