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Konnichiwa Otakus, Welcome to another article of this site. The majority of Anime Viewers have watched Attack on Titan, The MC of Attack on Titan is Eren Eager, but I feel this title should go to the CAPTAIN LEVI ACKERMAN, the strongest & most popular warrior and charecter in Attack on Titan. Levi Ackerman S4 is crazy foy all of us.

Levi Ackerman anime is more popular than the main charecter. Some Critics praised him as a broken charecter(charecters who are overpowered). Levi Ackerman has the terrifying ability to defeat many giants at once and is said to have the strength of a single brigade. After Gabi kills sasha Levi Ackerman’s reaction is very realistic for him. Yes, LEVI’s character is that awesome.

So today, we are gonna know more deeply about our favorite character Levi Attack on Titan. This article may include spoilers up to the latest episode of Attack on Titan. Please be careful if you have not watched it.

Levi Attack on Titan Profile & Basic Information :

Full NameLevi Ackerman
Age 30s
Birthday25th December
Voice ActorHiroshi Kamiya
Affiliation ClassSurvey Corps Soldier Commander

All About Captain Levi Ackerman : Levi vs Beast Titan

1. Who is Levi Ackerman Attack On Titan?

Levi Ackerman in Attack on Titan is a charecter and the captain of the Survey corps. It is said that one person has the same strength as one brigade (about 4000 people) and is famous as “the strongest soldier of humankind. It is also a rough and extreme addiction, and the episodes related to cleaning are so famous that they are three-dimensionalized as figures.

In addition, while showing a terrifying side to his subordinates, he has a spirituality that deserves respect, such as showing the kindness of calling out to his dying companions. The surname Ackerman was revealed after the middle stage. Before that, he didn’t even know his surname and called himself just Levi.

2. Why is the Age Unknown of Captain Levi Attack on Titan?

Image Credit : CBR | Image Source : Google | Licensed By : Wit Studio

Levi Ackerman is extremely popular as the strongest soldier of humankind. He cares about his age, but it remains a mystery because it is not revealed in the main story. However, at the autograph session, the author, Hajime Isayama, said that he was over 30 years old.

It seems that it cannot be said concretely because it may be involved in future development. By the way, Levi’s birthday is December 25th, Christmas. Attack on Titan doesn’t have the concept of Christmas, so it doesn’t matter in the main story, haha. In 2017, the Attack on Titan Captain Levi Ackerman Birthday Commemorative Fair was held by the IG store, and it was very exciting.

3. Captain Levi Ackerman’s History & Success

+Growing up in the royal underground mall

+Joined the Survey Corps

+Out of Wall Survey

+Formation of New Levi Ackerman Team

+Forced Choice

+Battle in Rebellio Camp

+Deathfight with Zeke Jaeger

+ Growing up in the royal underground mall

Image Credit : Quora | Image Source : Google | Licensed By : Wit Studio

Levi Attack on Titan was born in a brothel in the royal underground mall. After the death of the prostitute’s mother, Kshel, she was picked up by his uncle, Kenny Ackerman, on the verge of starvation. Kenny disappears somewhere after teaching Levi how to fight and how to survive in the underground shopping mall. The remaining Levi Ackerman survived alone and eventually became a well-known gorotsuki in the underground shopping mall.

+Levi Ackerman Joined the Survey Corps

The details of how Levi Ackerman joined the Investigation Corps are not mentioned in the main story. He was arrested by the later investigative corps commander, Erwin Squad, who had been involved in theft with his friends in the underground shopping mall.

Then, He was offered a deal that he would not hand it over to the government, If he joined the investigation corps, and Levi and his fellow Farlan and Isabel reluctantly responded. At first, Levi and his friends were looking for a chance to kill Erwin, but as they spent time with the members of the Investigation Corps, they gradually sympathized with their desire to “get out of the wall.”

However, in the first off-the-wall investigation, Levi Ackerman tries to slash Erwin. Still, when Erwin persuades him, “your ability is necessary for humankind,” he changes his mind and decides to fight in the investigation corps.

