Marvel : Loki Episode 4 – Both Loki In Love ! (Really !! Is it Truth !)


Loki Episode 4 Summary : Hidden Details and Full Breakdown of the Episode with (Spoiler Alert!):

In episode 3, we saw Loki and Sylvie got stuck on Lamentis – 1, which is about to get destroyed in few hours, and no one will survive from it. In Loki Episode 4, Will Loki and Sylvie be able to escape this apocalypse? (Spoiler Alert).

The Whole Concept of Timekeepers is a Big Lie (Spoiler Alert) : Loki episode 4 timekeepers

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From the start of this series, we have given information about how the Three Timekeepers merge the whole multiverse into a single timeline, known as Sacred Timeline.

And how the Three Timekeepers have created TVA to keep the Sacred Timeline in proper order. But, in Loki Episode 4, all this information has turned out to be nothing but a Big Lie.

Even to the workers of the TVA, who thinks that they all have been created by the Timekeepers, and the whole purpose of their existence is to protect the Sacred Timeline.

In Loki Episode 4, we get to know that the Timekeepers themselves are not real but, they are just machines which came out as a massive shock not only to Loki and Sylvie but to the viewers also.

Loki Episode 4 is Unfolding all TVA Lies

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The concept of Timekeepers is not the only Lie that unfolds in Loki Episode 4 but, there are a bunch of lies that we get to know during Loki Episode 4.

The first Lie which we get to know is that the whole workers inside the TVA are not created by the Timekeepers but, they all are also variants that were abducted from their respective timelines, and they all are also Variants just like Loki.

While this Lie was unfolded in episode 3 but in Loki Episode 4, this was confirmed that this is a pure lie which even the workers don’t know about.

Then the Second Lie, which was unfolded, was about the Timekeepers themselves, that the Timekeepers are not real, which means that someone else is the creator of TVA.

And this is someone else who has abducted all the TVA workers from their timelines and erased all their memories.

The Third Lie, which unfolded, is that erasing someone does not mean that that person will be erased from existence forever, but that person teleports to a different location. About which we will get to know in the upcoming episode of Loki.

Loki Episode 4 – Hidden Details and Break Down (Big Spoilers Ahead)

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In Loki Episode 4, Mobius and Revonna slayer desperately wanted to know the reason behind the nexus event created at the time of an Apocalypse, which is very unlikely to happen.

Because at the time of an Apocalypse, nothing can create a nexus event because ultimately, everything is going to be destroyed, so nothing can mess up that timeline.

But the real reason behind that nexus event is the feeling which was generating inside Loki for Sylvie after hearing about her sufferings.

A Loki falling in Love with another Loki Variant is something that never should have to happen, and that is why the branch created by this nexus event was very different, which no one has ever seen in TVA.

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And the reason behind Revonna refusing Mobius to interrogate Sylvie is that Mobius has already developed a fondness for Jet Ski, which is related to his life memories before joining TVA.

So, Revonna knows that it will be very easy for Sylvie to make Mobius realize about his life before TVA, which Revonna does not wants to happen that’s why she keeps refusing Mobius to meet Sylvie.

When Mobius got Loki trapped in a Time-Cell, we saw Loki continuously being told that he will always be alone, which directly refers to how alone Loki is in his life. And if he does not confess his feelings for Sylvie, he will always be alone.

And the last but not the least hidden detail about this episode is that Revonna already knew all these lies of TVA, and she was trying to cover all this up the whole time.

Because Revonna refused Mobius to meet Sylvie because she knew that Sylvie would make Mobius remember his life prior to TVA. And there is a chance that she might even know that the Timekeepers are not real.

Because in the end, Sylvie does not erase Revonna, but she wants Revonna to tell her all the secrets TVA is hiding.

And one more little detail is that, that the existence of Sylvie was a threat for TVA, and that is TVA abducted her at a very young age because there was no reason shown in Loki Episode 4 for TVA taking Sylvie.

This means that TVA considered Sylvie as a threat and wanted to erase her from existence at a very young age.

Loki Episode 4 – Summary

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At the start of the Loki Episode 4, we saw TVA taking very young Sylvie to mess up with the Sacred Timeline. When she was about to get her trial in TVA, she stole the TemPod from Ravonna, and she escapes from TVA. Since then, Sylvie is on the run from TVA.

Then we see Ravonna regretting that moment, and she thinks that whatever is happening is just because of her. Then we see her going to the Three Timekeepers.

After Ravonna came back talking to the Timekeepers, Mobius tells her that in order to get any clue about the whereabouts of Loki and Sylvie, he has to speak with Hunter C-20.

But Ravonna declines it by saying that Hunter C-20 is dead because Sylvie took over her mind and corrupted it. Mobius is confused after hearing this because when TVA found Hunter C-20, she was fine.

Whereas, on the other hand, on Lamentis – 1, Loki and Sylvie are just waiting for the Mood to get destroyed because there is no way left now for them to escape from Lamentis – 1.

