Top 19+ Longest Anime Series Ever Made – Check Your Most Fevourite Anime Is Here Or Not !

Konnichiwa! welcome to Are you an anime fan? Okay then tell me which are the Longest Anime series which are on the top list when it comes to the highest number of episodes?Any Guess? Any idea? No idea, okay no worry. Your Otaku Friend Jayesh is here. In this article, we are gonna look at the…

Largest Anime Series One-Piece
image credit : sea.ign | Licensed by : Toei Animation

Top 9+ Best Anime Rivalries of All Time, Ranked

Top 9+ Best Anime Rivalries : Nothing is more fun than watching two rivals facing each other. Rivalry is just not a word. It is a mixture of emotions aggressive emotions. When two or more than two persons make their life goal to defeat the other person, that moment gives birth to a Rivalry. In Anime, there…