Out of Wall Survey :

Just Imagine what is the feeling of watching a sea for the first time in your life. It could be amazing, Isn’t it but fearless hero levi feared from the sea just imagine how funny and gorrible experience to see that in same time. This gif shows it clearly.

This anime shows and reveal very complex human emotions and complexity of this anime far above than you this. This anime is masterpiece and it create great impact on your subconsious and it is the perfect from aspect of philosophicaly and psychologically. This the count as my one of the greatest anime of all time.

Levi Ackerman has been known as the “strongest soldier of mankind” due to his success in investigating outside the wall. However, on the other hand, Wall Maria was defeated by the sudden appearance of Colossus Titan and Armored Titan, forcing humankind to retreat from the area of ​​activity.

As the expeditionary Corps lays the groundwork for the recapture of Wall Maria, a giant reappears in the Trost District, located at the southern tip of Wall Rose.

At that time, Captain Levi and others’ main force was out on the wall investigation but retreated after detecting the incident in Trost Ward and saved others who giants had attacked.

After that, opinions were confused among the upper ranks of the Corps regarding the treatment of Eren, who can become a giant. Eren’s identity was left to the investigative corps, provided that Levi, who has the strongest fighting power of humankind, would monitor it.

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A month later, during the first off-the-wall investigation of Eren’s assignment to the Captain Levi team, the expeditionary Corps encounters a “female giant.” The investigation corps suffered many casualties due to the “female giant” ‘s offensive, which has intelligence, unlike ordinary giants. The Levi Ackerman team was wiped out, leaving Captain Levi and Eren, and Levi himself protected Mikasa Ackerman and injured his leg.

+Formation of New Levi Ackerman Team

Image Credit : Attackontitan.Fandom | Image Source : Google | Licensed By : Wit Studio

Levi Ackerman has been out of the front line for a while, but he recovers from his injury and returns to the front line. Levi Ackerman will form a new Levi team by incorporating members of the 104th of the Survey Corps, which is Eren’s synchronization.

Its mission was to protect Eren, who can become a giant and a special ability called “coordinates,” and Historia Reiss, who holds the secret key to the wall.

The Levi team is involved in a battle over the secrets of the royal system against the military police corps trying to seize the two. In the battle, Captain Levi reunites with his parent, Kenny Ackerman, and fights fiercely with the elite central military police led by Kenny.

Eventually, the battle ended with the victory of the Investigation Corps, the old royal system was overthrown, and Historia became the new queen. Captain Levi takes care of Kenny’s death and is entrusted with a drug that makes humans giant.

+Forced Choice

With all the preparations in place, the expeditionary Corps finally begins the final recapture of Wall Maria. The enemies are the “Colossus Titan” transformed by Bertolt, who was a member of the 104th period, the “armor giant” of Reiner Brown in the 104th period, and the unidentified “beast giant.”

Levi Ackerman and Erwin Smith lead a recruit and confront the “Beast Titan.” As the front collapses due to a widespread cannonball-like stone attack by the “Beast Titan,” Erwin devises a counterattack in exchange for the lives of himself and his recruits.

Levi attack on titan tells Ervin to give up his dream and die as he crawls on balance between his dream of knowing the truth of the world and the victory of mankind. Then, Captain Levi surprises the “Beast Titan” by decoying Erwin and the recruits who attack from the front.

The operation was successful, and although the “Beast Titan” was hunted down to the next step, the “Beast Titan” was retaken by the “Cart Giant” that appeared from behind. (THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST FIGHT SCENE OF CAPTAIN LEVI ATTACK ON TITAN, the way he defeats one of the strongest titans, i.e., BEAST TITAN)

Levi attack on titan returns to Sigansina and joins Eren and his friends, who have killed the “Colossus Titan.” Although the “Giant of Armor” was missed, Berthold, the “Colossus Titan” main body, is still in place. Flock, a recruit with a dying Erwin on his back, arrives there.

