Marvel Series LOKI Episode 1 – First Impression (You Should Know Before You Watch)


Loki Episode 1 – First Impression:

1st loki episode 1
Image Credit : TheDirect | Image Source : Google | Licensed By : Marvel Studio

After the end of Marvel’s phase 3 with Avengers – Endgame, I had pretty low hopes from Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), especially after Ironman and Captain America both are gone now. Then marvel announced Phase 4 with some Disney+ shows, and I was not at all excited about it, and I was just not interested in shows instead of movies.

But damn, I was wrong. When the first Disney+ show Wanda Vision released, it left everybody with their minds blown, and the next show Falcon and The Winter Soldier, was the icing on the cake. After the release of these incredible shows, I was literally very thrilled about Loki. The first episode of Loki streamed on Disney+ on 9th June 2021, and it did not disappoint at all. So let’s discuss about the first impression of Loki Episode1.

Loki Episode 1 Deatails (Without Spoilers) you should Know Before You Watch :

Rating: 9.2/10

Directed ByKate Herron
Produced ByKevin Feige
Created ByMichael Waldron
CastTom Hiddleston
Gugu Mbatha-Raw
unmi Mosaku
Eugene Cordero
Tara Strong
Owen Wilson
Production HouseMarvel Studios
DistributionDisney Platform Distribution

Loki Episode 1; Summary:

2nd loki episode 1
Image Credit : IndianExpress | Image Source : Google | Licensed By : Marvel Studio

The Loki Episode 1 starts just where the first Avenger movie ends when The Avengers have captured Loki. Then we see the events of Endgame where Avengers time travelled to collect the Tesseract cube but eventually results in Loki escaping with the cube and messing up the Timeline. He lands into a desert where the time soldiers arrive to arrest Loki for sabotaging the current Timeline. Then we get to know about TVA (Time Variance Authority).

When in the universe the time was flowing in a free fall, and there was no one to maintain order in the Timeline, then 3 Gods stood up to keep time floating in a proper form, and they started this TVA to keep an eye on the flow of time. Whenever anyone tries to go against the Timeline, TVA interferes there and reset the time because a miss event in the Timeline could cause the multiverse to happen and make the time into a free fall again. Now Loki is arrested by Time soldiers, and he is about to get a trial in the time court.

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Time Variance Authority is the most powerful authority in the universe, and no other form of magic could work there, not even Infinity stones. In the episode, we have seen TVA officers using Infinity stones as paperweights because Infinity stones are powerless there, and we have seen multiple Infinity stones there, which indicates that the presence of multiverse in MCU. There is a variant who escaped from TVA and is now killing many Time soldiers and probably planning an attack on TVA. Agent Mobius needs Loki to help him to catch that escaped variant.

When Loki was in the court for his trial he says that Avengers should be the one who gets punished because they are the one who is travelling through time, then TVA says that Avengers are just doing what they were meant to do, but it is Loki who is going against the Timeline, and Loki believes that Avengers travelled through time just to stop Loki to be a God.

Then Mobius shows Loki the future of his Timeline, and what was supposed to happen with Loke, there Loki sees how his mother got killed, and he sees Odin die, and then he sees Thanos killing him in the future, which states that in the current Timeline Loki is dead and he is not coming back.

Then Loki realizes that whatever TVA is saying is true, and he was in heavy shock when he sees that even Infinity stones are worthless and powerless there. So Loki says yes to help TVA to catch the escaped variant, but he askes them that, why him? Why they are seeking for only Loki’s help? Then Mobius reveals that the Time variant who escaped and now killing Time soldiers is another version of Loki from a different Timeline.

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So, that was the summary of Loki Episode 1 Do not forget to tell me what do you think about Loki Episode 1 in the comments section.

Loki Episode 1; First Impression :

3rd loki episode 1
Image Credit : NME | Image Source : Google | Licensed By : Marvel Studio

We have got to accept that these Marvel’s Disney+ show is the best thing Marvel has announced. It gave the actors an opportunity to perfectly showcase their talent, and each and every one of them has just impressed us so far. I believe that these characters were get overshadowed in the previous phases by some big names like Ironman or Captain America, or Thor, and we never really noticed these characters like Wanda (Scarlet Witch), Falcon or even Loki. Of course, Loki was famous, but still, we never focus on him like we did in his independent series.

The First Impression of Loki Episode 1 is just – Mind Blown. Loki Episode 1 impresses us in every manner possible. It will not be wrong if I say that Loki Episode 1 just exceeded the expectations we had from it. Now I am more excited about the upcoming shows of Disney+. I am so much thrilled about Phase 4 now. Initially, I was just wondering now what Marvel has left to offer after Ironman, and Captain America is gone.

But after watching Loki Episode 1, I am totally convinced that Phase 4 of MCU and other upcoming Phases of MUC are going to much-much bigger than the previous ones.

For example, the previous 3 Phases of MCU was all about the Infinity Stones, and in Loki Episode 1, we see Infinity stones to be used as paperweights, which indicated that how much grand Phase 4 of MCU is going to be. So, the first impression of Loki Episode 1 has literally impressed me, and I think that it has impressed you as well.

Please do tell me in the comments section what was your first impression about the Loki Episode 1.

Loki Episode 1; Review:

4th loki episode 1
Image Credit : Collider | Image Source : Google | Licensed By : Marvel Studio

Loki Episode 1 was designed very beautifully. It engages you fully and leaves you excited to know what happens next. Loki Episode 1 explains to us about the three Time gods and how to manage discipline in the Timeline, and how TVA is working to see that no one breaks the Timeline in just a few minutes of the start of the episode. Now we know that Loki is going to start the multiverse, and then Doctor Strange going to deal with the Madness of Multiverse, which is also the title of the upcoming Doctor Strange movie.

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Loki Episode 1 has given a brilliant start to the show, and now I am expecting much more from it from the forthcoming episodes. If you are an MCU fan, then you should definitely watch this series. It is not going to disappoint you at all, though it is going to left you with so many expectations and excitement for the upcoming episodes. Loki is a must-must watch MCU show on Disney+.

The most perfect thing about this show is that it is also available in Hindi on Disney+ Hotsar VIP for the Hindi audience to enjoy without any difficulty. In addition, the Hindi dub of this episode is also impressive.

Marvel Studio knows that they have a huge market in India, so now they are also releasing their shows in Hindi just for the Indian audience.

Tell me in the comments section what do you think about the Loki Episode 1Thank you. 

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Where can I watch Loki series?

Loki Series release on OTT platform and Disney+ has the right to stream it. If you are a prime member of Disney+ You can watch it on there.

How old is Loki?

1000 years old. Loki is a God of Norse Mythology. According to Marvel Loki age is around 1000 years.

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