Nobody Movie Review: Is This New Movie is a Replacement To John Wick? Summary, Review, and More


Nobody Movie is a 2021 Action Thriller movie starring Bob Odenkirk in the lead role as a former CIA Assassin Hutch Mansell, aka “Nobody.” The movie has earned $56 Million against the budget of $16 Million. The movie has turned out to be a box office hit.

The Nobody Movie is directed by Ilya Naishuller and Written by Derek Kolstad. Derek Kolstad is also the creator of John Wick, which is the main reason this movie is being compared to the John Wick series. Is this movie as good as John Wick? Let’s find out.

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Nobody Movie Review: Summary

Ratings: 8/10

1st Nobody Movie compressed
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Directed By:Ilya Naishuller
Produced By:David Leitch
Kelly McCormick
Braden Aftergood
Bob Odenkirk
Marc Provissiero
Written By:Derek Kolstad
Starring:Bob Odenkirk
Connie Nielsen
Christopher Lloyd
Production House:Perfect World Pictures
87North Productions
Eighty Two Films
Odenkirk Provissiero Entertainment
Distributed By:Universal Pictures

Hutch Mansell is a common man. He leads a regular daily routine life as a common man. He has a wife named Becca, a son named Blake, and a daughter named Sammy. One night a couple break into his house.

And Blake managed to tackle one of them, but Hutch was about to hit one of them with a golf club, but he sees that they were using an unloaded gun, so he stopped and let the two burglars go.

His son thinks that Hutch is a failure in life. Hutch contacts his brother, tells him about this incident and tells him that he holds back because the burglars were scared and using an unloaded gun.

The following day his daughter tells him that she is not able to find her Kitty Bracelet, which leads to the conclusion that those burglars must have taken that bracelet. Hutch goes to meet his father, and he asked for his old FBI batch to track those burglars down.

Hutch finds their apartment, but then he finds out that those burglars have an infant baby, and they are not able to even feed their baby. That is why they did this. Hutch leaves from there in frustration.

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He travels through a bus to went back home, but in the middle way, some thugs stopped that bus, and they try to harass a girl sitting on the bus sexually. Hutch sees an opportunity to pour out his frustration by beating the hell out of those thugs.

And he did so. Then he goes back home. Then he realizes that he has not been communicating with his family much, and he tries to communicate with his family more. His half-brother Harry then sends him to meet The Barber, who provides information to Hutch about one of the people he beat last night.

2nd Nobody Movie
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That guy turned out to be the younger brother of Yulian Kuznetsov, a very dangerous Russian crime lord. Yulian then tells his men to find out about Hutch. Hutch’s real Identity was a secret, but when the person finds out his real Identity, he gets so terrified that he passes the information to Yulian, packs his stuff, and leaves immediately.

Yulian sends his man to Hutch’s house to take him away, but he hides his family in a secret underground and kills almost all of them before someone tases him from behind and takes Hutch with them.

Hutch was captured in a car’s trunk where he finds a fire extinguisher which he uses to blind the driver than the car crashes, and Hutch kills the remaining person there. There, his true Identity has been shown.

Hutch was an assassin employed by various intelligence agencies to kill their rogue agents; intelligence agencies call these assassins Auditors who are merely untouchable. One day Hutch lets one of his targets live.

After a year, Hutch finds that person again, and he sees that that person is now living a happy life and also has a family. Hutch decides to retire from his job and also live a happy life with a family.

Hutch took over the company he works for by purchasing it with some gold bars. Then he provokes Yulian to come to hunt Hutch down in the company office. There he has already set up many deadly traps and various weapons.

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His father also arrives there to help him kill all the goons.

Nobody Movie Review: The Mirror Image of John Wick

3rd Nobody Movie
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Immediately after Nobody Movie was released, people started to compare it with John Wick, and they all have their reasons to compare both the movies. The main reason is the Writer of both films.

Derek Kolstad, the Writer of Nobody, is also the Writer and creator of John Wick, which is the main reason why people compare both movies and why Nobody movie resembles John Wick.

Even the plot of both the movie is quite similar. In John Wick, John avenges the death of his dog, and in Nobody Movie, Hutch goes to take his daughter’s bracelet back, which leads him to trouble.

In John Wick, the boy he wants to kill turned out to be the son of a deadly gangster. In Nobody Movie, the person Hutch beats also turned out to be related to a deadly gangster. But, the main highlight and the direct comparison between these two movies is Action.

The action sequences choreographed in Nobody Movie give us a feel of John Wick’s action sequences, which is the main talk of the fans comparing both movies to each other. After watching Nobody Movie, anybody will think like it is a mirror image of John Wick.

Nobody Movie Review: What is Not good About The Movie?

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It is so challenging for any creator to create content that has no negative points in it. There always are some aspects in the movie which does not fit in. Nobody movie also has some things which do not work in favor of the film.

The first thing is that it tries too much to be another John Wick when Nobody Movie could be an initially fresh storyline. The movie is criticized big time for being a cheap copy of John Wick.

When you try too much to be someone else, you end up losing your own identity, and you can not be the other person who leaves you in a much awkward situation. The same goes with Nobody Movie, as it losses its own identity.

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Maybe there is a chance that both of these characters will crossover in the future, but there is a very slight chance of this happening.

Nobody Movie Review: What Really Works For The Movie?

5th Nobody Movie compressed 2
Image Credits: Variety | Image Source: Google | Licensed By: Universal Pictures

The movie’s action sequences are the main highlight of the film and probably the best thing about the movie, which works big time in favor of the movie. The action of the movie does resemble John Wick, but it is as excellent as John Wick.

The movie characters are pretty relatable, a common man who lives an ordinary life, only he knows how much one has to sacrifice to lead every day and happy life, but somehow your past crosses your way.

So, the movie’s character is relatable and features excellent action sequences, which works big time for the movie’s favor. Nobody Movie may be a copy of John Wick, but it is not a bad one.

Nobody Movie Review: Is This Movie Worth of Your Time?

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Nobody Movie is undoubtedly worthy of your time because of the excellent action sequences of the movie and the excellent plotline of the film. The movie does keep you engaged organically and not because of its resemblance to John Wick.

Nobody Movie is an exciting and enjoyable movie that surely deserves a watch.

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FAQ About Nobody Movie:

Nobody Movie sequel.

The creators of the movie announce a possible sequel of Nobody Movie in the mid credit scene of the movie.

Is there going to be cross over between John Wick and Nobody?

There are chances that both movie might have a cross over in furture but there is no official statement about this from the makers of both the movies.

What is the name of the Lead Actor of Nobody Movie?

Bob Odenkirk. His most renowned web series is breaking bad. Most popular series and it counts as one of the greatest web series of all time. You should definately watch this series.

Is Nobody a good movie?

Yes, Nobody is a good movie, though it is not a perfect one but is is also not a bad one.


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