Snake Eyes Movie Review: Not the Best Attempt to Resurrect the G.I.Joe Series.


Snake Eyes movie is the third movie in the G.I.Joe series. G.I.Joe was a very praiseworthy movie, and it genuinely impressed the audiences with the kind of advanced technology it showcased. The movie promised a very promising future with other movies, but this series kept on disappointing fans with underwhelming movies.

The first G.I.Joe movie also didn’t get many positive reviews, but the audiences seem to love that movie. But after the success of the first movie, makers planned a sequel with a much bigger cast, including Dwane Johnson and Bruce Willis in it. But that movie failed miserably.

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Fans had much higher expectations from G.I.Joe Retaliation, but that movie disappointed the fans and almost put a full stop at the series. But the makers are trying to resurrect the series by releasing a spin-off movie of a very famous character from the G.I.Joe series, Snake Eyes.

There is also a 4th movie in the development of the G.I.Joe series, named G.I.Joe Ever Vigilant.

Snake Eyes Movie Review: Summary of the Movie

Ratings: 5.5/10

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Directed By:Robert Schwentke
Produced By:Brian Goldner
Erik Howsam
Lorenzo di Bonaventura
Screenplay By:Evan Spiliotopoulos
Joe Shrapnel
Anna Waterhouse
Starring:Henry Golding
Andrew Koji
Úrsula Corberó
Samara Weaving
Haruka Abe
Takehiro Hira
Iko Uwais
Production House:Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Skydance Media
Entertainment One
Di Bonaventura Pictures
Distribued By:Paramount Pictures

The Snake Eyes movie is made to tell us the origin story of Snake Eyes, a very famous character from the G.I.Joe movie series. Snake eyes is a trained ninja, and he started training from a very young age and then joined G.I.Joe, a top-secret security service.

The Snake Eyes movie shows us the childhood of Snake Eyes. Snake Eyes witnessed his father getting murdered in front of his eyes, and his father’s name also was Snake Eyes. Snake Eyes then runs from there and is now seeking revenge for his father’s murder.

He then has grown up to be a very skilled fighter, and he also named himself Snake Eyes after his father. Then Kenta, a member of the Yakuza group, discovers Snake Eyes in an underground fight and asks him to join him by offering him to help Snake Eyes find his father’s murderer.

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Kenta knows everything about Snake Eyes, and Snake Eyes also agrees to join Kenta. After some time, Kenta calls every member of the group for a meeting and reveals that someone is working as a mole in the group.

Tomisaburo, aka Tommy, is the member who is working as a mole in the group, then Kenta tells Snake Eyes to kill Tommy, but instead of killing Tommy, Snake Eyes saves his life and helps him to escape.

Tommy and Kenta are cousins. Tommy then asks Sanke Eyes to go with Tommy to his home. Tommy is the grandson of the leader of the Arashikage Clan. Tommy proposes Snake Eyes join the Arashikage group.

To which, Haruka, the group’s security chief, disagrees by referring that Snake Eyes is a complete stranger and they should not trust him. Tommy insists on letting Snake Eyes join the group. The leader of the clan agrees to let Snake Eyes join the clan, but only if he passes the Three Challenges.

Snake Eyes then visits Kenta and tells him that he has won the trust of Tommy. Kenta reveals that everything that happened before was just a setup to let Snake Eyes win over the trust of Tommy and join Arashikage Clan so that he can steal the Jewel of Sun from there.

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Tommy then tells Snake-Eyes about the Jewel of the sun and how it possesses the sun’s powers, and only a few members have access to the Jewel, including Tommy himself. Snake Eyes Then tries to steal the Jewel but Fails.

Later it was revealed that Kenta works for Cobra, an infamous terrorist group. Snake Eyes tells Kenta that he didn’t sign up to work with terrorists, then Kenta shows that he has captured the murderer of Snake Eye’s father and will tell Snake Eyes about him only after he hands him over the Jewel of Sun.

