Shershaah Movie Review: One of the Best War Movies Produced by India – Cast, Summary, Review, and More.


Shershaah movie is based on the life of late Captain Vikram Batra a 13 JAK RIF soldier who fought bravely at Kargil war and died protecting his country. Vikram Batra is still remembered as one of the bravest soldiers of our country. Know more about this movie check wbseries .

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Summary and Cast of the Shershaah Movie :

Ratings: 8.8/10

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Image Credits: News18 | Image Source: Google | Licensed By: Dharma Productions
Directed By:Vishnuvardhan
Produced By:Hiroo Yash Johar
Karan Johar
Apoorva Mehta
Shabbir Boxwala
Ajay Shah
Himanshu Gandhi
Written By:Sandeep Srivastava
Starring:Siddharth Malhotra
Kiara Advani
Shiv Panditt
Sahil Vaid
Shataf Figar
Nikitin Dheer
Production House:Dharma Productions
Kaash Entertainment
Distributed By:Amazon Prime Video

Shershaah Movie starts from a war scene where we see our soldiers struggling to capture a point at Kashmir Valley, and Captain Vikram Batra is leading that platoon. Then the movie transit to a talk show.

Where Captain Vikram Batra’s brother Vishal Batra is telling the story of his brother’s life to everyone. We see Vikram Batra was a very stubborn child from childhood and does not give up anything which belongs to him, and for that, he can fight with a much older person than him.

Captain Vikram Batra is very jolly in his nature and has the ability to be friends with anyone surrounding him. He is a happy soul and always keeps smiling. From his childhood days, Vikram always dreamt of becoming a soldier in the Indian Army.

Even at his school, he always wears Army Uniform at every 15th August and 26th January function. When Vikram joined college, he likes a girl named Dimple from his friend’s group and one day, they both confess their liking for each other.

They both started dating, and one day, Dimple’s father saw them together. Dimple’s father indirectly refuses their relationship because of cast issues. Then Vikram decides to join the Merchant Navy instead of the Army because Merchant Navy has a better salary.

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Then Vikram’s best friend Sunny makes him realize that Vikram is compromising with his dreams. Then Vikram decides to give up the Merchant Navy and agrees to join the Indian Army, which upsets Dimple.

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Then Vikram joined Indian Army as a Lieutenant and gets his first posting in Kashmir in the 13 JAK RIF regiment. There Vikram uses his jolly nature to be friends with local residents of his area. There have been some militants attacks on them where Vikram fights very bravely, even not following direct orders from his seniors.

This shows that Lieutenant Vikram Batra is a very determined and brave soldier. He even believes that if you are a soldier, then you live by chance, love by choice, and kill by profession. Vikram Batra got noticed for his bravery by other senior officers.

Vikram also leads in a mission to kill a renowned Militant Hyder. Then finally, Vikram’s regiment got a mission to recapture point 5140, and there he was assigned his code name Shershaah and choose “Yeh Dil Mange More” as his victory code.

Vikram chooses this code because he is not going to stop after successfully recapturing point 5140. Even enemies know him as Shershaah and challenge him not to come after them, or they will have a very tough time.

After recapturing point 5140, Vikram got promoted from a Lieutenant to Captain Vikram Batra for his bravery. Then finally, Captain Vikram Batra lost his life while recapturing point 4875, but his platoon still successfully recaptured point 4875 with the leadership of Captain Vikram Batra.

What’s Not Good in Shershaah Movie :

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Vikram Batra’s Love Life:

If we look at the story of Vikram Batra’s life, he is a very filmy person. So his love life is also very filmy and a very important part of his life and his journey, but, in the Shershaah movie, this subplot does not seem to contribute anyhow in Vikram Batra’s Army journey.

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Vikram already decided to be an Army soldier from a very young age, and we never see Dimple having any influence in his life as an Army Soldier. Kiara Advani just exists in the movie as Vikram’s love interest only.

If we cut the whole character of Dimple from this movie, this movie barely has any effect on Vikram Batra’s journey.

Fake Punjabi Accent:

Siddharth Malhotra is a Punjabi himself, so he has no issues in adapting the Punjabi accent, but it is Kiara Advani, whose Punjabi accent looks pretty fake and feels like she is speaking in Punjabi as if someone is forcing her to do so.

This is not a significant drawback as Kiara does not have a much longer role to play in this movie, but still, her accent feels awkward while listening to her.

Not a Theatrical Release:

The biggest thing you will definitely feel after watching Shershaah Movie is that this movie should have been released in theatres. Shershaah Movie is designed for a theatrical release which we can clearly see while watching this movie.

Shershaah movie deserved a theatrical release, but due to the ongoing pandemic, makers of the movie had to release this movie on Amazon Prime Video.

The Highlighs of the Shershaah Movie :

4Th Shershaah Movie
Image Credits: India Tv News | Image Source: Google | Licensed By: Dharma Productions

Siddharth Malhotra:

Siddharth Malhotra is the biggest highlight of the movie. He plays the character of Captain Vikram Batra with sincerity and honesty. He fully transforms himself into the character and plays this character perfectly.

Siddharth has consistently shown that he is a capable actor, and in this movie, he proves it. Playing Captain Vikram Batra is Siddharth Malhotra’s best performance so far in his career, and he is the main highlight of the movie.


The cinematography of the Shershaah movie is really very good. Every frame and all the VFX work of the film is commendable and praiseworthy. Shershaah Movie has one of the best VFX works in an Indian Movie.

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Kamaljeet Negi deserves to be praised for his commendable work. The movie does transform us in the war field through the cinematography of the film. The cinematography of the movie is indeed a highlight of this movie.

The Story Telling:

The way the story of the late Captain Vikram Batra has been showcased to us it makes us want to know more and more about this character. We all know about CaptainVikram Batra and his bravery, but this movie adds more stars to his story.

Shershaah movie tells us so much about the character of the late Captain Vikram Batra and makes us proud of him. The movie’s storytelling is very compelling and keeps us holding till the very end of the movie.

Combat Sequences:

All the combat sequences of the Shershaah movie are choreographed with sharpness. Every combat and war sequence of the movie seems very real and perfectly showcases the struggles a soldier faced during the Kargil War.

Kudos to the action director of the movie. All the war sequences of the movie are genuinely outstanding, and they indeed are a highlight of the film.

Final Words About the Shershaah Movie :

Image Credits: The Indian Express | Image Source: Google | Licensed By: Dharma Productions

In final words about the Shershaah Movie, this movie is a must-watch to all those who want to witness the bravery of the Indian Army and late Captain Vikram Batra. Or those who love technical things in a movie like a storyline and other content should also watch this movie. They will not be disappointed by it.

Shershaah movie should be released in theatres.

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FAQ About Shershaah Movie:

How old was late Captain Vikram Batra when he died?

Late Captain Vikram Batra was 24 years of age when he died.

Whom Dimple married after Vikram Batra Died?

Dimple Cheema did not married after Captain Vikram Batra was Martyred.

Where is Vikram Batra’s indentical twin brother Vishal Batra now?

Vishal Batra is Retail Business Head at ICICI Bank.

What bravery award did Vikram Batra earned?

Vikram Batra was awarded with Param Veer Chakra for his bravery in Kargil War.

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