Loki Episode 5(Review)- Redefining Predestination : A New Romance Brewing Between Loki and Sylvie


After watching Loki, the Disney+ show, no one can argue that Loki is the real God of Mischief because he creates Chaos and Destruction everywhere wherever he goes. But what happens when the God and Goddess of Mischief fall in love with each other.

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Loki Episode 5 – Journey Into Mystery: Where are Loki, Mobius, and Hunter C-15 (Spoilers Ahead!)

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In the last episode, we saw that Renslayer has captured Hunter C-15 and pruned Loki and Mobius, played by Owen Wilson. So far, it was believed that pruning someone means that they have been deleted from their existence forever. Now the big question arises, is Loki really dead?

But in Loki Episode 4, we got to know that Pruning does not mean erasing someone forever, but it transfers that person to a secret location, and no one has ever come back from there, and Loki has found some other variants of himself there.

This means that there were other Loki Variants at the TVA, but they all get pruned anyway, just Like current Loki.

Loki Episode 5 starts with a montage showing a gate printed with Hourglasses, and the design is also very similar to the symbol of Infinity. Hence, the makers clearly try to say that Time is Infinite in the opening frame of Loki Episode 5 – Journey Into Mystery.

Loki gets pruned and wakes up at an unknown location, and when he wakes up, he asks himself, is he in Hel? Then he finds out that he is surrounded by other variants of Loki. Then other variants Loki tells him that he is in Void and the big smoke monster is Alioth who is guarding the Void.

At the Void, we also see Tony Stark, aka Iron Man’s Stark Tower or Avengers Tower, in the background, but in Void, the tower is named Qeng Tower. In Marvel Comics, a comic series, Qeng Enterprises is an evil organization that purchased Avengers Tower, which was shown in the background.

In the background, we can also see a Yellow Helicopter with Thanos written over it. That Yellow Helicopter was used by Thanos many times in Marvel Comics, a comic series created by Marie Severin, but that helicopter is never seen in Marvel Studios.

Other Variants Loki tells Loki that Void is TVA’s dumping ground, and at here TVA puts all the nexus branches and everything which TVA wants to delete. Alioth is looking for no one to escape from there, and the only way to escape from Void is through that big smoke monster, Alioth.

And if Loki is there after getting Prune, then Mobius also has to be in the Void, but the question is, where is Hunter C-15 because she was not pruned. So, further, in the episode, we found that Hunter C-15 is being captured by Renslayer.

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Revonna Renslayer, played by Gugu Mbatha-Raw, wants to know that how Sylvie has corrupted her mind and make her do help Sylvie escape.

Classic Loki Is The Most Powerful Loki Variant

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In Loki Episode 5, when Loki gets pruned and ends up in the Void, he was surrounded by Kid Loki, Boastful Loki, Alligator Loki, and Classic Loki. They have come to rescue Loki from getting consumed by Alioth.

All these Variant Loki was also captured by TVA and pruned for their nexus events, but amongst all of these variants, Loki, Classic Loki has proven to be the most powerful one further in the episode. In Marvel Comics also Classic Loki is the most potent version of Loki.

Classis Loki is perfect in his projection skills. He even escaped from Thanos, killing him by making a Projection so natural that even Thanos could not tell the difference, and hence he faked his death by Thanos, similar to Loki’s death in Infinity War.

After that, Classic Loki has been hiding, but one day he felt so lonely and started missing his brother Thor, so he went outside, and that was when TVA came to capture Classic Loki, and His nexus event was escaping his death by Thanos.

And we get to see Classic Loki doing his magic in Loki Episode 5 when Loki and Sylvie both were trying to escape from the Void, where Loki was distracting Alioth, and Sylvie was trying to take Alioth into her control.

But when they both were about to get fail and get consumed by Alioth, then came Classic Loki for their rescue. Classic Loki made a projection of whole Asgard, which distracts Alioth from Loki and Sylvie so that they both can escape from there successfully.

A New Romance Between Loki and Sylvie

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In Loki Episode 5, we see both Sylvie and Loki accepting their feelings for each other. These feelings started from Loki Episode 3 when Loki and Sylvie both were sharing their story with each other.

Then in Loki Episode 4, when Loki was about to confess his feelings about Sylvie, he got Pruned by Renslayer. Now in Loki Episode 5, Sylvie has captured Renslayer, and now, she is looking for answers from Renslayer.

