15+ Strongest MCU Characters Can Change Entire MCU, Official Rankings(Updated 2021)


Strongest MCU Characters Till Now (2021) :

MCU is currently the biggest and possibly the most successful studio in producing Superhero movies. MCU movies are always fun to watch. The makers add some light comedic scenes in the movies to keep the audience fully engaged in the story.

MCU even has the best lineup of characters. Currently, MCU is handling the superhero genre quite well, and it keeps adding masterpieces after masterpieces. Of course, every production has some movies of which they are not so proud of, and MCU is also one of them, but MCU always bounces back wither another masterpiece after a dull movie.

The planning and promotional strategies of MCU are very impressive, and they would have never been able to establish this much big fictional universe if they have not planned it well. MCU also has some of the most powerful characters ever exist in the superhero genre. Let’s see the 15 most Strongest MCU Characters.

11Th Strongest Mcu Characters
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Let’s Start The List Of Strongest MCU Charecters(Updated 2021) :

16. Abomination can give a strong fight with Hulk

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Abomination is the evil version of the Hulk, and he also appeared in an MCU movie ‘The Incredible Hulk.’ In which we get to see the first fight between Hulk and Abomination. Hulk’s power increases as he gets angry, but Abomination is created with evil and anger, so he is already very powerful and a potential threat to Hulk.

It is also believed that Abomination will return in the MCU’s Disney+ series ‘She Hulk,’ in which we may get to see a fight between She Hulk and Abomination. Captain Emil Blonsky, who so wants to capture Hulk, gets infused with a variant of Super Soldier Serum and after that, he gets inject himself with Gama positive blood sample of Hulk, which made him a hulk size Abomination. Abomination is certainly Sixteenth most Strongest MCU Characters.

15. Heimdall can see every soul in the universe

15Th Strongest Mcu Characters
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Heimdall is the gatekeeper of the Asgard, and nobody either leaves Asgard or Enter in it without his permission. He is the one who holds the Bifrost sword, which is the key to open a gateway to any planet in the universe. He can even teleport anyone to anywhere.

Heimdall can see what others cannot see, and he can hear what others cannot hear. He obeys the order of the king of Asgard, but if the safety of the people of the 9 realms is at sake he can go for treason like in the first Thor movie when we saw that he allowed three warriors to go to Earth without Loki’s permission to bring Thor back to Asgard to defeat Loki, Loki was the king of Asgard at that time. Heimdall is indeed Fifteenth most Strongest MCU Characters.

14. Ancient One have great knowledge and wishdom

14Th Strongest Mcu Characters
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Ancient One was the Sorcerer supreme and was the leader of the Master of the Mystic Arts. For centuries Ancient One has protected Earth from many Mystical threats and has dedicated her life to teaching others the art of Mystic acts.

She has taught many the art of the Mystic Arts, but her former best student Kaecilius challenged her later after being corrupted by the dark entities and wanted to bring Dormammu to Earth. In her war against Kaecilius and Dormammu, she found Dr. strange. Ancient One is fourteenth one of the most Strongest MCU Characters.

13. Thor: God of Thunder can conquire the universe in his ultimate form

13Th Strongest Mcu Characters
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Thor is one of the most strongest and most influential Asgardians, and he is also the God of Thunder. Thor is one of the most strongest beings in all the 9 realms. He is also one of the most influential members of the Avengers.

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His most powerful weapon is Thunder, and he can use it however he wants to. Still, he needs his magical Hammer known as Mjolnir to concentrate his powers. Only he is capable of wielding Mjolnir, or anyone who is capable can wield it.

Thor is thousands of years old, and he has defeated some of the most powerful beings in the 9 realms. He even survived the fatal attack from Thanos and probably was the sole survivor of the attack. Thor is thirteenth the most Strongest MCU Characters.

12. Vision can lift Mjolnir easily

12Th Strongest Mcu Characters
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Vision is a synthezoid made by Vibranium by Ultron to help him wipe the whole of humanity from the planet Earth so that they can establish a new race of androids and other machines which will be ruled by Ultron. Vision is the very first machine that is very similar to a human. He has feelings. He can feel emotions and pain.

