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money heist season 5
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Money Heist (La Casa De Papel) is a Spanish-crime drama television series created by – Alex Pina. It first aired from 2nd May 2017 through 23rd May 2017. Money heist was initially for a Spanish audience, but now it is one of the most famous TV series in the whole world.

Created By: Alex Pina
Produced By: Alex Pina
Sonia Matinez
Jesus Colmenar
Esther Martinez Lobato
Nacho Manubens
Cast: Ursula Corbero
Alvaro Morte
Itzira Ituno
Pedro Alonso
Paco Tous
Alba Flores
Miguel Herran
Jamie Lorente
Esther Acebo
Enrique Arce
Maria Pedraza
Darko Peric
Kiti Manver
Hovik Keuchkerian
Rodrigo de la Serna
Najwa Nimri
Luka Peros
Belen Cuesta
Fernando Cayo
Episodes: 31
Production Company: Atresmedia, Vancouver Media
Distributed By: Antena 3 Television, Netflix

Money Heist All Season Summery:

In Money Heist season 1, we all saw that Professor, who’s a mastermind, recruited 8 different individuals to conduct a Heist in the Royal Mint of Spain in Madrid. And Professor changed everybody’s name to different city names: Tokyo, Moscow, Berlin, Nairobi, Rio, Denver, Helsinki, and Oslo.

The Professor is such a mastermind that he calculated every move and planned for every worst-case scenario. And then Professor makes a perfect plan for Heist with some strict rules which need to be followed by everyone if they want that Heist to be successful. But from the Start of their Heist, they made a colossal blunder by shooting a cop, which was not in the plan. And that blunder is what makes you Intrigued to the whole Series till the end because, after that, we were more eager to see what happens after. How are they going to rectify their mistake?

Will the Heist be successful? Professor willingly got close to the central investigating officer of the Heist just to know their next move so he can prepare himself and his team accordingly. And this move of Professor saved him and his team many times from being caught. There were so many moments in the Series that stay with you even after the Series ends, and you just can’t resist yourself to watch the 2nd season of the Series.

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Money Heist Season 2 started just where Season 1 ends. In Season 2, we will know, will Professor and his team complete the Heist successfully or not will they all be able to escape successfully or not. And I don’t want to give any spoilers to you guys because I genuinely want you guys to go and watch this incredible show on Netflix. And now Money Heist Season 5 date announcement, I’m sure that this news will take the whole world with a massive storm, and it will shatter all records made by any show so far.

Money heist season 5 release date
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Money Heist Crazy Review :

Money Heist is the only non-English TV series that has become so popular worldwide. In India, the hype around Money Heist is also growing at an unprecedented pace. Money Heist is the best show based on a Heist. This show generates so many emotions inside you, you’ll feel emotional, thrilled, laughter, adventure, anger at the same time.

And who can even forget the iconic “Bella Ciao” soundtrack?

 And after the Money Heist Season 5 date announcement, I can’t express how much excited I’m feeling right now. Though I’m a writer now, I’m also falling short of words to express how much excited I’m right now.

I was waiting for this day when Money Heist Season 5 date announcement happens, and I’ll go freaking out with the excitement. I just can’t wait till the day come when Money Heist Season 5 will stream online on Netflix.

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In money Heist, robbers wear a mask to hide their identity from the world. After Money Heist was released, That mask has become a sensation all over the globe. Money heist has released 4 seasons so far, and this 5th season is maybe the final season of the Series. So, there are so many emotions joint with this season. The more we feel excited right now, the more we will feel saddened after the series end.

Trust me, Money Heist Season 5 date announcement is the best thing that could happen in this challenging time. Many characters from the Series are still in our minds. They have impacted a very lasting impression in our minds, like Professor, Berlin, Nairobi, Tokyo, and Denver. When I first decided to give this Series a watch, I never thought that this Series would be on my highest recommendation list.

money heist season 5
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What makes Money Heist so Special ?

Of course, after reading so much and after watching the hype around Money Heist Season 5 Date announcement, this question will arise in your mind. What is it that makes this Series so unique that the whole globe has gone crazy after? The date announcement. Well, let me tell you that what makes Money Heist so unique.

The first thing that makes this Series a must-watch is the characters of the Series. I’m damn sure that you will remember each and every character after watching this Series. Every character is very different and unique. In general, if anyone tells you that these guys can make the team, you’ll not believe it. Still, in this Series, Alex Pina, who’s the creator of Money Heist, has done it exceptionally.

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The second thing which makes Money Heist so unique is its plot and antagonist. I mean, I don’ think there would be anyone who has watched this Series and cannot love the character of Professor. He’s the perfect mastermind a heist can ask for. He has already calculated all the situation all the police’s moves and has planned for everything before.

And the plot of this show is so organic that, If once u start watching this Series, you are not going anywhere before completing it. After every season, you’ll scream that you want to see the next season right now, and you want to know what happens after. According to their plan from day one, nothing goes according to their plan, making you more eager to know what will happen after.

And the third thing which makes Money Heist so unique is the music, the background score of the Series. The background score of this Series is just perfect, and it compliments the Series very beautifully. In short, the music of the Series just enhances the quality of the Series.

And last but not least is the unexpected twists and turns of this Series. The most beautiful thing about this Money Heist series is, you cannot predict anything in this whole show. This show is purely beyond our imaginations. Surely a masterpiece.

Money Heist Season 5 Date Announcement Teaser On Instagram:

On 24th May 2021, Netflix announced Money Heist Season 5 with a short teaser on their Youtube channel.
Embaded Form : Instagram

Money Heist Season 5 Release Date Announcement :

So, finally, the date is here when Season 5 is going to stream on Netflix in both Spanish and in English. Season 5 is going to release in two parts – Volume 1 and Volume 2

Volume 1 is going to release on 3rd September.

Volume 2 is going to release on 3rd December.

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