Does Spiderman No Way Home Really Deserve The Hype ? | Is Spiderman No Way Home Really The Best Movie Of Marvel ?


Spiderman no way home hype is going beyond crazy. It’s similar to the Avengers endgame. Today we will discuss this. It has too much memorable scene and enjoyble moments.

Take A Glance :

Spiderman No way Home Summary :

Ratings : 8.9/10

at the beginning of the story, we see that Mysterio reveals Spiderman’s identity and divides the whole world between them. One who supports Spiderman and others who don’t. That’s why Peter’s personal life is completely shattered. His admission form is rejected by every university.

Then he wants to erase every person’s memory in the world that he is SSpiderman. He goes to Dr. Strange to do this with his magic. But when Dr. Strange begins to do that magic, Peter interrupts 6 times. And dr. Strange makes a mistake, and he opens a path to other universes.

All Villains One Together In Spiderman No way Home :

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All villains who know ‘Peter Parker is Spiderman’ are coming to this universe, but Dr. Strange closes those portals a few seconds later. Villains who know Spiderman all came to this universe in those few seconds, like Dr. Octopus and Green Goblin from Spiderman of Tobey Maguire and Electro, Sandman, Lizard from Amazing Spiderman of Andrew Garfield.

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All 3 Spiderman Together In Spiderman No way Home :

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Tom’s Peter has a good ideology to fix all villains and make them good people. That’s why he takes a fight with Dr. Strange and saves all villains from their death, which is their destiny. Because of that decision, His Aunt May was killed by Green Goblin. 

Is All Spiderman’s Destiny The Same?

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When Peter’s friend and MJ try to find him after hearing the death of Aunt May on TV, they find Andrew’s Spiderman and Tobey’s Spiderman, and both of them come here to support Tom’s Spiderman because they both lose their Grandpa Ben. They know the feeling.

With the help of MJ, they find Tom’s Spiderman, and they all come along. They give him mental support and share their story also, and they feel that their destiny is the same because All Spiderman’s destiny is the same in the Multiversal level, ” Great power comes with great responsibility,” this line from Uncle Ben and Aunt May also which makes them Spider-boy to Spiderman and gives them the purpose of the life. 

Humorous Moments And Memorable Moments Of 3 Spidermen Together In Spiderman No way Home :

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  1. They talk about Tobey’s Spiderman’s wave because it’s generated from his body and the other two made the wave in the lab.
  2. Tobey’s Spiderman refers to Andrew’s Spiderman as ‘Amazing’ because he comes from the amazing Spiderman universe. That moment is Hilarious.
  3. Tobey’s Spiderman is in the Mid thirties, and Andrew’s Spiderman is around 24. Because of the age difference, Tobey’s Spiderman sometimes feels pain in his back. Andrew’s Spiderman fixes the back pain of Tobey’s Spiderman. That moment makes fans crazy.
  4. MJ is falling from the top(same as a scene from Amazing Spiderman 2), and Tom’s Spiderman can’t catch her, but here Andrew’s Spiderman catches her and cries after saving her because he memorizes that moment with MJ from his universe.
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3. Climax Of Spiderman No Way Home :

Image Credit : Koimoi | Image Source : Google | Licensed By : Sony and Marvel Pictures

In the climax, they all work as a team, and that will be the scene where every fan shouts and cheers for them. All Spiderman vs. All Supervillains. This fight sequence will remain in your memory for a long time. It’s crazy. I can feel it even now, and it gives goosebumps. 

Post Credit & Mid Credit Of Spiderman No Way Home :

Image Credit : Denofgeek | Image Source : Google | Licensed By : Sony and Marvel Pictures

In Mid credit, we saw that Venom came to this universe, and after Dr. strange fixed all the issues, they went back to their own universes, and Venom also went back to their universe, but he left some part of his symbiote. That means maybe we are going to see Venom in the future.

We saw Dr. Strange Madness of the Multiverse trailer in the post-credit scene. Those movie will come in May 2022. I think this movie explains all of the confusion about Multiverse.

My Thought About Spiderman No Way Home :

I think this is an excellent movie, and this is the must-watch film of Marvel Universe, but its storyline is not as good as Avengers Endgame. It’s worth the hype, but Endgame is much more superior in terms of hype and storyline.

Reason For The Hype & USP Of The Success Of Spiderman No way Home :

1. Marvel release first after lockdown a big-budget block bluster film

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2. Its rumors and easter eggs

3. venom’s post-credit scene

4. Sony Marvel collaboration

5. 3 spidermen together

6. Fan’s childhood memory and nostalgia

7. Storyline, Direction, Action Scenes

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