Pathan teaser review: Is this going to be Shah Rukh Khan’s highest grossing movie?


Pathan teaser review: Shahrukh Khan’s Pathan Movie is ready to release in theaters on 25 January 2023, whose teaser has been released. This is a Drama/Mystery/action movie. Apart from Hindi, this movie will be released in Tamil Telugu. According to the reports, the budget of the movie is being told as Rs 250 crores. There is a different craze among the people regarding the movie and after the arrival of the teaser, the craze has increased even more. Shahrukh Khan is about to return to the big screen after almost 4 years.

Pathan teaser review 1
Pathan teaser review
film Pathan
Release Date25 January 2023
LanguageHindi( orignal), Tamil, Telugu( dub)
CastShah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, John Abraham, Dimple Kapadia, Ilez Badurgov
Director, WriterSiddharth Anand

Pathan teaser Plot:

At the very beginning of the teaser of Pathan movie, we hear a dialogue that what do you know about Pathan? Soon after that we get to hear that there is no news of him for 3 years, he was caught in his last mission. From which it becomes clear that Pathan (Shahrukh Khan) has gone to some mission and he has been caught there. After that we see Shahrukh Khan who is introduced with some of the best action sequences.

Then we are shown the glamorous look of Deepika Padukone where a little bit of her action is also shown. Then we get to see John Abraham who has a launcher in his hand and he suits the car coming in front of that launcher. Then after that Shahrukh Khan and John Abraham are shown fighting among themselves. After that we are shown light scenes. And in the last of the teaser, Shahrukh Khan is shown flying in a flying suit.

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Pathan movie | video credit- YRF

Pathan teaser Review and my Expectations

Talking about the teaser, it is clear from the action scene shown in the teaser that we are going to see a lot of action in the movie. The kind of action sequences shown in the teaser are amazing and they are going to give goosebumps. Apart from the same action, I get to listen to the best background music in the teaser, due to which every scene becomes interesting.

The bgm is fitted perfectly in every action scene. Seeing the teaser, it is confirmed that we will also get to see romance in the movie, in which we will also get to see some songs, now if it is Bollywood, then we will get to see the songs. Although the vfx which is seen in the teaser is not that good, especially the vfx of the car blast scene looked weak.

Talk about what is my expectation about the movie, so after seeing the teaser of the movie, I can hope that the movie will be good. Because the action scene which is seen in the teaser is going to give goosebumps, and looking at that action scene, I can say that the action sequence in the movie will be very much and will also be good. Seeing Shahrukh Khan and John Abraham fighting each other, my excitement increased a lot as both seem equal and both will give tough competition to each other.

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Although Deepika is also in the movie but I don’t have much expectations from her but John Abraham looks amazing, maybe he will play the main villain in this movie and if it happens then he is going to give tough competition to Shahrukh Khan which is very much to see. It’s going to be more fun Apart from the same action, the background music played in the teaser is also excellent, making every scene perfect. Overall, the teaser is very good and hope the movie will be very good.

Pathan Hindi Movie Full Cast and Crew Wiki 1
Pathan | image credit – google

Pathan teaser Conclusion

Shahrukh Khan is returning to films after a long time, although before this he has given cameo in many movies but is returning as a lead role after a very long time. He needed a perfect comeback and now it looks like he is going to make a great comeback from Pathan Movie. The teaser of Pathan movie was perfect, not much has been revealed in the same teaser so that the story of the movie cannot be ascertained, which is a good thing for the creator of the movie.

The action scene shown in the teaser is good, the background music that was heard is also excellent, the casting of the movie is also looking great. Now we will wait for the release of the movie, hope the movie is very good.

I am very excited for this movie, you can tell by commenting how excited you are.

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Pathan FAQ

Is Pathan movie based on a true story?

no it’s fiction.

What is the budget of film Pathan?

Rs 250 crore 

Is Salman Khan in Pathan?

By now, it is confirmed that both Salman and Shah Rukh will be seen making extended appearances in each other flicks, i.e Tiger 3 and Pathan.

Which film remake is Pathan?

Malayalam movie ‘Ayyappanum Koshiyum

Is Pathan movie release?

25 January 2023

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