Loki Episode 6 ( Kang the Conqueror – Fictional Supervillain) – “Loki” Finally Paved The Path For a New Multiverse of Madness


Loki Episode 6 finally got released, and no one can keep their calm after watching the finale episode of the new Disney+ show of MCU. Loki is one of the most prominent and most loved characters of the MCU. Though Loki is an Anti-Hero in MCU, he is still loved by the fans as much as any other superheroes of MCU.

Loki Episode 6
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Loki Episode 6 – The Emotional Side of Both Loki

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In Loki Episode 6, we finally get to see an emotional side of both Loki and Sylvie, which is entirely not like them. A Loki is supposed to be deceptive, a liar, a betrayer, and many other evil things, but in Loki Episode 6, we see Loki in a caring light.

He now cares, he feels something for other people, and most importantly, he does not want any throne now. This Loki loves someone now, which is very wild in itself. This is in the case with both variants of Loki.

On the one hand, where Loki is worried about Sylvie and does not want her to get hurt in any manner. On the other side, Sylvie is emotional about her past because technically, she never had a history. All she got is just running and running from TVA from a very young age.

So, Sylvie is determined to kill that person who is responsible for all of her troubles, and she wants to avenge it. Both of them are in love, and they both know that, but still, Loki cannot be trusted because of his past deeds, and Sylvie cannot trust anyone anymore.

Who Turned Out To Be The Ruler of TVA and The Sacred Timeline? Loki Episode 6

3rd Loki Episode 6
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In Loki Episode 6, we finally get to know who is the person who created the Sacred Timeline and the TVA. Though his name was not mentioned in Loki Episode 6, and he was referred to in the whole episode as ‘He who Remains‘, but by his appearance, it is evident that he is Kang the Conqueror .

In Loki Episode 6, He who remains describes everything, how he ended up being the creator of TVA and how everything about the Multiverse started in the first place. He also revealed that he is the one who started the Multiverse, and he is also the one who has begun the war amongst the Multiverse, known as Multivercal War between varients of himself.

As there are infinite Earths in the Multiverse, there are infinite ‘He who Remains’ variants, and some of them are with purely evil intentions. The one who created TVA is probably the least evil one, and he also refers to himself as the saviour of the universe.

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‘He who Remains’ started the Multiversal War, and he is the one who has stopped the Multiversal War. If Loki or Sylvie kills him and set the Timeline free, then history will repeat itself, and most probably ‘He who Remains’, will end up the creator of TVA anyhow.

So, Loki or Sylvie must take charge as the ruler of TVA so that the Sacred Timeline can flow in a single flow without any branches in the Timeline. Otherwise, the Multiversal War will start once again with infinite variants of He Who Remains.

Loki Episode 6 – Loki VS Sylvie.

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Loki and Sylvie, both are Loki variants. Both are same, but still both are very different from each other, and in Loki Episode 6, we witnessed the same. Both Loki and Sylvie are at the same place but both have different mindset to see the situation.

Where Loki and Sylvie both are in an agreement to kill He who Remains, but Loki thinks that he must sit on the Throne, so that the Multiversal War not happens but Sylvie just wants to kill him and set the Timline to the free will.

This disagreement even gets Loki and Sylvie confront eachother in a small fight where they even get emotional and finally accepting thier love for each other but still things are not going to be as simple as that for them.

He who Remains, Loki, and Sylvie all have done horrible things in thier past. all three of them are wrong, and all three of them are also right at thier respective places.

Loki Episode 6 – Was All of This A Masterplan?

5th Loki Episode 6
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In Loki Episode 6, we learned that He who Remains had foreseen all which will happen in the future. Even he is the one who has written all which will occur in future. So, there is a massive possibility that everything happening is a part of his plan for something huge.

Loki and Sylvie did not found ‘He who Remains’, it was him who has paved the road which leads to him, and Loki and Sylvie were just walking down that road. But there is a piece of very crucial information also given by ‘He who Remains’ himself, that he only knows things till a certain point and beyond that point, even “He who remains” does not know what will happen.

So, when he knows everything that will happen, he even let Loki and Sylvie find him, so there has to be a big plan behind all of this. ‘He who Remains’ has also played a gamble when Loki and Sylvie find him.

