Kota Factory Season 2 Review: So Much More than Just a Web-Series


Ah ! TVF Again !! How do you do that easily. For me TVF is the perfect definition of Indian Web series. When I watch TVF Series Episodes I will be like “Mom !! Give me some snacks here!!!! ” because I don’t want to move away from my sit. Indian Web series Kota Factory Season 1 was released back in 2019, and it left such a profound impact on the minds of all the viewers that everyone was waiting impatiently for the release of Kota Factory Season 2, The new and recent TVF series Aspirants also worked in favour of increasing the buzz around Kota Factory Season 2.

The story of the Kota Factory series is like that that everyone can connect with it because, at a time, almost every one of us has gone through the same phase. Kota Factory perfectly showcases the life of a student who goes to Kota dreaming of achieving big.

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All the students who have gone through that phase of Kota have loved the show wholeheartedly, and they have even accepted that Kota Factory perfectly portrays the life of a student in Kota. The show became so popular and so big that even Netflix decided to distribute the Kota Factory Season 2.

Kota Factory Season 2: Summary of the Show

Ratings: 8.8/10

Kota Factory Season 2 compressed
Image Credits: 91 Mobiles | Image Source: Google | Licensed By: TVF & Netflix
Directed By:Raghav Subbu
Produced By:Arunabh Kumar
Written By:Abhishek Yadav
Starring:Mayur More
Ranjan Raj
Alam Khan
Jitendra Kumar
Revathi Pillai
Urvi Singh
Ahsaas Channa
Production House:The Viral Fever (TVF)
Distributed By:Netflix

No. of Episodes:

Episode 1: Reasoning

Episdoe 2: Control System

Episode 3: Atmospheric Pressure

Episode 4: Repair and Maintainance

Episode 5: Packaging

Kota Factory Season 2 starts where season 1 ended. Vaibhav is now in Maheswari Classes, and he has made some progress over time in Maheshwari classes and only in 4 months, he went from being in the A8 batch to the A3 batch of Maheshwari Classes.

Maheshwari Classes arranges a seminar before the start of their batches where Maheshwari Sir himself gave a very heart-touching a very honest speech about being successful in life. That speech left a very deep impact on the mind of Vaibhav.

We can even see Vaibhav struggling for coping up with the teachings of Maheshwari Classes. On the other hand, in Prodigy classes, students are asking about why Jeetu Bhaiya is not taking classes, after which they got to know that Jeetu Bhaiya has left Prodigy.

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Students go to meet Jeetu bhaiya to ask him about why he left Prodigy. Jeetu bhaiya told them that he is starting his own Coaching Center and he will not charge any fees from his old students.

1st Kota Factory Season 2 2
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Vaibhav is struggling in the Physics class, and he wants to learn from Jeetu Bhaiya, but he can not go out of Maheshwari classes. Vaibhav tried to bribe the guard to let him go out, but the guard refused, Vaibhav tried to talk to the Physics professor, but he also refused to give him permission to go out.

On the other hand, Meena is not attending Jeetu Bhaiya’s classes because he has a crush on Meenal, so he is unable to focus, and that is why he stopped going to classes. Vaibhav and Meena both go to their friend to ask for his advice.

Maheshwari Sir calls Vaibhav in his room to tell him that they do not tolerate such behaviour in their coaching centre, but Vaibhav makes him understand his problem, and Maheswari sir gives him permission to go out of the classes and take Jeetu Bhaiya’s classes.

Throughout the time, all the students face so many problems in focusing. Some students face the fear of giving exams because no matter how hard they try, they always get low marks which destroy their self-confidence.

Students even face some health issues which affect their studies, so Jeetu Bhaiya suggests they call their mummy there so she can take proper care of them and they do not have to face any problem with their studies.

Finally, at the time of the results, there are so many emotions going in all over the Kota. Some students are happy, and some are really sad. Maheshwari Classes once again delivers AIR (All India Rank) 1 student from their coaching classes.

