Movie News Update Series #1 World War Hulk Movie, Superman vs India, RDJ as Doctor Doom, Eternals & More


Movie News #1 : Eternals Premire Praised by Critics

Last week its premiere was released. Every critic marks it as excellent for its visual, storytelling, Performance.

Movie News #2 : Eternals Cast member is Covid positive

harish patel eternals
Image Credit : Famouspeopleindiaworld | Image Source : Google

Eternals Actor Harish Patel was found as Covid positive, and that’s why he is not present in the premiere. I hope he will get well soon

Movie News #3 : Teasing Eternals Second part :

Eternals Second part : Angelina Jolie and Director Chloé Zhao tease us about the sequel of the Eternals movie

Movie News #4 : Superman in Eternals movie

Eternals Second Recently, Marvel released the promo, and there they mentioned superman. I hope Every DC fan will appreciate it. The Director of Eternals movie Chloé Zhao said that there is nobody who doesn’t like Batman or Superman, and She also mentioned that Maybe there would be a mention also about Batman in Eternals. Part: Angelina Jolie and Director Chloé Zhao tease us about the sequel of the Eternals movie.

Movie News #5 : Warner Bros. Workculture is not good !

movie news batwoman
Image Credit : Polygon | Image Source : Google | Licensed by : Warnerbros

You already know that Ruby Rose was in the lead role of Batwoman Series but she did’nt continue the series and leave You already know that Ruby Rose was in the lead role of Batwoman Series, but she didn’t continue the series and left it in season 2. Till now, we don’t know why! But recently, she said that Warner bros. The work culture is not good, and they are not working as professionals.

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That’s why she left the Batwoman role, but Warner bros also said that they improved the work culture after complaining about Ruby Rose, but she didn’t continue the series.

Basically, they blame each other. We don’t know about the work culture of Warner Bros., but recently Gal Gadot also says about How Josh Widow rudely behaved with her and threatened Gal Gadot to finish her career.

Movie News #6 : DC Fandome Hyped This Year Like Crazy

Dc Fandome is more popular and hit this year than the previous year. This year it gets 66M+ views, and the Previous year It gets 22M+ Views which is at least 3+ times popular.

Movie News #7 : Gurdians of Galaxy will release soon ?

Now let’s talk about Gurdians of Galaxy volume 3, Chris pratt shared this image in the tweet, and everybody thought Guardians of Galaxy Volume 3 shooting is started, but Director James Gunn commented that Most of the actors came in the set and Shooting will begin soon.

Movie News #8 : Spiderman with Venom is Coming !

tom hardy leaked about spiderman

Tom hardy shared this photo and deleted it after two hours. It means he teases something about spiderman and venom. Let’s watch what happened next.

Movie News #9 : Two Cover Photo Released of Spiderman No Way Home

Image Credit : Marvel | Image Source : Google | Licensed by : Marvel

Marvel released two cover photos of spiderman no way home movie; in the first one, you see that spiderman wearing a new suit and in the background contain full of moments like Octopus legs, dr strange’s mirror dimension, and the 2nd photo include with full of easter eggs comment below if you find all of these.

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Movie News #10 : Is Spiderman No way Home going to be Next Avenger Endgame?

Image Credit : IGN | Image Source : Google | Licensed by : Sony

The Director of Spiderman no way home compared it with the Avenger endgame. It might be they were talking about the craze of this movie, or they were given a hint that this is the last movie of the spiderman franchise in MCU.

Movie News #11 : Sony reveal two Unannounced movie release date

Image Credit : Screenrant | Image Source : Google | Licensed by : Sony

Sony reveals two Unannounced movie release date. These two movies will be released on June 23, 2023, and October 6, 2023. one of these movies will be a Spiderman spin-off, but which one! They didn’t tell about it now.

Movie News #12 : Delayed Movies of Marvel

Image Credit : Insidethemagic | Image Source : Google | Licensed by : Marvel

Marvel Delayed few movies list I will tell you in the list

Movie NameOld Release DateNew Release Date
Ant Man 3Feb 2023July 28,2023
Black Panther 2July 2022November 2022
Captain Marvel 2Nov 2022Feb 17 2023
Thor love & ThunderMay 2022July 2022
Dr. strange 2March 25, 2022May 6, 2022

Movie News #13 : Will Production of Fantastic 4 and Rumored Nova start soon?

Image Credit : Marvel | Image Source : Google | Licensed by : Marvel

From the beginning, marvel always tried to fool us with various kinds of rumors. Some of them really come out in the future, and some of them are not. This is the rumor about fantastic 4. According to the rumor, the Production of Fantastic four and Rumored Nova will start in 2023, and we hope to see it in 2025 at least.

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Movie News #14 : New cast on Thor Love & Thunder :

Image Credit : Todaytix | Image Source : Google

Simon Russell cast on Thor Love and Thunder but in which role is not revealed yet.

Movie News #15 : Ms. Marvel First look

Image Credit : Mickyblog | Image Source : Google | Licensed by : Marvel

Ms. Marvel’s first look was revealed from Disney+. I think it is totally going to be awesome.

Movie News #16 : Armor Wars working title revealed !

Image Credit : The Direct | Image Source : Google | Licensed by : Marvel

Armor war’s working title is revealed as Rega Tony. The working title means before releasing the movie; Marvel always tried to keep secret everything about the movie that’s why they used false names or code names this is known as Working title.

Movie News #17 : RDJ as Doctor Doom

Image Credit : CBR | Image Source : Google | Licensed by : Marvel

Robert Dawney Jr. revealed that marvel wants to hire him as Dr. Doom, and they want Benedict Cumberbadge as Malikith. Fortunately, they didn’t play those roles because if they accept it, the story will be totally different.

Movie News #18 : World War Hulk

Image Credit : CBR | Image Source : Google | Licensed by : Marvel

According to a big Rumor, a movie will make from the “World War Hulk” Comicbook. That means the World War Hulk movie may be released in the future. If this rumor will true, then it will be going like Crazy Crazy Action movies all time.

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