Sylvie also remembers when TVA took her away when she was just a young child, and then how she escaped from there, and she is still running from TVA.

She tells Loki all of it, which develops a sense of sympathy within him for Sylvie. A strong feeling in Loki is developing for Sylvie, which creates a nexus event in the Sacred Timeline.

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Because Loki falling in Love with another variant of himself is what which never should have happened, and that is why this feeling creates a nexus event even in an apocalypse. Then just before Loki and Sylvie are about to die, TVA comes there and takes both of them with them to the TVA headquarters.

Then they keep Loki into a time cell where he is trapped in a part of his memory that goes on loop, similar to which we have already seen in Dr. Strange. Before going into the Time cell, Loki told Mobius that TVA is lying to him. It is also called as the sacred lies.

Then Mobius goes to meet Ravonna to take her permission to interrogate Sylvie but, Ravonna refused Mobius to question Sylvie. Then Mobius goes back to interrogate Loki. There he asked him whether Loki is working for Sylvie or they are both partners in this plan.

2nd Loki Episode 4 compressed
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When Loki denies it all, Mobius taunts Loki about how he always betrays all of his partners behind their back. Then Loki lies in front of Mobius that all of it was his plan.

He tells him that Sylvie came to meet him a few years ago on Asgard, then she took him into an apocalypse where they both made this plan. He even tells Mobius that something big is about to happen, and when that happens then, Loki will destroy it himself. Mobius also lie in front of Loki that TVA has erased Sylvie from existence.

After reading Loki’s reaction to this information, Mobius figures out that Loki has now started liking Sylvie, which is very awkward because Sylvie is also a part of Loki, which means that he is felling in Love with himself.

Then Loki tells him that if whatever Sylvie has told him is true, then every one of them is in a big danger. Then he reveals that everyone in TVA is a variant that has been abducted from their time periods.

But Mobius is not convinced with this information and thinks that this is one of Loki’s tricks to get out from TVA. Then Hunter B-15 went to Sylvie and took her away somewhere in time.

But Mobius is highly suspicious about the death of Hunter C-20, and he is suspecting that something is not right in Hunter C-20’s case.

So, while talking to Revonna, Mobius exchange their TemPods without letting Revonna notice. Then Hunter B-15 and Sylvie both come back at Roxxcart, from where Loki and Sylvie both escaped.

Hunter B-15 wants to know that when Sylvie took over her mind, she felt something, and now she wants to know if Sylvie did something with her.

To which Sylvie says that she just showed her, her memories before she joined TVA. On the other hand, Mobius saw the footage when Hunter C-20 arrived at TVA on the TemPod, which he exchanged with Rvonna.

Mobius has now understood that maybe whatever Loki said could be true, which can destroy the whole TVA. But Revonna figures out that Mobius has taken her TemPod, and she orders to erase Mobius.

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Then she took both Loki and Sylvie to the Timekeeper for their trials of all the rules they both have broken so far. There Hunter C-15 comes to help Loki and Sylvie.

After fighting everyone, Loki and Sylvie got to know that the Three Timekeepers are just machines and they are not real, and when Loki was about to confess his feelings for Sylvie, Revonna erases Loki.

Now the biggest question in the whole MCU is who are the Timekeepers and creator of TVA is ?

Loki Episode 4 full episode – The Mind-Boggling Post Credit

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After Revonna erased Loki using her stick, Loki does not get wiped out of existence, but he lands at a location where he finds other different variants of Loki.

After arriving there, Loki asks himself whether he is dead or is he in hel, to which other variants Loki tells him. He will be dead if he does not come with them.

Now, this post-credit scene establishes that there were also other variants of Loki in TVA that got erased. And current Loki and Sylvie are the only ones who have created such havoc in TVA.

Are the timekeepers real ?

After watching this series we all have the questions that Are the timekeepers real? Are the Timekeepers really exist? The Truth is We don’t know any proper answer because science is still growing and science doesn’t discover it yet. So as a Human we really don’t know about its existence.

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Related FAQ Of Loki Episode 4

How Many Loki are there in Loki Episode 4?

Including Loki, Sylvie and 3 more Loki in Post-Credit scene, there are 5 Loki so far in Loki Episode 4.

Is Loki Dead in Loki Episode 4?

No, Loki is not dead in Loki Episode 4, but he’s been transported to a location unknown where he meets other variants of Loki.

Who is the main founder and creator of TVA?

So far it was believed that the Three Timekeepers are the creators of TVA but in Loki Episode 4 this info turns out to be a lie, and real creator of TVA is still unknown.

How TVA found Loki and Sylvie?

After hearing Sylvie’s story Loki generated feelings for her, which created a nexus event in the Sacred Timeline through which TVA found Loki and Sylvie.

Who is the real villain of Loki?

The Timekeepers turned out to be fake, so, whoever has created TVA is the main villain of Loki which we will get to know in the coming episodes of Loki.

Who created the tva loki ?

He who remains (Unofficially confirmed Kang the Conquerer) Created TVA in Loki Series of MARVEL

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