How Secret Society of Super Villains is a Secret weapon of DCEU !


Secret Society of Super Villains is a Secret weapon of DCEU :

Secret Society of Super Villains is a DC comic book title that was released in May – June 1976. It featured a group of DC’s Super Villains and mainly the foes of The Justice League. But eventually, the series got canceled after its #15 issue in July 1978, and it never got originally rereleased till now. Still, this topic has been mentioned in many other forms after the original Comic Book series cancellation.

3rd Secret Society of Super Villains
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The Idea Behind Secret Society of Super Villains :

1. Secret Society of Super Villains
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This series was initially created by Gerry Conway, and the idea behind this topic was to develop a team of Super Villains, which could also be termed as “Evil Justice League.” The inspiration behind this idea was Rogues Gallery from Flash, which was created by the fellow creator Julie Schwartz. Other creators were more possessive of DC’s popular villains, but Conway was more excited about bringing back some of the forgotten and obscure Villains from DC’s past. The idea of having some costumed Villains who share a common goal like destroying their common enemy was somewhere unique foe DC at that time. Pablo Marcos gave the artwork for the first issue of it.

The original story of Secret Society of Super Villains was, Darkseid found a group under the title of Brotherhood of Crime who stole the world’s deadliest nerve gas. The group made up of Gorilla Grodd, Clayface, Captain Cold, Star Sapphire, and a clone of Manhunter, who turns on their own benefactor when Manhunter raised questions about Darkseid’s past of trying to enslave the whole of humanity, then it was revealed that Darkseid is an android and the real Darkseid was controlling it from afar in the universe. Then Manhunter suggests that they form their own socity where all super villains join together to fight Darkseid and pursuing their own goals side by side.

There was a revised reissue of the series, which now included Captain Cold, Gorilla Grodd, Star Sapphire, and the Manhunter from the original concept, and also added The Mirror Master, The Copperhead, Sinestro, The Shadow Thief, and The Wizard.

While the second issue was in work, Conway said, ‘I wanted a regular lead for the villains to communicate with.’ In the second issue, the lead of Secret Society of Super Villains was Captain Comet, including a leader in the comic who protected it with the issue of showcasing the villains in a positive light.

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First Television Appearances of the Secret Society of Super Villains :

2nd Secret Society of Super Villains
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This Society has made many appearances in the DC Animated Universe. In the Animated Justice League series, Gorilla Grodd and Giganta formed the secret society with Killer Frost, Sinestro, The Parasite, and The Shade. The group even succeeded in defeating Justice League in the first attempt, but they got defeated in the subsequent rematch.

In the Justice League Unlimited Tv animation series, Gorilla Grodd renewed his attempt to create a new Secret Society with a new swamp-based headquarters, and Grodd was doing everything possible to keep the secret society a secret. He even got everyone’s brain possessed with some kind of telepathy, so in case if anybody catches any member of the Secret Society, he/she would not be able to reveal anything related to it. Lex Luthor went against Grodd when he got to learn that Grodd is trying to turn every human into apes. This started a civil war between the Super Villains and Killer frost freezes Grodd, but Tala tried to restore Grodd, but he resurrects Darkseid instead.

In the animated movie Justice League: Crisis on two Earths, it was shown as The Justice Underground, and the group consists of members Heroic Lex Luthor and The Jester along with his monkey sidekick Harley. After Jester sacrificed his life to kill two members of the Crime Syndicate, Luthor evaded the Syndicate’s leader and flew to Justice League’s Earth to seek their help.

Why Secret Society of Super Villains Got Shelved !

3rd Secret Society of Super Villains
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There was a consistent delay in the first issue of the Secret Society of Super Villains because of so many redos. David Anthony Kraft was assigned by Conway to script the following three issues of the comic book, and after the #4 issue of the comics, both Conway and Kraft left DC for an unknown reason. Jack C. Harris replaced Conway as the new editor. Still, Conway returned as a writer for the #8 issue only, but the artists of the comic book were kept changing who was working as pencilers, and the inkers were changing from issue to issue.

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Eventually, it got canceled after the #15 issue of the comic book. The #16 issue was already in the printing process, which would be the final issue of the comic book. Still, writer Bob Rozakis plead to stop the issue because it was the beginning of a three-part story, and he didn’t want the readers just to hang there and keep wondering what happens next. Even the #17 was almost completed and almost ready to be printed, but #18 was scripted but not drawn at that time. Still, eventually, none of it saw the light of day, and #15 is the final issue of it.

Is Really Secret Society of Super-Villains could be the Biggest Threat to Justice League?

4th Secret Society of Super Villains
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The darker history of the members of this socity makes them even more vicious, giving them a solid motive to back their actions. They use their history, their past to justify their hatred and willingness to hurt people. Their darker history makes them more determined to cause a severe threat to the whole of humanity. Nowadays, there have been many villains who lack serious motivation behind their actions, but in the case of this, they possess profound hatred and pure evil inside them, which compels them to hurt other people because they want to take revenge or they just want to prove their point to the whole world.

They now do not feel any empathy towards anyone. Their past has made them an empty vase that is now filled with hatred and evil and darkness, giving them a pure motive, a cause behind their action, a reason that is why they feel so much hate. The amount of hate and darkness they possess genuinely puts a grave threat over the whole Justice League. Justice League who has always been ready to protect the innocent, and on the other hand, the Secret Society of Super Villains are willing to do anything to hurt those innocent people.

Secret Society of Super Villains is led by Darkseid, who single-handedly can give a really tough fight to all the members of the Justice League, and when he gets joined by such characters who are filled with purely evil intentions, and so much hatred, it seriously puts a life-threatening caution over the Justice League.

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There have been many variations of the Super Villains, and there have been many other groups of it who have also known as the Secret Society of Super Villains. Whenever a group fails or got divided because their own members starting fighting each other or they wanted all the perks for themselves only, which results in dissolving the group, soon after, there comes someone who once again establishes the group with the same name.

The first group was recruited by Darkseid, which we have talked about earlier, and Ultra-Humanite recruits the second version of this group to battle against Justice League. There was also a group known as The Society, which was put together by Black Adam, Deathstroke, Calculator, Doctor Psycho, Lex Luthor, and Talia Al Ghul. Similarly, there were other versions of this group that issued in various comic book issues after the original version of it got cancelled.

Just because the idea of the Secret Society of Super Villains got shelved back in the past, it was never witnessed how Justice League will manage to fight such a significant threat. Still, there are always chances that Justice League will face this severe threat in the near future, and that moment will be a true gamechanger in the DC universe.

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FAQ of Secret Society of Super Villains :

Who is the baddest villain in DC?

Joker is the evilest Supervillain in DCEU

Who is the evilest super villain?

Joker is the evilest Supervillain in DCEU

Who is the strongest member of the Justice League?

Superman is the strongest superhero in Justice League.
‘Superman’ Consider as one of the strongest member in DCEU.

What is the evil Superman called?

His Alter ego called as El-Kal/Kent Clark and he is a Kryptonian.

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