The Last Mercenary Movie Review: Is The Magic of Jean-Claude Van Damme Still Working?


The Last Mercenary
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The Last Mercenary Movie is a French Action-comedy movie released in 2021 directed by David Charhon, starring Jean-Claude Van Damme in the lead, as a former secret service agent Richard Brumère code named as The Mist.

Summary of The Last Mercenary Movie :

Ratings: 5/10

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Directed By:David Charhon
Produced By:Jean-Charles Levy
Nicolas Manuel
Olivier Albou
Laurence Schonberg
David Charhon
Jakéma Charhon
Eponine Maillet
Olias Barco
Vlad Riashyn
Screenplay By:David Charhon
Ismael Sy Savane
Starring:Jean-Claude Van Damme
Alban Ivanov
Assa Sylla
Samir Decazza
Valérie Kaprisky
Production House:Other Angle Pictures
Forecast Pictures
Distributed By:Netflix

In The Last Mercenary Movie Former , Secret Service Agent Richard Brumère is known as The Mist, is on a rescue mission, but then he receives a message on his phone “The Lamb is out of the freezer” then, after completing his rescue mission, he has to leave immediately.

Then the movie transit to Paris, where a Foreign Affairs minister suspends an account to whom govt. Is transferring money. That account belongs to Archibald Al Mahmoud, to whom the Govt has given immunity.

Then after suspending Archibald’s account, hence forfeiting the immunity given by the govt., and now he is most wanted by many agencies of the french accused in Arms and Drugs Trafficking. There is an imposter who uses Archibald’s immunity to traffic Arms and Drugs.

Archibald is Richard’s son, and Richard had to abandon his son and his wife because of a secret mission of the French Govt. Hence Archibald was given immunity by the Govt. so that Richard will keep that secret mission a secret.

But now Richard has to return to save his son and prove him innocent. Govt. has appointed other mercenaries to kill Archibald, and Richard has to protect him and prove him innocent anyhow.

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From there starts the whole madness in the movie. Archibald does hate his father for abandoning him, so after meeting Archibald, Richard does not tell him that he is his father. Rather than he tells him that his name is John.

But eventually, Archibald finds out that John is his biological father, and he is the agent known as The Mist, a Mythical agent. Then this movie unveils many secrets and some twists in the story.

Richard puts a team together to gather evidence to prove that the real Archibald is innocent. It was an imposter pretending to be Archibald to use his immunity for trafficking Arms and drugs across the country.

The head of Foreign Affairs is helping fake Archibald in all of his crimes, and he made another person his boss so that he can blame him for doing all of this and getting saved. Richard is a master of disguise.

Richard does not believe in using guns, and he uses to fight with his bare hands, and he does not kill. Now Richard and his team are tracking fake Archibald to who is about to make a deal of a tech weapon that can turn off any electric device.

They even somehow manage to get their hands on fake Archibald but then comes a twist in the story, which changes the whole story upside down. At the end of the movie, there is an indirect reference for a sequel to The Last Mercenary.

The Last Mercenary Movie is available on Netflix in French, English, and Hindi.

The Last Mercenary Movie: What Works For The Movie, and What Does Not Works For The Movie

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There were things about the movie that works in favor of the film, and some things about the movie do not make any sense. Hence The Last Mercenary is an Action Comedy, so there have to be some sequences in the film which defy all logic.

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After some time, this movie really struggles and turns out to be a mess. Though there are some good qualities in the movie but those good things are not good enough to redeem this movie from becoming a mess.

What Works For The Last Mercenary Movie :

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  • The First thing that is good about the movie is Jean-Claude Van Damme, Van Damme has been a legend and especially in Action Genre, and after decades, he still possesses this magic in his kicks, which made him a Superstar. In the whole movie, it will be very tough to take your eyes off of Van Damme.
  • The Movie is funny in bits or pieces and makes you chuckle a little bit, which works as saving graces but could not save the final product.
  • The movie’s action sequences are a highlight of the film, as Van Damme is in the lead, so it is for sure that there has to be some extraordinary footwork in the movie. Van Damme is a legend.
  • The first half of the movie is somewhere enjoyable and does a decent job in making us laugh and thrill by the combination of Action and Comedy.

What Does Not Works For The Last Mercenary Movie :

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  • The movie does not make any sense at all, which will be quite evident while watching the movie. The movie is absurd.
  • It feels uncomfortable watching Van Damme dressed like a girl in some sequences of the movie. The movie clearly wastes a legend like Van Damme in a very lackluster movie like this.
  • The movie is an Action-Comedy, and for the majority part of the movie, action, and comedy both were missing from the movie. the comedy works in only pieces and does not make any sense for the rest of the movie.
  • The movie possesses the power to make the viewers sleep after the first half of the movie.
  • The movie is promoted as a serrious action movie, after watching the trailer of the movie anyone could mistaken this movie as a serious action movie, bu the final product came out completely different.
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Final Words About The Last Mercenary Movie :

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In The Last Mercenary Movie Review Overall The Last Mercenary is a very lackluster movie and misses the plot of the movie very badly. The makers of the movie clearly underutilize Van Damme, and the movi fails miserably creating the magic which Van Damme usually generates in his movies.

The plot of the movie does not makes any sense and comes out absurt, even the movie struggles to generate laughter and thrill. Though movie is a one time watch for those who likes watching mindless action comedies, but this movie is a strict no-no for those who wants to see some serious action.

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FAQ About The Last Mercenary Movie Review:

Jean-Claude Van Damme Age?

Jean-Claude Van Damme is 60 years old.

Jean-Claude Van Damme Debut Movie?

Van Damme debuted in movie No Retreat, No Surrender in 1986.

In What Language The Last Mercenary movie is available?

orignal language of The Last Mercenary movie is French, but the movie is also available in English and Hindi.

Is there going to be a sequel to The Last Mercenary movie?

There is a refence to the sequel of The Last Mercenary movie in the post credit of the movie but still an official announcement is avaited by the makers of the movie.

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