Snake Eyes Struggles through the Two Challenges out of three, but he somehow manages to complete them. Snake Eyes also wins the trust Haruka by telling him about his father and how they can not find anything about him anywhere.

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Haruka helps Snake Eyes in the third and the final challenge. Snake Eyes then reveal about his father and how he sought to avenge his father’s murder in front of the clan. Snak Eyes then manages to steal the Jewel of Sun and hands it over to Kenta.

Kenta then tells Snake-Eyes where his father’s murderer is. Snake Eyes then finds out that The person who murdered his father was also a member of the Cobra. Snake Eyes then helps Tommy and Arashikage Clan to retrieve Jewel of Sun from Kenta.

After successfully retrieving the Jewel, the Arashikage clan then says that Tommy will never lead the Arashikage Clan because he uses the power of the Jewel, and the clan had vowed always to protect the Jewel but never use the power of it.

Tommy then furiously leaves the clan and threatens Snake Eyes if they meet again, Tommy will take his life. Arashikage clan works with Joe, and Joe proposes Snake Eyes join them and reveals that Snake Eyes’s father was also a Joe.

Snake Eyes agrees to join Joe but only after finding Tommy. Tommy now has joined hands with Cobra and named himself Storm Shadow, another famous villain from the G.I.Joe series.

Snake Eyes Movie Review: Whats Good in the Movie?

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1. The Action:

The action sequences of the Snake Eyes movie are the main highlight of the movie. Every action sequence is choreographed very beautifully. The action director of the Snake Eyes movie should get all the appreciation for such wonderful action sequences of the movie.

2. Stunts:

Most of the stunts in the Snake Eyes movie are performed by the actors themselves, which we can clearly see in the movie. This gives us a very good feel of realism and helps the audience to feel more excited. There were many death-defying stunts in the Snake Eyes movie, which were executed with ease.

3. The Climax:

The Climax fight sequence of the movie steals the whole show. No matter if you enjoyed the movie or not, you are definitely going to enjoy the movie’s climax. The climax of Snake Eyes movie is filled with mind-blowing action and stunts, which gives us the much-needed adrenaline rush.

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Snake Eyes Movie Review: What’s Not Good about the Movie?

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1. The Story Telling:

The thing which lacked the most in the Snake Eyes movie is the storytelling of the movie. The movie goes through many unnecessary subplots, which only slow down the pace of the movie, and the movie feels dragged.

Throughout the significant part of the Snake Eyes movie, it bores the audience and compels them to sleep while watching the movie.

2. Confusing Past:

The thing from which many prequels and spin-offs struggle is that the makers change the past and some events in the character’s life, which confuses the audience with which story to believe, and then the audience struggles to understand the storyline of the movie.

The same happens with the Snake Eyes movie. The makers have changed many things in the storyline of Snake Eyes from the first G.I.Joe movie that it confuses us now, and we struggle to understand the story properly.

3. Changing the Character Traits:

In the first G.I.Joe movie, we were more excited to know the back story of Snake Eyes because, at that time, Snake Eyes seemed a very mysterious character. Snake Eyes choose not to speak no matter what till he avenge his master’s murder.

But in the Snake Eyes movie, the makers have made the character less mysterious and like any ordinary movie protagonist. In the Snake Eyes movie, we are not much excited to know about the character because there is nothing mysterious about him.

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FAQ About the Snake Eyes Movie:

Is there another G.I.Joe movie coming?

Yes, the makers have announcd 4th movie of the series, G.I.Joe Ever Vigilant.

Release Date of G.I.Joe Ever Vigilant?

G.I.Joe Ever Vigilant was supposed to release in 2020 before Snake Eyes move, but makers decided to delay the movie and now the release date of the movie is not confirmed. This is an amazing movie you should watch it

Who played Snake Eyes in the Sanke Eyes movie?

Henry Golding played the character of Snake Eyes.

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