Mumbai Diaries 26/11 Review: The Most Emotionally Intact Show Based On 26/11


Mumbai Diaries 26/11 is inspired by the terrorist attack which happened in Mumbai on 26th November 2008. 26/11 this date shook the whole nation and was one of the most significant terrorist attacks after 9/11.

There have been many shows and movies based on this same topic, but Mumbai Diaries is different from all of them. Other films and series’s main focus was on the terrorists and on showing that how they entered our country and how our brave soldiers fought with them.

Mumbai Diaries 26 11
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Mumbai Diaries 26/11, on the other hand, focuses on how things were at the Mumbai General hospital when this attack happened. What chaos occurred and how the doctors and everyone held each other while these attacks were happening, making Mumbai Diaries different from other movies and series based on the same topic.

Mumbai Diaries 26/11 is created by Nikkhil Advani and is 8 episode long Web series streaming over Amazon Prime Videos.

Summary of the Show: Mumbai Diaries 26/11

Ratings: 8.8/10

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Cast of Mumbai Diaries 26/11 :

Directed By:Nikkhil Advani
Produced By:Nikkhil Advani
Written By:Nikkhil Advani
Starring:Mohit Raina
Konkona Sen Sharma
Tina Desai
Shreya Dhanwanthri
Natasha Bharadwaj
Mrunmayee Deshpande
Prakash Belawadi
Satyajeet Dubey
Production House:Emmay Entertainment
Distributed By:Amazon Prime Videos

List of Episodes:

  1. Diagnosis
  2. Complications
  3. Malignant
  4. Anatomy
  5. Side Effects
  6. Relapse
  7. Remission
  8. Recovery

Diya Parekh, Ahaan Mirza, and Sujata Ajawale are the new trainees who have just joined the Mumbai General Hospital, and they are training under Dr Kaushik Oberoi. Dr Kaushik Oberoi is one of the best Doctors in Mumbai General Hospital and the most respected one.

Dr Kaushik does not think twice before breaking any operating rules and norms to save a patient’s life, and for that, he lands in trouble many times in his practising career. Dr Kaushik is going to resign from Mumbai General Hospital.

There have been many problems in Dr Kaushik’s married life because he is unable to give much time to his wife, and now he wants to change the hospital for which he is working so that he can provide time to his wife.

Diya Parekh’s father is a very renowned Dr. in Mumbai, and he has gone for an award ceremony in the Palace Hotel in Mumbai. The Terrorists starts attacking from a very small cafe shop, and soon after the attack, the body begins pouring into the Mumbai General Hospital.

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There is one of their nurses is being shot in the attack, but Dr Kaushik fails to save her. Soon the terrorists got into the Palace Hotel of Mumbai. Dr Kaushik’s Wife also works in the Palace Hotel, and she is the security chief of the award ceremony in which Diya’s father is present.

Mumbai police successfully captured 2 Terrorists who were trying to escape in a car, but in that process, 2 policemen also got injured. The wounded terrorists and policemen were also taken to Mumbai General Hospital.

2nd Mumbai Diaries 26 11
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Dr Kaushik was unable to save the ATS chief, but he managed to save one of the wounded Terrorists, for which Dr Kaushik got so much backlash from the Police for saving the life of a Terrorist.

Due to media reportings, the handlers of those Terrorists are handling them and telling them what to do next. The news got leaked that there are two terrorists at the Mumbai General Hospital, so the handler orders two terrorists to go there and finish the job.

Those two terrorists got to enter the Mumbai General Hospital and started shooting everywhere. Police try their best to stop them, and with so much struggle and with the help of the Drs and the staff of the hospital, Police manages to take down those Terrorists.

There’s always so much rush in the Mumbai General Hospital, but at the time of the 26/11 Terrorist Attacks, how the lives of all the doctors changed and what the situation was like in Mumbai General Hospital was the main plot of the web series.

The next day after the attack, Diya, Ahaan, and Sujata join their job again as the trainee under Dr Kaushik. Dr Kaushik also decides to stay working in the Mumbai General Hospital.

