Marvel What If Episode 5 Review: Who Caused The Zombie Apocalypse – Summary & Breakdown

Marvel is currently leading in the Superhero Genre, and What If Episode 5 is the perfect example of how creative Marvel creators have started to think. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is getting better and bigger from each passing phase. Currently, MCU is in Phase 4, and Marvel has already planned …

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Spider-Man No Way Home Trailer Breakdown: Will Peter Be The Next Tony Stark? Everything You Need To Know Now

Spider-Man No Way Home Trailer dropped today on Sony Pictures Entertainment official YouTube channel. As expected, the movie’s trailer does not give away any significant detail about the movie and shows us everything we already knew about the movie. Spider-Man No Way Home is one of the most anticipated movies …

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Snake Eyes Movie Review: Not the Best Attempt to Resurrect the G.I.Joe Series.

Snake Eyes movie is the third movie in the G.I.Joe series. G.I.Joe was a very praiseworthy movie, and it genuinely impressed the audiences with the kind of advanced technology it showcased. The movie promised a very promising future with other movies, but this series kept on disappointing fans with underwhelming …

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Marvel’s What If Episode 2 Review – T’Challa The New Star Lord in the House

Marvel’s What If Episode 2 is an animated Web Series specially made to explore different possibilities in the original timeline of the MCU. After Loki unlocking the multiverse, Marvel seems working really hard to make this multiverse a memorable piece of work. MCU is also exploring the possibilities of MCU …

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Bhuj Movie Review: One of The Typical Indian Cinema (Super Worst ?) – Cast, Summary & More

Bhuj movie is based on an India-Pakistan war in 1971 when most of the Indian armed forces were posted on the country’s eastern coast, helping East Pakistan, which is known as Bangladesh now, from West Pakistan. Pakistan took advantage of this situation and attacked India on the west coast. They …

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Shershaah Movie Review: One of the Best War Movies Produced by India – Cast, Summary, Review, and More.

Shershaah movie is based on the life of late Captain Vikram Batra a 13 JAK RIF soldier who fought bravely at Kargil war and died protecting his country. Vikram Batra is still remembered as one of the bravest soldiers of our country. Know more about this movie check wbseries . …

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