The Charm of Kelingking Beach, the Famous Beauty to Foreign Countries


Bali is famous for its paradise for tourists. More than 1 million tourists visit this Island of the Gods. Kelingking Beach, a beach located on Nusa Penida Island, also has a charm that can attract foreign tourists.

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Being one of the best beaches in Asia bali indonesia main attractions, Kelingking beach has attracted the world’s attention with its charm. One of the attractions of Nusa Penida’s beach is the hill that juts into the sea shaped like a dinosaur, the T-Rex.

5 Attractions of Kelingking Beach :

Here are five attractions that are famous in Kelingking beach to foreign countries:

1. Ocean Waves View

Indonesia-Ocean-View Beach

Waves that blend with the beauty of the vast ocean is a lovely view from the top of the cliff. The charm of the clear blue sea water combined with the white sand beach adds to the beauty of Kelingking beach.

The view of the ocean waves is one of the famous tourist attractions in foreign countries. No wonder the beach of Bali, Indonesia’s Main Attractions, is included in the list of the most beautiful beaches in Asia and the world.

2. White Sand Beach


The beauty of clean and charming white sand adds to the beauty of Kelingking beach. The width of the beach is about 80 meters. The beauty of the white sand and the marine life in it are still very well maintained.

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Many foreign tourists are willing to come far from their country to enjoy the beauty of the white sand of Kelingking beach. Although access to the beach is not easy, it does not make tourists recede to enjoy the sensation of relaxing on the white sand beach here.

3. High Cliffs on the Beach


The existence of high cliffs above the beach makes the beauty of the beach widely exposed. From here, tourists can see the T-Rex hills and stunning views of the ocean. Being on a cliff with a height of 200 meters can stimulate tourists’ adrenaline.

This cliff is also the only access road to reach the Kelingking beach location under the cliff. Green plants that grow around the cliff area make tourists not feel bored going down the path.

4. Adrenaline-boosting hiking


To enjoy the waves and the sand of Kelingking beach, tourists must descend a 150-meter cliff. The access road is a reasonably steep ladder with wooden handles. Tourists must be careful and alert when descending the stairs.

It takes about 30 minutes to 1 hour to get to the white sand beach from this road. Make sure your body is fit, and you don’t have a phobia of heights to be able to pass stairs by stairs.

5. Instagrammable Photo Spots


Many instagrammable photo spots on Kelingking beach show the beauty of the vast ocean. Photo spots are provided by the manager so that tourists can capture the moment of their visit to Kelingking beach with beautiful natural views.

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The natural and enchanting scenery captured on camera makes the holiday experience an unforgettable moment. You can take the best photo at 7 am or after sunrise or when the beach is less crowded in the afternoon.

Enjoy the beauty of Kelingking beach directly and have an unforgettable experience at one of the best beaches in Bali. Create the best moments with a memorable vacation on Kelingking beach, a beach with beautiful natural scenery that is famous in foreign countries.

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