Mimi Movie Review – Most Emotionally Beautiful Bollywood Movie of 2021: Summary, Review & More.


Mimi Movie is a 2021 Bollywood movie released directly on Netflix. Mimi is produced by Jio Studios and is also available on Jio Cinema. Mimi starring Kriti Sanon, Pankaj Tripathi, and Sai Tamhankar in crucial roles.

Mimi Movie is currently streaming on Netflix and Jio Cinema.

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Mimi Movie Review: Summary

Ratings: 8.9/10

1st Mimi Movie Review
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Directed By:Laxman Utekar
Produced By:Dinesh Vijan
Jio Studios
Written By:Laxman Utekar
Rohan Shankar
Starring:Kriti Sanon
Pankaj Tripathi
Sai Tamhankar
Manoj Pahwa
Supriya Pathak
Evelyn Edwards
Aidan Whytock
Production House:Maddock Films
Jio Studios
Distributed By:JioCinema

The Mimi movie starts in a contractor office in Delhi where the contractor was talking on the phone to a foreign couple, John and Summer, about providing them with a girl, but the couple is not interested anymore and has moved to Rajasthan.

The Driver, Bhanupratap Pandey, of the taxi in which John and Summer are traveling, was listening to this conversation and misunderstood that John wants a call girl. Later, Summer explains to Bhanu that John does not want a call girl. Instead, they look for a girl to be a surrogate mother to John and Summer’s child.

Then Bhanu decides that he will help John and Summer to find a suitable surrogate for them in exchange for money, and John and Summer make an offer of 5 Lacks INR to Bhanu for helping them to find a surrogate.

Bhanu takes John and Summer to a lady who has given birth to many children before, but they reject the lady because they are looking for a girl who is fit and healthy, who can give birth to a healthy child.

Then Bhanu takes them to a restaurant where John and Summer see Mimi dancing there, and they instantly decide that they need a girl like Mimi to be their surrogate, so they tell this to Bhanu. Bhanu then tells them that why a girl like Mimi when Mimi herself will be ready to be their surrogate.

Then Bhanu makes friends with Mimi and Shama, Mimi’s best friend and a singer. Then indirectly, Bhanu tries to make them feel how fortunate it is for a girl to be a mother and give birth to a child.

Then after getting an opportunity, Bhanu tells Mimi that there is a Foreigner couple at the restaurant and wants Mimi to give birth to their child. Mimi misunderstood that Bhanu is asking Mimi to sleep with the foreigner. She gets angry and slaps Bhanu.

But Bhanu again tried to convince Mimi and told her that Mimi misunderstood him and slapped him without listening to him. Bhanu tells Mimi that Mimi does not have to sleep with John to give birth to their child.

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Then Bhanu informs Mimi about surrogacy. Mimi’s dream is to become an actor and go to Bollywood, and she is working hard to save money to afford all the expenditures to become an actor.

At first, Mimi refuses to be a surrogate, but then Bhanu tells Mimi that she will get 20 Lacks INR for being a surrogate to John and Summer’s child, and then she can live her dream life without any struggle.

Then after thinking a lot, Mimi agrees to be a Surrogate. Then after the surgery, Mimi starts living with her best friend Sham because her parents and society do not know anything about surrogacy, and they will not accept this at all.

Ans Bhanu also stays with them as their caretaker. After few months, Mimi goes for some tests at the clinic where the doctor tells John and Summer that there is a problem with the child and their child will be abnormal.

This news left Summer heartbroken, and they decide that they do not want to raise an abnormal child and do not want the child anymore, but they do not dare to face Mimi, so they tell Bhanu to tell Mimi to abort the child.

But Mimi decides that she will raise the child on her own.

2nd Mimi Movie Review
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In Mimi Movie, Mimi’s family then finds about her pregnancy and starts asking her about the father. Then Mimi tells them that Bhanu is the father of the child. Mimi’s family is very disappointed with her, but they still support her.

Then after so many struggles and facing a lot, Mimi finally gave birth to a boy child. The baby turned out to be perfectly normal and healthy, and there is no complication with her. The doctor tells Shama that the early report was false, and that happens sometimes, and the baby is perfectly fine.

Then Mimi and the whole family are stunned by looking how fare the baby is and douts that is this even Bhanu’s child? Then Mimi and the entire family start taking care of the baby, and they all love him so much, and they name the boy Raj.

After four years, John and Summer return to take their child back with them. Mimi tells them that Raj is her son now, and John and Summer have no right on him as they abandoned him when he was inside Mimi, and they never even considered what will happen to Mimi.