Image Credit : ReelRunDown | Image Source : Google | Licensed By : Wit Studio

Levi Ackerman tries to survive by hitting Erwin with the giant medicine entrusted to him by Kenny and feeding Bertolt, but Eren and Mikasa oppose it. Eren insists that Armin, who was severely burned in the battle.

Levi attack on titan is forced to choose between Erwin and Armin. But just before he tried to give Erwin an injection, he changed his mind when he saw him shit like he was a kid. Erwin is obsessed with the dream of “I want to see the world outside the wall” and has sacrificed many of his friends because of that dream. It was just a devilish act. If Erwin is revived here, he must also survive the hellish world as a demon.

Captain Levi abandoned his revival and entrusted Armin with giant medicine because of his desire to rest Erwin. Armin, who became a giant, preyed on Bertolt and inherited the “Colossus Titan” abilities.

+Battle in Rebellio Camp

Four years after, the situation inside the wall was at a major turning point. It turned out that the human race inside the wall lived on an island called Paradis Island, and it became known that there was a wider world outside the island. And Bertolt and Reiner were warriors dispatched from a country called Marley to seize Eren’s “Giant of the Founders.”

Marley and other countries around the world call the human race on Paradis Island “the devil of the island” and regard it as dangerous, and plan to re-enter the wall.

When Major People from all over the world gather in Marley’s Rebellio camp and try to declare war on Paradis, the giant Eren begins to attack them. Eren was infiltrating Marley in the guise of an injured soldier. Mikasa, Armin, and other investigative Corps continue to participate in the raid, and Captain Levi attack on titan also shows activity to defeat his nemesis, “Beast Titan” Zeke Jaeger.

But the battle was organized by Eren and Zeke. The contact between Eren, who has the “Giant of the Founders,” and Zeke, who is the blood of the royal family of the Eldians (a race that can become a giant), gives him the ability to control all the giants. Zeke is using that ability to save the people of Paradis.

+Death fight of Captain Levi with Zeke Jaeger

Levi Attack on Titan became the guardian of Zeke, who entered Paradis Island. He set up a camp in a forest of giant trees and closely monitored Zeke with his 30 subordinates, but when Zeke suddenly shouted, all his subordinates became giants.

In fact, the wine brought in by Jelena, a follower of Zeke, contained the spinal fluid of Zeke, and the subordinates who drank it were dominated by Zeke, the blood of the royal family. Levi Ackerman was a member of the Ackermann clan and was the only one safe because he loved tea rather than wine.

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Originally, Levi Attack on Titan distrusted Zeke speculation, but he became even angrier when his important subordinates were made giants. He slashes the giants who were his subordinates and chases Zeke with ferocious momentum with a bitter feeling.

Zeke transforms into a “Beast Titan” and fights back, but Zeke is defeated by Levi’s frenzied onslaught and is dragged out of the giant’s name. Captain Levi Ackerman restrained Zeke and thrust a thunder spear (a new weapon that causes an explosion) into his abdomen, and tied a wire extending from the fuze around his neck to get stuck. In addition, Zeke is contained by a thorough means of cutting his legs regularly and depriving him of his physical strength to become a giant.

However, he cannot see that Zeke pulls out his fuze, reaches self-destruction, and is involved in the explosion of a thunder spear.

A colleague, Hange Zoe, happens to pass by and discovers a seriously injured Levi attack on titan . Levi lost his right index and middle fingers, and although he had a large cut on his face, he survived.

At that time, Hange was guided by the Jaeger soldiers who rebelled against the upper ranks of the Corps to guide Zeke’s whereabouts. The moment the Jaegers try to put an end to Captain Levi, Zeke, who should have been seriously injured, revives from the innocent giant. When everyone was stunned, Hange jumped into the river with Captain Levi and managed to escape.