He let Loki and Sylvie decide on ‘He who Remains’s’ Destiny and decide that if they want to kill him and rule the Sacred Timeline and TVA or just kill him and unleash the Timeline to a free will. If the Timeline is released to free will, then once again, the Multiversal War will start, and he will once again be the ruler of the Sacred Timeline and TVA.

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Expect the Unexpected Ending of ‘Loki’ Series – Explained

7th Loki Episode 6
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The best thing about Marvel Studios is that they always do the unexpected and always surprise the audience. Same with Loki series, MCU successfully stuns the viewers. The whole time Sylvie was thinking that ‘He who Remains’ is lying.

But after killing him, she finally realizes that he was not lying, and now she has made the biggest mistake by releasing the Timeline to free will. It was all planned by He who remains, and Sylvie directly falls into his trap.

After that, Loki finds himself in a different Timeline where Mobius does not recognize him, but still, Loki Warns them about an incoming attack and tells them to be prepared. The Madness of the Multiverse is going to be much more massive than what Thanos caused in Phase 3.

In MCU’s phase 3, we witness one of the greatest threats to Mankind, Thanos – The Mad Titan, but after Loki Episode 6, Thanos is nothing compared to what is about to happen in MCU’s Phase 4. There were so many villains in MCU whom Avengers have successfully defeated.

But now we know that there are infinite variants of any person in the whole multiverse, and now the Sacred Timeline is exposed to free will, so many villains will return to avenge the Avengers.

It has already been confirmed that some villains will return in the forthcoming Spider-Man movie, and even we can witness more than one Spider-Man in Spider-Man: Far From Home. Similarly, there will be other villains who will return. Maybe these villains are more evil and dangerous.

Scarlet witch from Wnada vision give us the hint of the next thread about Multiversal Level. Maybe Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch can change the relaity and we can see the a grand meet ups of avanger again. Who knows Marvel would already set up a amazing plot for make us surpised in future. However we can’t wait to see what happens next.

Who knows, maybe Thanos reappears to Earth. When all of this was happening to Earth, then Doctor Strange will come to the play to deal with the Multiverse of Madness. Who knows what will happen next…….

Loki Episode 6: Review – Was The Finale Episode Worth The Wait?

6th Loki Episode 6 compressed
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After watching Loki Episode 6, some of the viewers and some fans of MCU will be disappointed because almost every one of them has expected Loki Episode 6 to be filled with mind-blowing action and magical tricks of Loki and Sylvie but this the beauty of Marvel Cinematic Universe, You should expect the unexpected but they also surprise you even then.

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But Loki Episode 6 turned out to be filled with discussions and revelations few unanswered questions, so maybe some fans will be disappointed. Loki Episode 6 was not like a regular MCU movie filled with action and gigs.

Hence, after all of this, Loki Episode 6 revealed so many terrific pieces of information that will blow everyone’s mind about the timeline, the flow of time, how Multiverse started, and how Multiversal War started, and finally, how TVA got into existence.

Loki Episode 6 will be the most important part of MCU’s Phase 4 because, after that, every upcoming project and movie of MCU will deal with the consequences of this finale episode. Loki Episode 6 has literally paved the road for MCU’s phase 4.

Those who have realised this can not keep their calm and are eagerly waiting for upcoming MCU projects.

When MCU’s Phase 3 ended, everybody wondered what would happen after Iron-Man and Captain America were no longer a part of MCU. Almost every MCU fan has expected that MCU will never be as good as it was earlier.

But Loki Episode 6 has completely turned the table around, and now MCU’s Phase 4 seems to be much more massive than previous MCU phases. MCU’s Phase 4 is going to blow everyone’s mind away.

So, for some, Loki Episode 6 may be a disappointment beacuse this episode does not have that much action. Still, the finale episode is totally worth the wait because, after this, MCU is going to be much more enormous than it previously was. Loki Episode 6 is the gateway for MUltiverse of Madness, and MCU has just crossed that door.

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FAQ About Loki Episode 6

Who is the ruler of TVA?

The name of the ruler was not mentioned in the episode but by his appearance we can judge that the ruler of TVA is Kang the Conqueror.

Will there be Season 2 for Loki?

At the end of the credits it was confirmed that Loki Season 2 will happen, and Loki will return in Season 2.

Who is the Actor playing the character ‘He who Remains’ aka Kang

Jonathan Majors, played the character of ‘He who Remains’

Which is the next upcoming project of MCU after Loki?

What If?…. is going to stream from August, and after that, Miss Marvel will release.

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