Hard-Hitting Realities: Kota Facotry Season 2

2nd Kota Factory Season 2
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In Kota Factory Season 2, we come along with so many Hard-hitting realities which are brutally honest. While at the seminar, Maheswari Sir told everyone that they already knew which students were going to top the JEE exam.

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When the result comes, we see how a coaching centre buys students results to increase their business. Kota Factory Season 2 makes us feel the harsh reality of the life of a student, which we all know about but choose to overlook.

Kota Factory Season 2 has so many moments with which every student will relate to. The constant pressure of studies and performing well makes them work like a machine.

Black & White Shade: Kota Factory Season 2

3rd Kota Factory Season 2
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Kota Factory Season 2 and Season 1 both are fully shot in Black & White shade, which perfectly portrays the colourless life of a student in Kota. Every Student living in Kota has a dream of achieving it big in his or her life, but only a few can achieve it.

For achieving that dream, they have to sacrifice a lot and work like a machine all day all night. The moment they arrive at Kota for their preparation of further studies, their life becomes colourless.

A Teacher Like Jeetu Bhaiya: Kota Factory Season 2

4th Kota Factory Season 2
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Every student in his or her life deserves a teacher like Jeetu Bhaiya who can motivate them at any moment. Jeetu Bhaiya has a solution for every problem. Whenever any student has any problem, they consult Jeetu Bhaiya for the solution.

Jeetu Bhaiya is not just a problem solver but also a very good teacher, and every student in Kota respects him very much. Jeetu Bhaiya became so popular that even Maheswari Classes approached Jeetu Bhaiya to join their coaching centre.

Maheswari Sir himself acknowledges the respect which every student has for Jeetu Bhaiya.

The Good: Kota Factory Season 2

5th Kota Factory Season 2
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Kota Factory Season 2 has so many good qualities in it, which makes it a must-watch web series but the best part about this series is that it motivates us to get up and do something in our life.

Kota Factory Season 2 will teach you that it is ok to feel sad after a failure because you worked hard for it, you really wanted it, and that is why you are feeling sad, and if you are not feeling sad, then you never care about the result.

There is so much a student can learn from the series, and not just a student but also an adult can learn so much from this wonderful series.

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The other wonderful thing about Kota Factory Season 2 is the realistic nature of the series. You will never feel that the series is going over the top or going unrealistic at any point. Every emotion of a student is showcased perfectly in Kota Factory Season 2.

The Bad: Kota Factory Season 2

6th Kota Factory Season 2
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Kota Factory Season 2 is undoubtedly a wonderful show, but it also has its fair share of bad things. The first thing which is not good about this show is the portrayal of other teachers.

For Example, Jeetu bhaiya hires a female teacher to his coaching institute so that the girls in his institute can be open with their problems with a female teacher, but we never get to see that in the show.

We never get to know how that female teacher is comforting female students of the institute, or we never get to see how other teachers are behaving with the students. The series is only focusing on Jeetu Bhaiya only which is a drawback of the series.

The other thing which is not good with Kota Factory season 2 is the comparison with the Kota Factory season 1. If we compare both seasons of Kota Factory, then Season 2 feels a little bit underwhelming. Kota Factory season 1 had such a deep impact that Season 2 feels a bit underwhelming in comparison with the first season.

Final Words: Kota Factory Season 2

Kota Factory Season 2
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In the final words, Kota Factory is genuinely a very good show, and every student must watch it, but yes, it also has its fair share of things which are not good about the show, but you can easily overlook those things and enjoy the show thoroughly.

Kota Factory will give you a sneak peek into the hard life of a student who goes to Kota dreaming of achieving big.

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FAQ About Kota Factory Season 2:

What is the name of the Institute of Jeetu Bhaiya?

AIMERS is the name of the institute of Jeetu Bhaiya.

How Kota Factory Season 2 is different from Season 1?

Truely speaking there is nothing change in Season 2 every thing is very similar between both of the seasons of Kota Factory.

Will there be a Kota Factory Season 3?

The Story of Kota Factory is still not completed in the season 2 and by looking at the popularity of the show the makers will definitely make a Kota Facotry Season 3.

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