He has his own thinking capabilities, and when Ultron created Vision to be his ally, Vision turned himself against Ultron. Ultron has super strength, he can fly, and he even can lift Thor’s Mjolnir, which we saw in Avengers – Age of Ultron, which states that Vision is so pure from inside and is here to help humanity. Vision is surely twelveth most Strongest MCU Characters.

11. Dr. Strange Succesfully bargain with Dormammu

11Th Strongest Mcu Characters
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Dr. Stephen Vincent Strange is the Sorcerer Supreme of the planet Earth. He is one of the most brilliant magicians in the whole MCU Universe. He is the keeper of the Time Stone. Dr. Strange is a very intelligent person and quite a fast learner.

He even learned the art of sorcery very fast. His capabilities even amaze The Ancient One who was training Dr. Strange. He is the best Sorcerer on the planet earth. He even gave a tough fight to Thanos when he had 2 Infinity stones with him. Dr. Strange. Dr strange is the current leader of the Master of Mystic Arts. Dr. Strange is undoubtedly eleventh most Strongest MCU Characters.

10. Hela, Goddess of death conquire the seven realm with Odin

10Th Strongest Mcu Characters
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Hela was the Goddess of Death and one of the most powerful Asgardians. She was the executioner of Odin, the king of the 9 realms. She was imprisoned by Odin for centuries in Hell. When Odin died in Thor – Ragnarok, Hela got released from her imprisonment.

After Odin, Hela is the most powerful Asgardian, and Asgard itself is the source of her powers. When she got released from Hell, the first thing she did was destroying Mjolnir, which is believed to be the strongest weapon in all the 9 realms. Hela is indeed tenth most Strongest MCU Characters.

9. Hulk gets stronger with his anger

9Th Strongest Mcu Characters
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Hulk is the alternate personality of Dr. Bruce Banner. Bruce Banner is a scientist. One day he got exposed to harmful Gama Radiations, which changed his personality and gave birth to his alter ego, which we all know as Hulk. Hulk physically is very strong, he got super strength, speed, and his powers tend to increase as he gets angrier.

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When Banner turns into Hulk, his physical strength takes over his thinking capabilities. He just smashes everything into his way. It is nearly impossible to capture Hulk. Hulk can give a tough fight to any powerful monster or any powerful creature.

In MCU movies, it is already evident that how powerful Hulk is and how much more powerful he can get as the level of his anger increases. Hulk is undoubtedly ninth most Strongest MCU Characters.

8. Scarlet Witch’s Rage Mode beat Thanos and break his ultimate sword

8Th Strongest Mcu Characters
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Scarlet Witch is the most powerful form of Wanda Maximoff. She is basically a mutant who was born with magical powers but so far in the MCU, it is not properly stated that she is a mutant and the source of her powers is still unknown.

In the future, MCU will be merged with the X-Men Universe, and we will see more mutants in MCU movies than maybe we will get to know that Scarlet Witch is a mutant. Scarlet Witch is the most powerful magician in the MCU, and her powers are beyond anybody’s imagination.

The Disney+ show even took over a whole West View with her magic without even knowing, and in MCU, she has given a tough fight to Thanos. Scarlet Witch is surely eighth most Strongest MCU Characters.

7. Ultron’s ultimate plane can destroy the entire world

7Th Strongest Mcu Characters
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Ultron is basically an Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) developed by Tony Stark to protect Earth from any threat out of Earth’s atmosphere, but as soon as Ultron understands its true capabilities, he took control of himself and transfers himself into a machine. Ultron synced himself to the Internet, and now it can access any information available over the Internet.

Ultron ironically turned to be a serious threat to the Earth rather than protecting it. He thinks of humans as a virus and is willing to wipe the whole of humanity from it so that later he can establish a whole new race of machines, and Ultron will be the ultimate ruler of that entire race. Ultron is simply seventh most Strongest MCU Characters.

