Is 83' Best Movie Of Ranveer Singh?

Dec 26, 2021

Ritwik Ghosh

Ranveer Singh is known as one of the best versatile actors in Bollywood. He changes himself completely. Very few actors can do this in the world. 

When I saw the trailer of 83', I was very excited to watch it from then. After watching it, I made a conclusion about Ranveer Singh.

He always surpasses his own limit each and every time. Now in this movie, he does the same thing again. 

Look at the smile of both real and reel Kapil Dev. You will definitely notice how much he has changed his look and personality also.

When I start to watch the movie, I totally forget that He is Ranveer Singh, and I completely sink into this movie.

Personally, I think that 83 is one of the best performance movies in his career. Even he changed his language tone entirely. This is crazy.

Yes, there are other characters in this movie also. Like Pankaj Tripathi as PR Man Singh, Tahir Bhasin as Gavaskar, Chirag Patil as Sandeep Patil & More

This movie has hilarious moments. I think those moments also happen in real. 

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