Rashmi Rocket Movie Review: Not The Best Rocket to Fly


Rashmi Rocket movie is a 2021 Sports drama movie directed by Dipanker Barik and produced by Ronnie Screwvala (RSVP). Rashmi Rocket stars Taapsee Pannu in the lead role of the movie as Rashmi and Priyandhu Painyuli as Major Gagan Thakur.

Rashi Rocket is based on the gender test, which has ruined many careers and lives of Athletes, and Rashmi is another victim of this gender test which compels the association to ban her from participating in any competition in the future.

Rashi Rocket was directly released on the Zee5 OTT platform on 15th October 2021.

Rashmi Rocket Movie: Summary of the Movie

Ratings: 6/10

Rashmi Rocket Movie compressed
Image Credits: Binged | Image Source: Google | Licensed By: Zee5
Directed By:Akarsh Khurana
Produced By:Ronnie Screwvala
Neha Anand
Pranjal Khandhdiya
Written By:Dialogues:
Kanika Dhillon
Akarsh Khurana
Aniruddha Guha
Lisha Bajaj
Starring:Taapsee Pannu
Priyanshu Painyuli
Abhishek Banerjee
Supriya Pathak
Manoj Joshi
Supriya Pilgaonkar
Miloni Jhonsa
Production House:RSVP Movies
Mango People Media Network
Distributed By:Zee5

Rashmi Rocket movie starts, and we see two policemen entering the girl’s hostel inside the sports federation and looking for a man who has entered the girl’s hostel in disguise of a girl. They arrest Rashmi by accusing her of being a boy and entering the girl’s hostel.

Then the movie transits into the past when Rashmi was just a kid. The whole locality is flying kites on their house’s roof, then Rashmi and other kids start chasing a kite. This is when we discover that Rashmi naturally can run very fast since her childhood days.

Rashmi’s father is a tour guide in Gujarat’s Kutch district. Then the movie transits when Rashmi is a grownup, and now she is also a tour guide like her father. One day Rashmi is giving a tour to Captain Gagan Thakur and two of his trainees.

While being on a break, one of the trainees starts moving towards a landmine while listening to songs on his headphone. Captain Gagan and Rashmi both run to save him from the landmine. Rashmi outran everyone and saved the person from the landmine.

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Captain Gagan is a former National Champion in the running, and due to an injury, he has to quit running, and now he trains others to compete. Captain Gagan recognized the talent in Rashmi and forced her to take part in the State Running Championship.

Rashmi refuses to take part. Later, Captain Gagan and Rashmi’s family convince her to take part in the State Running Championship. Captain Gagan takes Rashmi for the trials of the Championship at the last minute and asks the federation to allow Rashmi for the trials.

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Image Credits: The Cinemaholic | Image Source: Google | Licensed By: Zee5

Rashmi impressed everyone with her speed there, and Rashmi got selected for the State Running Championship, and from there, Rashmi’s athletic career started. From childhood, everyone nicknamed Rashmi as Rocket because of her speed, and now after winning the State running Championship, everyone starts chanting Rocket.

Rashmi is on a spree after her first win, and she keeps winning every Championship she participates in. And Rashmi also has broken all State level records. Now the National Sports federation is considering Rashmi to add her into the national women’s team to represent India in the coming Asia games.

After practicing very hard, Rashmi became the fastest runner in the Women’s team, and she even won 3 medals in the Asia Games. Immediately after returning from Asia Games, a member from the federation takes Rashmi with her to take a gender test on her.

Rashmi fails that Gender test, and then the police arrive and arrest her, which we saw at the start of the movie. Then immediately, this news breaks into the media, and everyone starts humiliating Rashmi considering him as a boy in the women’s body.

Then Dr. Eeshit Mehta arrives there to offer his help to Rashmi to fight against the federation because she is not the only victim of the gender test. There are other women also whose careers have been destroyed because of this gender test, and one of them even committed suicide.

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Rashmi refuses to file any case against the federation, but later everyone convinces her to file the case, and Rashmi finally files a petition in the Mumbai High court against her ban, and what happens after is the main story of the movie.

The Good: Rashmi Rocket Movie

2nd Rashmi Rocket Movie
Image Credits: The Indian Express | Image Source: Google | Licensed By: Zee5

The Cast:

Rashmi Rocket movie stars a very talented cast in the movie, and every actor aces their respective roles. Specially Abhishek Banerjee. Taapsee Pannu is a very talented actor, and she has proven it much time in her career span. And in Rashmi Rocket, too, she comes out as a phenomenal actor.

Priyanshu Painyulli is also a very talented actor, and in Rashmi Rocket, he perfectly supports the character of Rashmi. Supriya Pathak is a veteran and a legendary actor, and in Rashmi Rocket, too, she does not disappoint with her performance.

But it is Abhishek Banerjee who has stolen the show, and after his entry in the movie, Rashmi Rocket movie picks up its real pace and excitement.

The Topic:

If we talk about the topic on which Rashmi Rocket is based, then we can clearly say that it is genuinely is a very good topic, and it is also a topic about which nobody really talks. Hence this topic needs to be presented in front of the audience to understand that the Gender test does not tell that if you are a woman or not.

The topic is never explored before in a movie, so it is also a very refreshing movie and makes Rashmi Rocket a slightly different movie from other Sports drama movies.

The Bad: Rashmi Rocket Movie

3rd Rashmi Rocket Movie
Image Credits: India.com | Image Source: Google | Licensed By: Zee5

Disability to Connect:

The biggest drawback about the Rashmi Rocket movie is that after having a good cast and a very good topic to talk about, viewers are not able to connect with this story as emotionally as the scripts require them to be.

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We never get to emotionally connect with the characters of the movie. There are some moments in the movie where we feel sympathy for Rashmi, but then soon after, we again struggle to connect with the characters.

And this disability to connect is the main reason that Rashmi Rocket Movie has become a very not interesting movie, and we just watch it for the sake of watching a movie. Thought we want to, and we try to enjoy it, but the poor treatment of the story does not allow us to enjoy it.

The Treatment to the Raw Material:

If we look at the Raw materials of the movie, the movie seems to be a very interesting and very refreshing movie. The star cast of the movie is really talented, the topic of the movie is refreshing, the director of the movie is good, and the producers have produced many iconic movies like URI in the past.

So overall, on paper, Rashmi Rocket Movie is a very ambitious project, but when we see the final product, it is nowhere near to where it should be. The director of the movie disappoints us a big-time with Rashmi Rocket Movie.

Final Words: Rashmi Rocket Movie

Rashmi Rocket Movie
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In the final words, the Rashmi Rocket Movie is just a one-time watch movie that is easily forgettable, and nobody will remember that this movie even existed because the movie is treated very poorly. If the treatment with the movie would be even half good, then this movie could be a very good movie.

So, Rashmi Rocket is just a one-time watch only if you are a Taapsee Pannu Fan.

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FAQ About Rashmi Rocket Movie:

Is Rashmi Rocket Movie based on a real story?

NO, Rashmi Rocket Movie is not based on a real story though some of the insidents in the movie are inspired from real life.

Is Rashmi Rocket Movie available for free?

No, Rashmi Rocket Movie is only available on Zee5 and to watch the movie you have to take subscrition.

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