6. All-father Odin is omnipotence

6Th Strongest Mcu Characters
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Odin was the king of Asgard and was the protector of the Nine Realms. He was the most powerful amongst all the Nine realms and one of the greatest kings of the Asgard ever. He is the father of Hela and Thor, and he also has raised Loki as his own son.

In Ancient times Odin was worshipped as the God of Wisdom by the people of Earth. In his earlier days, Odin massacred many to attain peace amongst all the Nine Realms. He was the most powerful amongst all the gods. Odin is undoubtedly sixth most Strongest MCU Characters.

5. Ego: The Living Planet: is a Ccelestial

5Th Strongest Mcu Characters
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Ego is a Celestial, a very powerful being of the universe, and he is the Biological father of Peter Quill, aka Star-Lord, the leader of Guardians of the Galaxy. Ego is a living planet in a human form that has planted many seeds on different words in order to extend his race.

He wanted to use his planted seeds to expand and took over all the living races so that in the whole universe, everything will be him. Ego is a very powerful being of the universe. Ego wanted to give birth to a celestial like him, so he travels from planet to planet, planting seeds into humans and aliens, and when none of them proved to be capable, he killed them himself. Ego is indeed fifth most Strongest MCU Characters.

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4. Thanos aquaire all six infinity stones and he want to rebuild the universe

4Th Strongest Mcu Characters
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Thanos is a mad Titan who believes in wiping half of the universe to maintain a balance in the universe. He believes that the universe is limited, and its resources are also limited. The population in the whole universe is increasing at a very rapid rate which is causing damage to the whole universe.

The universe is losing its balance, because of which Titan was also destroyed. Thanos has taken the responsibility to reset the balance of the universe by wiping half of its life. Thanos is the only one who has ever hold all seven infinity stones in his hand that makes him immortal. Thanos is no doubt fourth most Strongest MCU Characters.

3. Silver Surfer can beat Thanos easily

3Rd Strongest Mcu Characters
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Norrin Radd, aka Silver Surfer, is an alien in the human form. He is from the planet Zenn-La. He was forced to be a herald of Galactus when Galactus tried to consume his planet. After that, Silver Surfer obeys every order of his master and travels from planet to planet to with his trusted surfing board to help Galactus consume those planets.

In return, Galactus will leave his planet till Silver Surfer works for him. The surfing Board of Silver Surfer is the source of his powers. It gives him super strength and super speed, and without it, he will be powerless. In the cinematic universe, Silver Surfer was last seen in Fantastic 4 – Rise of the Silver Surfer. Silver surfer is undoubtedly third most Strongest MCU Characters.

2. Eternals are count as the powerful cosmic entity

2Nd Strongest Mcu Characters
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Eternals are one of the most powerful groups of people ever existed. They are like gods. They were the ones who have guided the human race and helped them to develop in the ancient times. They shared their knowledge with the humans and showed them a way to accomplish wonders. When gods designed this universe, they created three forms of life, Deviants, Eternals, and Humans.

Deviants are the evil version of Eternals, and only Eternals are capable of facing Devians. Right now, Eternals are the most powerful superheroes of the MCU. We will definitely get to know more about The Eternals when their first movie will release in theatres. Eternals are undoubtedly second most Strongest MCU Characters.

1. Dormammu own the Dark Dimension

1St Strongest Mcu Characters
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Dormammu is the ruler of the Dark Dimension. Dormammu has apocalyptic supernatural powers. He enjoys destroying planets and merge them into his Dark Dimension. He even corrupted Kaicilius to use his powers to destroy the Master of the Mystic Arts so that Dormammu can bring his Dark Dimension to Earth. In MCU, we have not seen much of Dormammu, but in the coming phases, it is believed that MCU will focus more on Dormammu, and he can be the ultimate Villain of Marvel’s Phase Four.

For now, Dr. Strange has compelled Dormammu to leave Earth, but one day he will return because Dormammu never accepts his defeat. Dormammu is the the most Strongest MCU Characters till now.

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