Loki Episode 3: Loki vs Lady Loki , Best Rivalry Between Two God of Mischief

Loki vs Lady Loki : This is happend when two God of Mischief Met

The Loki Episode 3 just released over the Disney+ platform, and no one can keep their calm but to praise the efforts MCU puts in to make this web show a huge success. This web show is going to clear all the concepts of time travelling and how time travel works in MCU. 

Loki Episode 3 : Who is Real Loki in MCU ?

Rating : 8.3/10

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The theory of time travel was given by Scott Lang, aka Ant-Man, when he returned from quantum space after being trapped there for 5 hours which is equivalent to 5 years as standard time passes on Earth.

after returning from there Scott (Ant-Man) tells Steve (Captain America) and Natasha (Black Widow) that what if, they can channelize it and create, some kind of GPS which can track path inside quantum space so that they can enter in it at a particular time can come out to another time.

After this theory, Tony Stark successfully created a time GPS bracelet through which they can choose their path to travel into time.

In Loki, we already saw that TVA denied Loki’s appeal to punish Avengers and not him for messing through the time for which TVA simply says that whatever Avengers did, that was destined, but Loki escaping with Tesseract was not destined.

Hence, Loki messed up the Sacred Timeline, which can lead to other alternate timelines, eventually leading to a Multiverse.

But still, there is not a proper explanation of how time and time travel works in MCU. For example, what events can be changed and what can not be changed.

To explain all unexplained factors of Time travel, MCU brings us Loki, the Disney+ show that will explain time travel, the Timekeepers, and how Timekeepers created Time Variance Authority (TVA) to keep the time Sacred Timeline in proper order.

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How Loki Is Going to Create a Base For Other MCU Movies?

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MCU has announced several movies which will deal with time travel. Spiderman – No Way Home, Dr Strange and The Madness of Multiverse, and Ant-Man and the Wasp – Quantamania are some titles announced by MCU which will deal with time travel or Multiverse, and it is believed that all of that is going to start from Loki. But how is Loki going to start a multiverse?

In the second episode, we have already seen that Silvie, aka Lady Loki, knows how to find the Timekeepers, and she already created so many disturbances in the sacred timeline, and it will be very difficult to deal with all of them. And a nexus event cannot be reset if it crosses the red line, which will ultimately lead to several alternate timelines and will eventually start a Multiverse. 

Now, the theory is that, that either both the Lokies or just Lady Loki is going to succeed in her plan, and she will find the Timekeepers, and she is going to mess up the Sacred Timeline, or Loki will help her in her mission.

Which will be going to ruin the sacred timeline completely, and the Multiverse a will is going to start in the MCU. After that, Spiderman is going to face the consequences of the Multiverse because several villains from previous spiderman movies are going to return, such as Doc. Octopus and Electro are some confirmed names of villains who are going to return in Spiderman – No Way Home.

Because Peter Parker is the friendly Neibhourhood Spiderman, he is the first one who will face the consequences of the Multiverse. 

Then Dr Strange is going to interfere and going to repair the timeline and putting an end to the madness of the Multiverse. So that is a possible theory of how Loki is going to be the base for other MCU movies.

How Timekeepers Fools Loki and Us

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In the Loki Episode 2, Mobius told Loki that TVA is created by Timekeepers and everyone working in TVA are also a creation of the Timekeepers. But in the Loki Episode 3, it was revealed that those who are working in TVA are not created by Timekeepers, but they all were variants like Loki, who are now working in TVA. However, all the workers of the TVA are not aware of it.

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They do not remember anything before they join TVA, and they all also think that they were created by the Timekeepers. So when Lady Loki was trying to extract information about the Timekeepers from C-20’s mind by using her enchantment powers, she felt that her mind was very messed up.

When she told Loki about this, he immediately noticed that Mobius said to him that everyone in the TVA was created by the Timekeepers. So lady Loki tells him that everyone in TVA was also variants before they been recruited to work in TVA.

This information indeed tells us that something is not right with TVA. TVA is not just created to keep the Sacred Timeline in a proper order. Still, there is also an unknown reason for TVA to keep the Sacred Timeline in a proper order.

There is a hidden agenda behind creating TVA, which the Timekeepers do not want anyone to know. So, it is clear here that the Timekeepers are indeed hiding something from everyone, and they are clearly lying to everybody.

Are the Timekeepers really good? Or there are some hidden evil intentions behind creating a single flow of time known as Sacred Timeline? In the coming episodes, the real intentions of the Timekeepers will be more precise.

Loki Episode 3 : A emotional & action packed series

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Loki Episode 3 starts precisely where 2nd episode left. When both Loki escapes from Roxxcart, Alabama, 2050. Travelling through a time door, both Loki lands again in TVA, where Lady Loki is searching for an elevator that will lead her to the Timekeepers.

Behind her, Loki also travels through the time door, and after reaching in the TVA facility, the first thing Loki did was taking his daggers back, which was shown to us many times in the trailer of the show. Then Loki tried to stop Lady Loki and distract her from her plan, and in the process, they both end up on Lamentis – 1, 2077, a dying moon.

After reaching there, they found out that the battery of the TemPod which is the only way to return. Now, the mood is about to get destroyed, and they need to find a power source to recharge the TemPod. In the process, they got themselves into a train where both Loki trying to know each other.

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Then Loki got himself drunk, which leads the soldiers to suspect them, and then they both get thrown away from the train. They think of getting to the next stop of the train so that they can ride that train again, but when they reach there, they saw that the train is completely got destroyed, and now they both are stuck at Lamentis – 1, which is going to be destroyed in next few hours.

Loki Episode 3 : How good is it? Review

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Loki Episode 3 is probably the weakest episode so far. In Loki Episode 3, we do not get to know much about anything but both Loki. Loki Episode 3 is totally based on a discussion between both Loki.

But yes, in this episode, we know a few details about Loki, which we didn’t know before like, both Loki are pretty similar, but they are not the same. They both are adopted, and they both are Lofieson and Lofiedoter. Still, Lady Loki was told from a young age that she is adopted, where on the other hand, this secret was kept from Loki.

In Loki Episode 3, we also get to know that Lady Loki is Silvie from the comic books. Loki learned magic from his mother, who is raised by witches, where on the other hand, Silvie taught herself a few of her magic tricks, and Silvie never got any royalty of being an Asgardian where Loki was raised as a Prince.

So, overall, Loki Episode 3 was not a bad one. Still, it is not as good as the other two episodes of Loki because the whole Loki Episode 3 was based on discussion and relationship building between both Loki.

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FAQ of Loki Episode 3 :

Is Sylvie a Loki?

The variant who’s been on the run from the TVA. She has mentioned more than once that she does not like to be called as Loki. Instead, she insists that she is Sylvie.

What happened at the end of Loki Episode 3?

Loki and Sylvie trap in the planet which is going to destroyed in few minutes later.

Who is Sylvie Marvel?

In the comics, Sylvie Lushton was a young mortal girl living in Oklahoma when the Asgardians came to their new homeland after Ragnarok happened in Asgard.

Is Loki really a villain?

Loki is god of mischief but he has never been described as evil in comics or MCU.

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