4. The Members of the Strongest Levi Ackerman Team and Their Death

The special operations team of the Investigation Corps, commonly known as the “Levi Team,” is a special unit formed to analyze Eren’s ability to become a giant. The members were strong, including Levi and Eren. In addition to Levi and Eren, there are four members:

Auruo Bossard, who is fascinated by Levi, Petra Lal, one of the Levi attack on titan team’s red points, Eld Gin, the deputy leader Gunta Schultz who trusts Levi and Erwin. At the time of the 57th off-wall investigation, in the battle with the “female giant” who appeared aiming at Eren.

Except Levi and Eren, all were killed in action before their overwhelming strength. Captain Levi’s eyes witnessed the member’s death, and he had a deeper and sadder look, and it seemed that he was re-biting the size of what he was carrying.

Levi attack on titan was injured in a battle with a female giant and retired from the front line, but he returned to the front line by forming a new Captain Levi Ackerman team to protect Eren and Historia. Except for Captain Levi, all the members of the new Captain Levi team are the same 104th generation as Eren. Besides Eren and Historia, there are seven members, Mikasa, Armin, Jean, Sasha, and Connie.

5. Levi Attack On Titan Related Characters

+Erwin Smith

+Hange Zoe

+Eren Jaeger (Founder Titan)

+Mikasa Ackerman

+Armin Arlert (Colossus Titan)

+Zeke Jaeger (Beast Titan)

+Kenny Ackerman (Uncle)

+Erwin Smith

A person and ally who brought Levi attack on titan into the Investigation Corps. He has full confidence in Erwin’s wisdom and will obey Erwin’s instructions without asking for details.

When Erwin was seriously injured, he tried to survive Erwin by using a giant medicine, saying, “Humanity cannot beat the giant without Erwin’s power.” I changed my mind when I heard his shit, “How did you find out?”

Erwin has been obsessed with his childhood dream of “I want to see the world outside the wall” and has sacrificed many friends to make his dream come true. It may seem like a devilish way of life, but it was also the responsibility of Levi and Hange to force him to live that way. If Erwin survives here again at his convenience, he will be brought back to hell again.

With that in mind, Levi Ackerman decided to administer the giant drug to Armin instead of Erwin. It was Levi’s personal Choice to let Erwin rest.

Levi then continues to fight to the end of his last promise to “kill the Beast Titan” with Erwin.

+Hange Zoe

A colleague of the Survey Corps. She has been a long-time friend since before the fall of Wall Maria and has a strong relationship of trust with his comrades. There was also a scene in which only Hange read the true meaning of Levi’s words and actions, and even in the 104th team, he translated in an easy-to-understand manner.

When Levi was involved in Zeke’s suicide bombing and was seriously injured, Hange rescued him and gave him generous treatment.Hange and Levi were the only investigative Corps other than the 104th term to survive until the final battle.

And they were the only ones who could express their true intentions to each other. However, to gain time for the flying boat to take off from the “ground noise,” Hange herself confronts a group of super-large giants with the determination of death.

+Eren Yeager

Assigned to the Captain Levi team to monitor Eren, who can become a giant. He liked the strength of Eren’s rebellious spirit, and from an early stage, he saw Eren’s extraordinary obsession with freedom, saying, “No one can subdue this guy’s consciousness.”

Eren, who defended himself at the expense of the Captain Levi team and many of his friends, is hostile to Eren to stop the “ground noise” while embracing the fact that he has become an “enemy of mankind.”

+Levi Ackerman Mikasa Ackerman

In the same Ackerman clan, Levi is the head family, and Mikasa is the branch family. Levi injured his leg while fighting together to save Eren from the “female giant” and protect Mikasa.

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In the final battle, he helped Mikasa stop Eren at the end.

+Armin Arlert

Image Credit : Rabujoi | Image Source : Google | Licensed By : Wit Studio

A subordinate of the Investigation Corps. Levi was forced to decide which of Erwin and Armin should be used for the final recapture of Wall Maria. Eventually, he chose to give Armin a giant drug because he wanted to rest Erwin.

Levi puts his former friends on Armin, who says, “I want to see the sea” with pure eyes and entrusts him with the future. Levi later recalled that he had no regrets about choosing Armin.