When Renslayer told Sylvie that what if Loki is still alive, then we clearly saw a reaction of relief on Sylvie’s face, but finding the creator of TVA and destroying him is the priority for Sylvie.

So she wants to find out the location of the creator of the TVA. So, she gets Renslayer accessing all files about the start and the end of the time. But Renslayer tells Sylvie that the end of time is still in writing, and there is no way possible to go there.

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To which Sylvie understands that if the time is still being in writing, then no matter what you do there, you cannot create any nexus event there, which makes it the most perfect location for the creator of TVA to hide there without getting noticed by anyone.

Sylvie is smart, so she figures out that the only possible way to go there is through the Void, so she prunes herself so that she can go beyond Void to find and kill the creator of TVA. There she finds Loki alive, and they both were delighted to see each other.

When they both meet each other, they both finally tries to confess that they both feel for each other.

When Sylvie and Loki both were trying to escape from Void and Sylvie was failing to Take control of Alioth, that was the moment when the romance between Loki and Sylvie starts. Because when Loki and Sylvie finally accepted their relationship, they both were able to merge their powers and take control of Alioth, which opens the way to go beyond the Void.

TOO Many Loki in Loki Episode 5

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At the end of Loki Episode 4, Loki ends up in Void surrounded by other Loki variants, but in Loki Episode 5, we see there is one more Loki Variant there who is not so kind and much more arrogant and evil from other Loki Variants.

This Loki variant is known as President Loki, and this is the only Variant Loki that is also played by Tom Hiddleston. In the Void, all Loki Variants, Boastful Loki, Classic Loki, and Alligator Loki follow Kid Loki, played by Jack Veal, as their leader, but President Loki. Kid Loki is the only Loki Variant who has successfully killed Thor. President Loki was introduced in 2016 in Marvel Comics.

President Loki used Boastful Loki, which is played by DeObia Oparei, to get the location of Kid Loki so that he can take over his leadership, but this leads that all other variants are also looking to take over the leadership, which means that a Loki cannot be trusted no matter what.

And this also tells that how current Loki is changed now because once he was also like other Variant Loki, thriving for power and want to rule everyone. But now, he is neither looking to gain power or leadership.

Loki Episode 5: All The Nexus Events of Other Variants Loki

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There Were 7 shown Loki Variants in Loki Episode 5, which consists of Kid Loki, Alligator Loki, Boastful Loki, Classic, President Loki, Sylvie, and current Loki.

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In which, current Loki and President Loki were the only ones who played by Tom Hiddleston, and all the other variants Loki were played by different actors. And if there are other Loki in TVA, this means they all have also created a nexus event in the Sacred Timeline.

It is known from the first episode of Loki that if you do something that is not meant to happen and which will completely change the future outcomes of the Sacred Timeline, that moment is called a nexus event that creates a new branch in the Sacred Timeline.

Then TVA captures the person who has created that nexus Event and reset the timeline. In Loki Episode 5, we get to see 5 more Loki variants and their Nexus events, which brings all of them to TVA.

And Alligator Loki mistakenly ate the wrong cat which created a nexus event in the Sacred Timeline, and Alligator Loki got into TVA.

Loki Episode 5: Who is The Creator of TVA?

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The main and the biggest question that remains unanswered is, who is the creator of TVA, and still in Loki Episode 5, we have not to get an answer that who is behind all of these lies about the Timekeepers, TVA.

Though there are some rumours that Kong the Conqueror is the one who is behind the TVA, and he is the one who has created TVA. But nothing is confirmed still, and we still have to wait for the final episode of Loki to find out who is the creator of TVA.

Kate Herron, the Director of Loki, has done a brilliant job by giving many pieces of information but still not spoiling its series finale episode in Loki Episode 5, the penultimate episode of the series.

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FAQ’s About Loki Episode 5:

Who is the most powerful Loki in Loki Episode 5?

Classic Loki is the most powerful Loki in Loki Episode 5.

Who is the real Creator of TVA?

Knag the Conqueror is rumoured to be the real creator of TVA.

Are Loki and Sylvie in Love?

It will be early to label the bond between Loki and Sylvie as Love. Though it is clear that Loki and Sylvie both have strong feelings for each other.

Thor was also there in Loki Episode 5.

Many people didn’t noticed it but there was also a Thor in Loki Episdoe 5. But that Thor was an Amphibion Thor, captured in a Jar of Glass.

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