Sooryavanshi Movie Review: How This is The Best Cop Universe?


Sooryavanshi Movie is a very ambitious project of very famous Filmmaker Rohit Shetty. Rohit Shetty is one of the most celebrated directors in India, and he holds the most numbers on movies that have earned more than 100cr. On the box office of India. Sooryavanshi Movie is the fourth movie of the cop universe that Rohit Shetty has created.

It all started with Singham, the first movie of the universe. Critics and audiences both loved that movie and made Singham a Supper Hit movie, then Rohit Shetty brought the sequel to the movie “Singham Returns.” Still, this movie was not much loved by the Critics, but it anyway earned an earth-shattering response by the audience on the opening day of the release.

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Then arrives one of the most beloved Pollice Officer characters in Indian cinema, “Simmba.” Simmba became a blockbuster, and it was the first movie that featured Ranveer Singh and Ajay Devgn, aka. Simmba and Singham, respectively, together on the big screen and created havoc in theatres, and from there, the cop universe started to begin.

Sooryavanshi is the fourth movie in the cop universe, and so far, it also has received all the love from the audiences and from critics too. Sooryavanshi Movie starring Akshay Kumar in the title role of the movie and Katrina Kaif as the female lead of the movie, and as it is a cop universe so it also features Simmba (Ranveer Singh) and Singham (Ajay Devgn) in the move as extended cameos.

The Movie Summary: Sooryavanshi Movie Review

Ratings: 7.5/10

1st Sooryavanshi Movie
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Directed By:Rohit Shetty
Produced By:Hiroo Yash Johar
Aruna Bhatia
Karan Johar
Apoorva Mehta
Rohit Shetty
Written By:Story:
Rohit Shetty

Yunus Sajawal
Starring:Akshay Kumar
Katrina Kaif
Ajay Devgn
Ranveer Singh
Javed Jaffrey
Nikitin Dheer
Jacki Shroff
Kumud Mishra
Production House:Reliance Entertainment
Rohit Shetty Picturez
Dharma Productions
Cape of Good Films
Distributed By:Reliance Entertainment
PVR Pictures

Sooryavanshi Movie starts with showing 1993 Mumbai blasts and shows that in that blast, the parents of Veer Sooryavanshi die. Officer Kabir Shroff captured all the terrorists who were responsible for the explosions, but Bilal Ahmad managed to escape. In the press, the conference press asks the police department that they have news that 1000 tons of RDX were imported in India in which only 300 tons of RDX was used in Mumbai blasts.

To which officer Kabir Shroff denies and says that Mumbai is safe now. Later the police department finds out that the Lashkar chief Omar Hafeez is planning more attacks on Mumbai after the attacks of 26/11. Omar has sent 40 terrorists in India as sleeper cells who pose to be Indians.

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When Kabir Shroff got known to this news, he immediately appointed Veer Sooryanshi to lead this case. Sooryavanshi locates one sleeper cell, “Riyaz,” in Jaisalmer and goes there with his team to capture him. But before they can catch him, Riyaz knows that Police have arrived there to arrest him.

After some trouble and some action, Sooryavanshi finally captures Riyaz. Senior Officer Kabir Shroff then tells Sooryavanshi that a total of 1000 tons of RDX was brought to India in 1993, out of which only 400 tons were used, and the remaining 600 tons are still buried somewhere in India.

Sooryavanshi then goes into flashback to remember his wife, Ria Gupta. Sooryavanshi was wounded by a bullet, and Ria was the doctor who treated Sooryavanshi at that time. Sooryavanshi and Ria both fell in love and decided to marry each other. They both became parents to a son Aryan.

Eight years later, Sooryavanshi received a tip that a terrorist was at the City Mall, Sooryavanshi was near the location with his family, and he went on to capture the terrorist with his Son and Wife, and in retaliation, Sooryavanshi’s son Aryan got hit by a bullet. Later he comes out healthy, but Ria is very angry with Sooryavanshi and tells him that he can not risk the life of his only son for the sake of his duty.

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Ria then decides to leave Sooryavanshi for the safety of their son. Bilal then comes back to India to get the remaining 600 tons of RDX which was left buried in India in 1993. Bilal finds the remaining 600 tons of RDX buried in his old house. Then Bilal visits Mumbai to pay tribute to his late mother.

There a person recognizes Bila and informs Sooryavanshi about him. Sooryavanshi then arrives with his team to capture Bilal, but when Bilal got aware of this, he commits suicide by shooting himself with his own gun. Sooryavanshi then hunts the person (John) who escorted Bilal from Bangkok in a Taxi for the exchange of 5cr. Rupees.

