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Review Of Om The Battle Within :

The suffocating three-second movie trailer has just been launched in the market by Zee studio. Yes, You guessed it right, Om the battle within trailer launched on 10 Jun 2022. If you are a Bollywood action lover, Boss, you are at the right place. 

Zee studio published the “Om the battle within” 2 minutes 50-second trailer on their official YouTube channel. Guess what? 2.6 crore people watched this trailer in just 7 days on YouTube. 

The movie is full of action, crime, and thrillers. Aditya Roy Kapoor is the first to play this type of character. Looking at the trailer, it seems he has performed very well in this movie. 

At the film’s beginning, we see Dev Rathore, a nuclear scientist, involved in a secret mission here. Then we see the controversy where the government does not understand nuclear scientist Dev Rathore was kidnapped or he betrayed the country. A few years after this controversy, we see Aditya Roy Kapoor as Om in another crisis. 

Earlier, we saw Aditya Roy Kapoor in a very different role in a movie like Aashiqui 2, Yeh Jawaani hai deewani. It remains to be seen how such a character Aditya Roy Kapoor, can prove himself for the first time. 

In such a life-threatening expedition, While fighting, Aditya Roy Kapoor was suddenly shot in the head, And he fell into the ocean. Somehow his team rescues him, but when he finds himself in the hospital, his memory is gone. 

om the battle
Image Credit : Mashable | Studio Credit : Zee Studios

After Om’s memory was gone, he could only remember his parents. On the other hand, The para-commando head broke up a lot after knowing of the situation of OM. Because Om has a lot of important information, he is also on a secret mission that needs to be completed. 

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In such a situation, one day, Om was attacked by some unknown killers. Then we see Sanjana Sanghi fighting and saving Om’s life. At that time, the para Comando chief knew that om was the son of nuclear scientist Dev Rathore. 

Then Om (Aditya Roy Kapoor) keeps looking for his father. After a lot of fighting and action, She knows about her father. Zee Studios did not clear if she would find her father to create a nail-biting end. 

“Till the last drop of blood, I will protect my nation” This dialogue has won the hearts of all movie lovers. The movie is full of extraordinary fighting scenes and slow motion. VFX is also fabulous fight effects are amazing in the last Saw om to use a modern Gatling machine gun. 

Om The Battle Within Releasing date :

This is a joint work of Zee studio and paper doll entertainment. They have decided to release this OM the battle within cinemas from 1 Jul 2022. Director Kapil Verma and producer Ahmed Khan. 

Om The Battle Within Cast & Crew :

Cast :Aditya Roy Kapoor
Sanjana Sanghi
Jackie Shroff
Asuthos Rana 
Prakash Raj 
Director : Kapil Verma
Producer :Ahmed Khan

Jackie Shroff, a nuclear scientist, and Om’s father, will play a very short role. Asuthos Rana and Prakash Raj also did a great job in this movie. Sanjana Sanghi, Om’s girlfriend, did a great job. Kapil Verma appreciates their efforts. 

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Om The Battle Within – Conclusion :

After all, this is going to be avarage movie but critics are hoping that this movie will not disappoint them. 

om the battle within 1
Image Credit : Hungama | Studio Source : Zee Studios

We have found that some people are comparing Om The Battle Within with baaghi 2. Basically, movie lovers are divided into two parts after releasing this trailer. Some says it can be good But on the other hand, some people are totally against it, as there is nothing new in this movie. We have seen this type of movie before, like Baaghi 2. A similar type of action and fight sequences. 

Well, The future will tell what kind of movie it will be. But people gave a lot of love to the trailer of this movie. So be ready for this “OM, the battle within.” We are going to give 2 star ratings out of 5. But remember, if you are that kind of person who loves realistic movies, then it is not for you.

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