Ram Setu Movie Review: Is this Akshay Kumar’s 5th biggest flop movie of the year?


Ram Setu Movie Review: Ram Sethu Movie has been released in theaters on 25 October 2022. This is an Action, Adventure, Drama, Thriller movie. Apart from Hindi, this movie has been released in Tamil and Telugu languages. The total budget of the movie is said to be Rs 150 crore. Akshay Kumar is in the lead role of the movie. This is Akshay Kumar’s fifth movie of this year.

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Ram Setu Movie | image credit- google
filmRam Setu
Release Date25 October 2022
LanguageHindi ( orignal), Tamil, Telugu( dub)
GenreAction, Adventure, Drama, Thriller
CastAkshay Kumar, Jacqueline Fernandez, Nushrratt Bharuccha, Satyadev Kancharana
Director, WriterAbhishek Sharma

Ram Setu movie story

The entire focus of the movie is on the existence of Ram Sethu. where we are shown that there is a company that wants to break Ram Sethu for its own benefit. But Dr. Aryan (Akshay Kumar) wants to prove the existence of Ram Setu and for this he keeps doing a lot of research. When the company comes to know about Dr. Aryan, then Dr. Aryan joins them and uses him.

But later when Dr. Aryan exposes the evils of the company to the world, the company wants to get Dr. Aryan killed. Now what problems will Dr. Aryan have to face next, will he be able to prove the existence of Ram Setu, all this is shown in the movie.

Acting and Directing

Talking about acting, Akshay Kumar has played the role of scientist well, Akshay Kumar is in the lead role and he has acted well. But the same thing about Jacqueline, her acting is the same which happens in every movie, she did not do anything special. At the same time, there is a character in the movie ap which is played by Satyadev in the best way which you will like.

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Talking about directing, Abhishek Sharma has done the right direction. Although the movie has many flaws that could have been rectified, the director has done a decent job especially the films made on sensitive topics like well made without controversy for which the director should be praised.

Ram Setu Movie | video credit- Zee Studios

Positive Point Of Ram Setu movie

Talking about the positive point of the movie, Akshay Kumar has done his job well. The whole story of Ram Setu is about the existence of Ram Sethu and the movie does not deviate from its plot and also proves its point in the last. Although making a movie on religion is a risky job in which anyone’s feelings can be hurt, but the movie has been made in such a good way that no one’s feelings are hurt.

There is a character named AP in the movie like well presented. The climax of the movie is good in which you will get to see many twists which you will like. Some of the natural scenes of Sri Lanka are shown in the movie which are very nice and soothing to the eyes.

Negative Point Of Ram Setu movie

Talking about the negative point of the movie, then the biggest negative point of the movie is the editing of the movie. There are many scenes in the movie which are not well edited. As in the first movie, only Ram was spoken, which was later edited to Shri Ram, but the editing is not so good, which makes it easy to understand that it has been edited here. Even when one scene shifts to another, the editing is not good, due to which you will start feeling disturbed in the middle.

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On the other hand, Jacqueline’s character was not needed in the movie, which has been forcefully inserted. The bgm of the movie is also not good, although the bgm of Ram Ram is good but not used in a better way than that. The movie is also not directed well, many scenes seem fake, which shows the poor direction. The story of the same movie also becomes very predictable, you can easily predict what is going to happen next. The vfx of the movie is also not that good.

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Ram Setu Movie | image credit- google

My Opinion On Ram Setu movie

Talk about my personal opinion that I liked the movie well. Movie is family friendly, you can enjoy it with your family. The story of the movie is good though it becomes a bit predictable so that you can predict the story of the movie. The natural scenery of Sri Lanka has been shown in the movie, which is very beautiful, you will definitely like that view.

Akshay Kumar is in the lead role of the movie and he has played the role of scientist well. Although there are many drawbacks in the movie like the vfx of the movie is not good, the editing of the movie is also not done well, while the bgm of the movie is also not good. But if you watch the movie ignoring these shortcomings of the movie, then you will like the movie.

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The climax of the movie is very good. And the special thing about the movie is that the movie also proves its point in the last that what the movie wants to tell after all, which is a very good thing for the movie.  The movie is rated 5.2/10 on imdb and I give this movie a rating of 3.5/5.

Ram Setu movie FAQ

What is the budget of Ram Setu movie?

₹150 crore

How is Ram Setu movie?

mixed reviews from critics.

Is Ram Setu movie released?

25 October 2022

Who is the heroine of Ram Setu?

Nushrat Bharucha, Jacqueline Fernandez

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