Sooryavanshi then finds John and, after that began the whole chase of catching all terrorists disguised as Indians. Sooryavanshi then arrests Usmani, who is also a sleeper cell. Sooryavanshi pretends to torture the family members of Usmani, after which Usmani confesses. Later Usmani was killed in a bomb blast which was planted in his own house by his own member.

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Usmani’s daughters then help Sooryavanshi to recognize Ansari, another sleeper sell which was working with Usmani. Sooryavanshi contacts Officer Sangram Bhalerao (Simmba) to go to Shivgarh to catch Ansari. Simmba then finds out that 7 Bombs are placed across Mumbai, and ATS Headquarters is one of those places which they find out later.

Sooryanshi then informed National Security Guards (NSG) to help them then. By working together, they got all bombs before they could blast, but the Sleeper Cell leader Riyaz captured Sooryavanshi’s wife Riya and used her as a suicide bomber to attack the ATS Headquarter. Then comes officer Singham to the rescue.

Singham Simmba and Sooryavanshi all work together to finish all the terrorists.

The Good: Sooryavanshi Movie Review

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1. The Comic Relief:

A Rohit Shetty movie with no comedy in it is just next to impossible to happen. The Good thing about the comedy in Sooryavanshi Movie is that that they never overdo it. They only used the comedy part where it was needed and did not force it randomly in any unexpected situation.

Veer Sooryavanshi has a condition, and he keeps on forgetting names and taking wrong names at inappropriate moments, which generates genuine laughter and giggles amongst the viewers. Rohit Shetty worked very smartly and put the comedy where it is best suited, and it works totally in favor of the Sooryavanshi Movie.

2. Action Ofcourse:

Action has always been a highlight in a Rohit Shetty Movie. Rohit uses over-the-top action sequences always in his Movie and presents them in a way that viewers always like them even knowing that the Action happening over on the big screen is not possible in real life. However, still, they appreciate it just because of the way it is presented in front of them.

Similarly, in Sooryavanshi Movie, the Action is the highlight of the Movie, and the very amusing fact about the Action of the Movie is that, that Akshay Kuma himself has performed all stunts and action sequences of the Movie, which gives it the sense of reality because we can clearly see the lead of the Movie performing all these actions.

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3. The Story Telling:

The next thing which works in favor of the Sooryavanshi Movie is the way the story is presented on the big screen. The Movie is made for only to be released on the big screen, and it didn’t deserve to be released on an OTT platform directly. It is a sage decision of Rohit Shetty not to release Sooryavanshi Movie on OTT Directly.

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Unlikely previous movies like Singham and Simmba, the storytelling in Sooryavanshi Movies is different. In those movies, the threat is just on a single town or a place, but in Sooryavanshi, it is a National level threat which tells us that this Movie is so much big than all of these previous movies.

4. More Realistic Villains:

Unlikely Singham and Simmba in Sooryavanshi Movie, the villains are more realistic and more believable and not at all over the top. In the previous Movie, when the lead faces the villain, we could expect a funny and over-the-top exchange of dialogues between them, but that is not the case with Sooryavanshi Movie.

5. The Acting Performances:

Last but not least, the acting performances of the Movie are what is expected from the star cast of the Movie. Every actor understood their respective characters and played them with honesty, and there is not a single moment in the Movie where you should feel like the actor is overdoing things.

Ranveer Singh has fully emerged into the character of Simmba, and Ajay Devgn again aces the character of Bhajirao Singham, and Akshay Kumar is the heart and soul of the Movie.

The Bad: Sooryavanshi Movie Review

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Sooryavanshi Movie is one of those movies which have minimum bad qualities in them. The only bad thing about Sooryavanshi Movie is the first half of the movie. The first half of the film is very slow, and many will feel it really tough to connect with the storyline in the first half of the movie.

And the flashback sequence of the movie is more like a filler in the film. If the makers totally remove the flashback sequence from the movie, then it will have no impact on the storyline of the movie. And even the character of Katrina Kaif does not make any difference if it exists in the film or not.

So there are so many things happening in the movie which are not required at all and which only work as a distraction from the story and nothing more. If we altogether remove those scenes from the film, then it will have no impact on the storyline of the movie.

Final Words: Sooryavanshi Movie Review

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In the final words, Sooryavanshi Movie is a sure-shot watch just because of the grand scale of the movie and the Rohit Shetty filmography. Rohit Shetty knows his audience very well and presents a movie which they will surely appreciate watching. If you are a fan of Rohit Shetty Filmography and Simmba and Singham, then you must not miss this one because this will definitely blow your mind away.

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