Never Ending Hope of An Influencer


I have now 23k visitors/month now. You might want to know How am I doing this. There is an interesting story behind this.

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My Mindset: 

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I have set my mind that I don’t want to work 9 to 5 jobs. Wake up in the morning, go your work, come home, and spend a little time with your family. The next day repeat it again. It’s somewhat boring to me. I was looking for other things to do I love. I found some videos on YouTube.

From them, I get an idea of blogging. Then I thought it would be a good opportunity to start now. Then immediately I created my first blog, and after publishing a few posts, I gave up and quit blogging. 

After gaining knowledge about blogging for several years, I thought this would be perfect for me. Then I started blogging and continue doing it now. I loved it.

Where I Get The Idea Of Creating The Movie Blog:

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I love to watch series, movies and anime, and I thought blogging would be fun now if I start a blog on movie, series and anime reviews. I mix my two loves into one field, giving me a little success. 

Maybe you think WHAT! wait, that’s all! No difficulties come to you? all you have done flawlessly? 

No, brother, I have faced many more issues than you can’t imagine. Now let’s talk about my difficulties and what gives me motivation.

Site destroyed:

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I rebuilt my site 12 times. After creating a good design, I have many issues with themes, Plugins, databases, hosting server. I rebuilt my site 12 times. And 7 of them were deleted with contents also. After putting in so much effort when I watch my every single content was deleted then It’s really painfull to me but my never give up attitude (come from anime) stop me from crying and push me up, and then I create a decent user-friendly design.

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No traffic:

This is a very common problem for every beginner who starts a blog. I have spent four months without a single visitor, but I was still working because I promised myself that I am not looking for money or traffic for two years. I will do only what I love for two years. After two years, if it does not give me any clue of success, I will leave it and keep going. But after four months, my posts got some rankings on google, and visitors come slowly, and now, my visitor page is 22k/month, and it’s still growing, and I have not completed two years yet, but I am not earning much from AdSense but my maximum earning come from other sources and partnership.

How Do I Feel :

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 Do you know how a father feels when he sees his growing child! My site is like my child. I feel the same as father. It gives me plenty of happiness. After a lot of trouble, those views remind me about my hard work and what I have faced. I realised now all of the trouble was worth it. For More Details you can read About Us.

I hope my story will inspire you to go forward and remember friends never lose hope and don’t give up. Thank you

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