The Empire Series Review: Humongous Scale, But Good Story?


The Empire Series
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Plot of The Empire Series :

The Empire Series: Period drama movies and series are always proved to be a success. There have been many examples that demonstrate that period drama is a safe spot to invest your money in. But if the product is filled with a confusing plot and missing the point of the story, then this safe spot also turns into a black hole that sucks all the money invested without any outcome.

The Empire is loosely based on the book “Empire of the Moghul,” written by Alex Rutherford. The story focuses on Babur and his dynasty, and how from a young age, Babur became a king, then loses everything and then regained it and expanded his kingdom to Hindustan.

The series goes from many flashbacks from the Battle of Panipat to the origin of Babur. The story transits to many kingdoms from Farghana to Samarkand to Kabul, then finally Hindustan.

The scale at which The Empire Series is presented is enormous but is the story also that impressive?

Summary of the Show : The Empire Series Review

Ratings: 6.5/10

1st The Empire Series compressed
Image Credits: Variety | Image Source: Google | Licensed By: Disney+ Hotstar
Directed By:Mitakshara Kumar
Produced By:Monisha Advani
Madhu Bhojwani
Screenplay By:Bhavani Iyer
Mitakshara Kumar
Starring:Shabana Azmi
Kunal Kapoor
Drashti Dhami
Dino Morea
Aditya Seal
Sahher Bambba
Rahul Dev
Production House:Emmay Entertainment
Distributed By:Star India

The story of The Empire Series starts from the Battle of Panipat between Babur and Lodhi. Babur and his army seem to struggle against the Lodhi dynasty, and Babur just escaped the death. Then the story transit into a flashback when Babur was just 14 years old.

Farghana was ruled by Umar Sheikh Mirza II. Babur is the eldest son of Umar Shaikh. One day they got a message that Shaibabni Khan is coming to take over Farghana. Umar Shaikh decided to resolve this matter with dialogue.

His advisors warn him that Shaibani Khan can not be trusted, so he has to be cautious around him. But before Umar Shaikh could meet Shaibani Khan, he died from an earthquake, and Babur was declared as the new king of Farghana at the young age of 14.

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But immediately after the death of Umar Shaikh, the internal politics for the throne started to catch fire, which leads to betrayal. Babur decided not to wait for Shaibani Khan to arrive here, and instead, he will visit Samarkand to face Shaibani Khan.

When Babur goes for Samarkand, Shaibani Khan arrives at Farghana to take over the throne. There Babur won over Samarkand and decided to give Farghana to Shaibani khan. In exchange, Shaibani will leave Babur’s family unharmed.

Shaibani got obsessed with Babur and wanted to meet him, so he attacks Samarkand several times but fails to enter the kingdom, but this time, Samarkand is facing hunger, and for the sake of the people of Samarkand, Babur decides to leave Samarkand too.

Shaibabni Khan agrees, but his condition was that Babur’s sister Khanzada would stay with Shaibani. Babur then takes shelter in forests and turns into an alcoholic because of all the losses he suffers. Then one day, he decides to be a changed man.

2nd The Empire Series
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So Babur and his small army start attacking small towns and making them joining their forces with his army to make his army more prominent and strong. One day a Farsi comes and challenges Shaibani khan for his kingdom.

Then Babur joins hands with Farsi and asks him for his army to helo him win over Samarkand. Babur then attacks Samarkand but fails to enter the kingdom for more than 5 months. Then one day, Khanzada somehow informs Babur about a secret tunnel.

Through that tunnel, Babur enters the kingdom of Samarkand and destroys the army of Shaibani Khan. But Shaibani Khan manages to escape from there with Khanzada. But Babur manages to find them, and then he kills Shaibani Khan and takes over the kingdom of Samarkand.

But then Babur gets to know about the terms of Farsi for his help, that Babur has to rule the kingdom of Samarkand in the nake of Farsi. Babur refuses to do it and decides to leave Samarkand once again.

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Babur then decides to marry the daughter of the king of Kabul to become the King of Kabul. Then Babur chooses to expand his kingdom to Hindustan by defeating Lodhi. Then we see how Babur manages to win this impossible battle.

And after becoming the ruler of Hindustan how the internal politics for Throne destroys everything.

The Good Aspecsts : The Empire Series Review

3rd The Empire Series
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The Performances:

The performance by the star cast of the series is one of the biggest highlights of The Empire Series. Every lead actor and the supporting actor of The Empire Series put forth a very commendable and honest performance.

Specially Drashti Dhami as Khanzada and Dino Moreya as Shaibani Khan. These two are the stand-out performers from The Empire Series.

The acting performance is the one thing that will hook you up with the show till the very last episode of the series.

The Scale of The Empire Series:

The Empire Series is presented at a very large scale, probably the biggest for a web series. Every frame and set design of the series is eye-pleasing. While watching the Empire Series, one can literally experience the royalty of the Mughal empire.

The production has worked hard in every detail and set design of The Empire Series. The massive scale of the series is one of the biggest highlights of the Empire Series.

The Written Material:

The written material of the Empire Series is one of the biggest highlights of the series. On paper, if we read this project, it feels like a project should be made to showcase the audience. It is a very prominent aspect of the rich history of Hindustan and the world.

Mughals are a very important part of Indian history which should be showcased on the screen for the viewers to experience how these Emperors were. The inside politics for the Throne and power plus the never-ending outside threat.

The Bad Aspects : The Empire Series Review:

4th The Empire Series compressed
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Graphics and VFX:

The graphics and the VFX of the Empire Series are one thing that is the most miniature eye pleasant. Every castle is graphically presented in the series, which anyone can tell is not real. The eye automatically catches these flaws because we have already seen much better VFX.

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The most of the part of the series is graphically created, which sometimes makes you cringe, simultaneously the things which were not created by VFX were much more praiseworthy. The budget and the scale of the Empire Series are huge, but it indeed lacks in the VFX department.

The Sense of Realism:

The war sequences in the Empire Series were genuinely epic, they were eye-catching and eye-pleasing, but there were many sequences that were shot inside a studio and not on the reallocation, which takes away the sense of realism from the series.

And the worst part is that anyone can tell that the sequence was shot inside a studio and not on the reallocation.

Confusing Character Traits:

The worst part of the series is that it showcases the character traits in a very confusing manner, that a viewer can not decide whether the characters are cruel or are they really kind-hearted.

In one place, Babur punishes a person mercilessly, and at the same time, he talks about humanity. On the one hand, Babur loses thousands of soldiers because of his decisions for the war but at the same time talks about why war is not essential.

Which confuses the viewer about the character traits of him. Similar things happen with many other characters of the series too.

The Biggest Letdown : The Empire Series Review

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The Empire Series was supposed to be an epic, but it missed the mark miles away. Though the series is not bad at all but it couldn’t achieve what it promised the audiences. The constant comparison with Game of Thrones and other Indian Epic drama movies is what draws this series.

The Empire Series is an above-average product with some really epic things in its kitty. The Empire Series tries it very hard to make the viewers empathize with the characters, but rather than feeling empathy, viewers stay more confused about them.

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FAQ About The Empire Series:

Where can you watch The Empire Series?

The Empire Series is only available on Hotstar VIP.

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