Is Road to Perdition a Road to Hell or A Road to Heaven?


Road to Perdition : Tom Hanks is Really good at this time?

Is Road to Perdition a Road to Hell or A Road to Heaven?

Road to Perdition is based on a graphic novel written by Max Allan Collins and Directed By: Sam Mendes. Road to Perdition has a big ensemble cast and perhaps the most talented cast in a Sam Mendes movie. Sam Mendes is usually known for his colorful movies and characters who are full of life, but this movie is not like his usual work. Instead, this is the darkest movie ever directed by Sam Mendes.

1st road to perdition
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According to Christian mythology, Perdition means a place where a sinful person passes through after death for punishment for all the sins he had committed, but in this movie, Perdition is referred to as a place for which the protagonist and his son is looking to go, in order to escape from this chaotic world.

Michael Sullivan, played by Tom Hanks, is the main protagonist of the story, an enforcer for the Rock Island branch of the Chicago mob. One day his whole family got killed by Connor Rooney when they think that Michael knew too much about their business and he can be a problem in the future, but Michael and his son survives, and now they are on the run for their life. However, it is not going to be that easy to run and hide, Michael now does not have to just run, but he has to protect his and his son’s lives from the mob who now wants him dead.

The film is mainly about a father-son relationship. It primarily focuses on Michael and his son and the development of their relationship from time to time. Road to Perdition is a very emotional journey, this movie is dark in moments, but then it also gives a ray of hope. The makers have done a perfect job in balancing the emotions this movie carries himself because it does not make the audience confuse.

The makers have not created a mess. Instead, they deliver a very good and a very balanced product. It gives the movie-goers a perfect experience and almost perfect for those who like to watch crime and Mafia movies.

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How Road to Perdition is a Road to Hell – Explained :

2nd road to perdition
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Road to Perdition is a very dark journey, and it is the darkest movie ever directed by Sam Mendes. It is somewhere similar to The Godfather, but Road to Perdition is based on a graphic novel of the same name. The reason Road to Perdition is a road to hell is because of the journey of the characters of this movie.

What happens when someone’s work/job, which is the only lifeline for him and his family, has become a foe for the life of his whole family, including himself, is the reason this is a Road to Hell. Michael who works as an enforcer for an Irish Mob boss John Rooney. Rooney has also raised Michael because he was an orphan, and he even loved him more than his own biological son Connor Rooney, which leads to jealousy and inside hatred which Connor fells for Michael.

One day Michael’s son hide himself in his father’s car because he wanted to know what his father does for a living, and there, he witnesses a murder in front of his eyes, which is not committed by Michael. Still, it does not make any difference because Michael works with them. One day Michael finds out that Connor is stealing from his father and Michael, who loves Mr. Rooney because when he had nothing, Mr. Rooney gave him everything from food to shelter to livelihood.

But later, when Mr. Rooney protects his son and does not trust his most loyal employee Michael, Michael could not understand it. He also starts thinking that he will be able to protect his family and both of his sons Peter and Michael Jr. from the dark shadow of his sins. Michel’s whole family got slaughtered, and only he and his son Michael Jr. survives, and now Michael is ready to left no stone turned to protect his son from the darkness of sins that he committed.

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It is not easy for a father to see his whole family paying the price for all the sins that he and only he has committed. It breaks that person from inside. That person has to go through hell for the eternity of his life, and that is the real meaning of Road to Perdition.

How It is also A Road to Heaven – Explained :

3rd road to perdition
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The darkness of this movie is the natural beauty of it. We mostly get to see only dark colors and dark shades throughout the whole film, but that is what makes this movie so much beautiful. When a person finally reaches salvation after suffering so much, after going through so much, it provides a sense of faith and positivity, and a sense of relief, that finally it has ended and now that person can ultimately lead his life in peace. The breath after suffocation, the relief after pain, and Salvation after Perdition make us experience Heaven on Earth.

Road to Perdition is referred to as Road to Heaven not for its characters but from the audience’s point of view. For the characters, it is hell, but for the audience, it is like heaven because of the quality of the product. The movie is so well made and so well balanced that after coming out of the theatre, they will be thoroughly happy to watch this movie. This movie could easily be a mess, but Sam Mendes knows his work, and he handles everything very beautifully.

Is It Worth To Watch Or Not?

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Why You Should Not Watch It ?

Suppose you do not like dark content movies or movies where characters go through a lot and do not like watching people suffer even in film. In that case, you should definitely skip this one. There will be a lot of bloodbaths in the movie. There will be betrayal, vengeance, hatred, gunshots, and much more.

If you are one of them who does not like to watch such things and root for movies that are filled with happiness and whose characters are filled with life, then this movie is not for you. Skip this one. If you still are going to see this movie, then this Road to Perdition will definitely be Road to Hell for you.

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Why You Should Watch It ?

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If you like to see character development in a movie as the movie goes and you like things dark, then this one is the right choice for you. In order to enjoy this movie, you have to emotionally connect with the characters of it. You have to invest your time and your mind into it to go through the journey of the characters, their emotions, and their actions, and if you like to understand characters and their emotions, then you should definitely like this one. You will love this movie.

All the actors in the cast have done an excellent job, and there is not even a single bad performance in this movie. Everyone handles their character very well and with honesty. Especially Tom Hanks and Paul Newman. You will feel a great sense of openness in the way these actors perform their characters. And yes, the real hero of this movie is the director of this movie Sam Mendes.

He handles this big cast really well, and we do not feel that any character is under-utilized in this movie. He utilizes every character and every actor smartly. Even the cinematographer of this movie has done a stupendo fantabulous job of creating a dark Mafia world. Conrad Hall captures every frame beautifully, and the beauty of his work is under the darkness of his frames. If you are a fan of dark criminal drama movies, then this movie will be a Road to Heaven for you.

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