Shanks & Luffy’s Conqueror’s Haki Can Give You Ultimate Pleasure One Piece : Red (2022) Movie Review


One piece film red has been released in India on 7 October 2022. This is an Adventure/Action movie. This is a Japanese animated movie. To know how the movie is, you must read the complete review.

Release date 7 October 2022 ( india)
DirectorGoro Taniguchi
LanguageJapanese , hindi ( dub)
Voice CastMayumi Tanaka( Monkey D Luffy ), Hiroaki Hirata ( Sanji ), Akemi Okamura( Nami), Kenjiro Tsuda ( Gordon ), Kappei Yamaguchi ( Usopp)
ProducerEiichiro Oda
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One Piece : Red Movie- Story :

The story of the movie is musical based. We get to hear many songs in movies. In the movie we are shown the story of Monkey D Luffy who goes to see a concert in uta with his crew. Uta is the daughter of shanks. Talking about shanks, he is the most popular and crazy strong pirate of great pirate era. We get to see a lot of action emotion comedy in the movie. The story of the movie is well written which does not bore you at all. You will get to see a lot of twists in between, due to which your interest to watch the movie will remain.

One Piece : Red Movie- Animation :

Talking about the animation of the movie, then the animation of the movie is excellent. Every detail has been carefully taken care of. The texture, characters, action scenes, emotional scenes of the movie have all been worked out in great detail. The animation of the movie has been made so perfect, due to which the fun of watching the movie is doubled.

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One Piece : Red Movie Voice Acting, Directing :

Everyone has done excellent voice acting, every detail has been paid attention to which shows how hard everyone has worked in the movie. Be it action scenes or emotional scenes, all have been shown in the best way so that the characters seem real to us.

Talking about directing, Goro Taniguchi has done excellent directing. Every single scene is shown in the best way, 3D camera angle has also been used very well. Everything from character design to presenting them was perfect.

One piece film red Movie- song ,BGM

The movie is musically BASED, due to which many songs are heard in it. The good thing is that the music does not feel boring, the music has been used properly in the movie which fits in the story.

Talk about the same thing, the background music of the movie is excellent, whether it is an action scene or an emotional ,bgm has been used properly. Especially when the action scene plays out, the bgm running from behind is great.

one piece film red : shanks
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My Opinion on one piece film red Movie

Talking about my personal opinion, I really liked the movie. If you are an anime fan and you also like to listen to songs, then you are going to like this anime very much. The movie has great action as well as emotion, good songs, comedy. Overall, the movie is excellent. The movie has got a rating of 7.3/10 on imdb which is very good.

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The background music of the movie is very good like the fun of watching the movie is doubled. The story has also been written very well so that it will not feel boring at all. If you are an anime lover then you are going to like this movie very much. I personally have liked the movie very much and I will recommend you that you must also watch this movie.

If you have already seen this movie then you can tell us by commenting how you liked the movie.

one piece film red Movie -FAQ

Who is the villain in One Piece Film: Red?


Does Shanks have a daughter?

 Answer is little complicated, it’s no and yes, Uta is Shanks’ adopted daughter.

What is Yamato’s gender?


Is one piece red a musical?

One Piece Film Red is basically a musical

How old is Kaido?

59 years old

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