John tells them that Summer attempted suicide after going back, and they never looked for any surrogate. John warns them that they should return Raj to John and Summer or he will take legal actions against them.

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After thinking about this a lot, Mimi decides to give Raj back to Summer and John. They go to John and Summer to return Raj to them. Summer refuses by saying that Raj is only Mimi’s son, and John and Summer are adopting another girl from the orphanage.

Summer tells Mimi that she can never be happy by taking Raj away from Mimi, and even Raj will not be happy by staying away from Mimi.

Mimi Movie Review – What’s Bad About The Movie?

3rd Mimi movie Review compressed 2
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Mimi movie is one of those rarest Bollywood movies which has only minimal bad things about them. Mimi is undoubtedly an excellent movie, but it is also not a perfect one and has something which does not work in favor of Mimi movie.

  • First of all, Mimi movie is not the only movie based on surrogacy in Bollywood, there have been some other movies based on the same topic also, and Mimi has nothing new or unique or creative to add to the movie, which makes Mimi a different movie from those other movies based on the same topic.
  • Mimi movie has some unwanted songs in it, which slightly takes your attention away from the movie.
  • Mimi movie is a remake of a Marathi Movie. Though being a remake should not be a bad thing about the movie, but still makes us question that when will Bollywood start producing such good and original stories.
  • And the last thing which is wrong with Mimi movie is that we do not get to see this movie on the big screen because a film like Mimi must get a theatrical release and be appreciated for its content.

Mimi Movie Review – What’s Good About The Movie?

4th Mimi Movie Review 1
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Mimi movie is undoubtedly an outstanding movie and has many good things that will compel anyone to watch this movie. The emotions which this movie carries with itself are very strong. One who is watching this movie will laugh their gut out and later will definitely shed tears while watching this movie.

The writing and the execution of this movie are so pure that one will be left totally amazed by the quality of the movie. Mimi is definitely one of the finest movies produced by Bollywood in recent years.

All the actors of the movie put forth a very commendable performance thorough out the movie thought which one can easily connect with, whether it be the character of Mimi who has big dreams of achieving big in the Bollywood industry, or it is the character of Bhanu Pratap the taxi driver, who does not leave his fare in between before reaching their destination.

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Mimi is a perfect film which anyone can watch with the whole family without any hesitation. The movie stays loyal with its content and primarily focuses on the main storyline, and does not give any unnecessary subplot which has anything to do with the film.

Mimi movie is definitely a Must watch.

Mimi Movie Review – What Stands Out in the Movie?

5th Mimi Movie Review
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There are things which completely stood out in the movie which needs to be discussed.

1. Actors of the movie:

All the movie actors completely stood out, and they all need to be appreciated for their respective performances, especially Kriti Sanon and Pankaj Tripathi. Even the foreign actors have delivered a praise-worthy performance.

Kriti Sanon started her career with a masala entertainer, which does not allow actors to showcase their talent to their full potential. Similarly, Kriti Sanon was not able to showcase the rage she posses and primarily left just as a pretty face in any movie.

In recent movies, Kriti has proved herself as a very talented actor, and Mimi is her career-best performance so far.

2. Pankaj Tripathi

Pankaj Tripathi, yet once again, proves that why he is considered to be a legend and why he is the most loved actor in the industry. Pankaj Tripathi plays the character with such subtlety and ease that it comes out as purely natural.

In every scene in which Pankaj Tripathi features, he steals all the spotlights to himself. He will make everyone laughing out loud and also make them cry with his incredible performance.

3. Emotions of the movie:

Unlike other comedy movies, this movie does not have any forced gigs to generate laughter. Instead, Mimi generates genuine laughs with the situation. During the movie’s closing minutes, one will definitely feel emotional.

The movie sticks to its core emotions and successfully delivers what it promised.

Mimi Movie Review – Why You Should Definitely Watch It?

6th Mimi movie review
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One should definitely watch this movie for the performances and the main plot of the movie. Mimi will not disappoint you at all. Mimi turned out to be a better movie than expected.

Mimi is undoubtedly a must-watch.

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FAQ About Mimi Movie Review:

How old is Kriti Sanon?

Kriti Sanon is 31 years old.

Debut Movie of Pankaj Tripathi

Pankaj Tripathi debuted with some minor roles in Run and Omkara.

Where can we watch Mimi movie?

Mimi is available on Netflix and Jio Cinema.

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