+Zeke Jaeger

The enemy defeated many investigative troops. The last promise with the late Erwin was to “kill the Beast Titan,” and Captain Levi attack on titan continued to stick to Zeke until the very end. When Zeke returned his subordinates to the giant, he was extremely high and pursued one step further, but he failed to stab due to the self-destruction of Zeke’s death. It was a blow by Captain Levi that killed Zeke, who had exposed himself in the final battle. This scene was count as the best anime moments of all time.

+Kenny Ackerman

He was raising his parents. He was taught how to live and fight in a slam, but he suddenly disappears when he realizes that even Levi attack on titan can live independently. Ten years later, the Levi investigation corps and the central military police led by Kenny confront each other and reunite as enemies.

Kenny entrusted Levi with a giant medicine on the verge of death and died, saying, “Everyone was a slave of something …”.

6. Captain Levi Ackerman Quotes /Lines

Image Credit : Fiction Horizon | Image Source : Google | Licensed By : Wit Studio

A) “This is my theory, but I think pain is the most effective for discipline.”

B) “I don’t know for a long time … Even if I believe in my strength … Even if I believe in the Choice of a reliable companion … No one knows the result … So … at best … Choose the One who doesn’t leave any regrets. “

C) “Give up your dreams and die, lead the recruits to hell, and I’ll kill the” Beast Titan.”

D) “I don’t know if I can do it; I have to do it.”

Some of the quotes & lines said in Levi Attack on Titan, 4th One is my Favourite

7. Is Captain Levi Died?? What is the Truth of the Rumor?

Levi Attack On Titan, the strongest soldier of humankind, also had a scene that was rumored to have died. It’s during the battle with the Beast Titan. Beast Titan is unprecedented in strength, and I think many people wondered how much Captain Levi could win one-on-one, but that’s not the only reason it seemed to be a death flag. In the 69th episode before that, there is a scene where Captain Levi says, “Thank you.”

Just at this time, the mystery of the Ackerman clan was revealed, and the background was also revealed, such as Kenny being Levi Ackerman’s uncle, so it seemed that the fans were shocked whether he would die as it is. As a result, Captain Levi Attack on Titan survived with splendid single combat.

The reason why the death theory flowed to Levi again is due to the event in one episode. At that time, Levi Attack on Titan was in a state of desperation surrounded by his subordinates who had become giants by drinking Zeke’s spinal fluid.

Still, he defeated the giants of his former subordinates and even overwhelmed the “Beast Giant” Zeke. However, as Zeke involved Levi in ​​the thunder spear explosion, he became seriously ill. Captain Levi, who survived after that, finally decapitated Zeke after activating “Ground Ringing” and settling the long battle. So do not worry, AOTs fans Levi is still alive, and we will see more of him in Upcoming Episodes.


After reading this Captain Levi Attack on Titan article, don’t you think that he should be the MC of Attack on Titan? I would like to know your view on this; comment below and share it with your Otaku Friends.

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FAQ of Levi Ackerman :

How tall is Levi Ackerman ?

Levi Ackerman height is arround 160cm.

How old is Levi Ackerman ?

Levi Ackerman age is 30 -33.

Levi Ackerman Weight ?

Levi Ackerman Weight is 65kg

How tall is Levi Ackerman in feet ?

Levi Ackerman height is 5 feet 2 inch

Why Levi Ackerman hold this cup weirdly ?

In the underground city, everything is really expensive including tea. when he’ve made his tea and took his cup to drink it, the handle of the cup broke and smash on the ground and all the tea wasted on the ground. This accident seems to have great impact on Levi Ackerman and he somehow loses “faith” in handle.

Are Levi and Mikasa related?

Yes, They are related in the blood of Ackerman family.

What does Levi Ackerman suffer from?

Levi suffers from emotional unattachment. His childhood memoey is terrible. That’s why he don’t feel any complicated emotions.

What is Levi Ackerman real name?

Levi Ackerman’s real name is Levi Ackerman.

What gender is Levi Ackerman?

Levi’s gender is male.

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