The Main Goal of the Terrorists: Mumbai Diaries 26/11

3rd Mumbai Diaries 26 11 compressed
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The main goal of the Terrorists was to spread Terror in the whole country. They were ordered to murder as many as they can and by doing that, they were promised that they would go to heaven.

In the Mumbai Diaries 26/11, when the terrorists enter the Mumbai General Hospital, they do not come there to rescue the wounded terrorists. They went there to finish them off so that they could fulfil their prophet by sacrificing their life.

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Those terrorists were ordered to be to sacrifice themselves, but they had to kill as many as they could because they had been brainwashed that by doing that, they would serve their god.

The Dilemma of Being a Doctor: Mumbai Diaries 26/11

4th Mumbai Diaries 26 11
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The dilemma every doctor faces is that they have to treat every patient by overlooking every other thing. In Mumbai Diaries 26/11, when the wounded terrorists arrived at the Mumbai General Hospital, Dr Kaushik faced a lot of backlash for treating those terrorists and not being able to save the life of the ATS (Anti Terrorist Squad) chief.

The ATS Chief’s wife even slapped him for saving the life of a person who is killing innocent people brutally, to which Dr Kaushik replies that they treat their patients by not looking at their character but by looking at their health.

Soon this news got leaked in the media, and the whole nation started hating Dr Kaushik for saving the life of a Terrorist by ignoring the health of their own ATS Chief.

The Role of Media: Mumbai Diaries 26/11

5th Mumbai Diaries 26 11 compressed
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In Mumbai Diaries 26/11 there it was shown in a scene that the Terrorist already anticipates every move the policemen are going to make, and they stay always prepared for the coming attack over them.

The reason for this is media coverage. For the TRP, every media house showcases every single detail about the operation over their channel, and by using that information, the handler of those terrorists orders them that what to do next and what’ll be the next move of the policemen.

So the terrorists always are prepared for everything. Similarly, the attack on the Mumbai General Hospital should never happen if, in the media coverage, it was not shown that there were two terrorists in the Mumbai General Hospital.

So, the media played a very important role in Mumbai Diaries 26/11 in giving every detailed information to the handlers of those terrorists.

The Good: Mumbai Diaries 26/11

6th Mumbai Diaries 26 11
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Emotional Connection:

The Mumbai Diaries 26/11 is a very emotionally intact web series which is the main reason that this web series hits the right cord inside the viewer’s mind. Throughout the series, all the viewers stay engaged because the emotional connection is very strong.

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We feel how a doctor has to move on if he could not save a life and how it haunts him. The connection people have inside the hospital with each other is shown very beautifully in the Mumbai Diaries 26/11.

Acting Performances:

Each and every actor has put forth a very commendable acting performance which makes Mumbai Diaries 26/11 a great web series. Mohit Raina steals the show and is the best performer in the series.

But this does not mean that he is the only one who has performed well in the series. Every actor has done a fantastic job.

Does not lose its Focus:

Mumbai Diaries 26/11 series does not lose its focus and keeps the whole focus on the main point of the story. The Web Series is based on the terrorist attack, but the direction of the series is not on terrorists or the attacks.

The main focus of the series is on the normal and innocent people and specially doctors, and the best part of the series is that it does not lose this focus and maintain the whole focus on the people who are affected by these attacks.

The Bad: Mumbai Diaries 26/11

7th Mumbai Diaries 26 11
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Running Minutes:

Somewhere while watching the series, we feel like here the makers are just stretching the series, and after completing the whole series, we feel like this series could be shorter. The running minutes of any show play a very important role in making a series more gripping.

Though still, the Mumbai Diaries 26/11 is very gripping and hold the audience till the end, but still, the series could be more gripping and crisp if the series were a little shorter on the running minutes.

Final Words: Mumbai Diaries 26/11

Mumbai Diaries 26/11
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In the final words about Mumbai Diaries 26/11, the series is a very gripping and compelling one. It will hold you till the very end of the series. It will make your eyes wet at many points.

The series is a must-watch series if you want to know how hard our doctors work daily to save our lives. Mumbai Diaries 26/11 is a Must-Watch.

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