Karthikeya 2 Is Beating Laal Singh Chadda & Rakshabandhan, Is It End Of Bollywood?


After the Kashmir Files, Karthikeya 2 grows insanely fast where is no stardom, promotion, propaganda of Bollywood, item dance, unnecessary song, and most importantly, no celeb power…..only content is needed to be a hit film — Karthikeya 2 proves that. That’s the only thing needed to win the audience’s heart, and on the other hand, Laal Singh Chadda starring Amir khan and Rakshabandhan starring Akshay Kumar, are continuously flopping, and Karthikeya 2 is rapidly growing.

Karthikeya 2 is The film that did not get a place in most of the cinema halls after its release, and now it is leading the market. Even some theatre owners are canceling Aamir Khan’s Lal Singh Chadha and Akshay’s film Raksha Bandhan and getting ready for Karthikeya’s 2 films. Why is this movie ignored? Is this a good movie? Is it only for Hindus? Does this movie make fun of Hindu gods? To know all the answers read this article. 

Cast & Crew of Karthikeya 2 : 

Directed by :Chandoo Mondeti
Written by :Chandoo Mondeti
Produced by :  Abhishek Agarwal T. G. Viswa Prasad
Starring & casting 
Nikhil Siddhartha (Dr. Karthikeya)
Anupama Parameswaran ( Mugdha) 
Anupam Kher (Dhanvanthri Vedpathak)
Srinivasa Reddy (Sadananda)
Harsha Chemudu ( Suleman)
Adithya Menon 
(Santanu Mukherjee)
(Karthikeya’s friend)
Satya as Ravi (Karthik’s friend)
(Karthik’s mother)
Cinematography :Karthik Ghattamneni
Edited by :Karthik Ghattamneni
Music by :Kaala Bhairava Production companies
Abhishek Agarwal Arts
People Media Factory
Distributed by :Zee Studios
Release date :13 August 2022
Running time :145 minutes 
Country :India
Language :Telugu & Hindi
Budget :₹15–30 crore

My honest review of Karthikeya 2 movie : 

After hearing many things on social media, I finally decided to watch this movie with our Thetops10 team, so we booked the third-day first-show ticket because here this movie does not get halls andon third day we watched the entire movie, believe me, this is the movie which we can expect in This Janmashtami

Karthikeya 2
Image Credit : Greatandhra | Image Source : Google |Studio Credit : Zee Studios

This films cinematography and everyone who acted in this movie was outstanding. In this movie, team Karthik’s 2 wanted to give a clear idea of ​​what should be the role of Lord Krishna in human life. The movie is based on an archeological exploration of Krishna’s Bangle and Dwarika, which was Sri Krisna’s kingdom and how it sank into the ocean. This movie give me the vibe of Indiana Jones and National Treasure movies.

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This movie shows that Dwaraka and Shree Krishna is not part of mythology —- he was our actual ancestor, which is beautifully portrayed in the picture. After watching and reviewing the movie, our entire thetops10 team gave 9.5 out of 10 stars. If you haven’t watched this movie yet, make your Janmashtami special with Lord Krishna. This is must watch movie.

Some Glimpses of Karthikeya 2 : 

We don’t want to spoil your excitement by telling the full story here, but yes, definitely, there is something which you need to know before booking the ticket. The main story is very much related to the Dwaraka and Lord Krishna. 

After the Kurukshetra, Dharma and truth were established in the world under the rule of the Pandavas. At the end of the Mahabharata, we see Lord Krishna sitting on a tree, and an arrow hits his leg. When Shri Krishna left the mortal world, leave a bangle on the earth. That Bangle becomes necessary to save the earth from impending danger. This movie is based on Dr. Karthikeya’s journey to rescue it.

Karthikeya 2 images
Image Credit : Filmibeat | Image Source : Google |Studio Credit : Zee Studios

Karthikeya’s character is portrayed very well here. He is a famous doctor from Hyderabad who considers science as everything, and religion is not important to him. He has an excellent amount of curiosity and tries to find a reason for every incident.

Then something happens in his life that changes his life forever. And how gradually his faith in God grows and how one day he is ready to give his life for God is well portrayed. Every atheist’s life also changes at some point, which is good for him, as shown through this character in this film.

Karthikeya is a doctor by profession who lived in Hyderabad and believed there must be science behind everything that happens. One day he goes to the present Dwaraka city with her mother to fulfill his mother’s wishes. The next day, a wounded stranger comes to him and tries to say something. He tried to heal that stranger’s wound, but before that, someone kidnapped that stranger. 

Later it is seen that the police arrested Karthikeya for the murder of a stranger; before he knew anything, he was taken to the police station. A stranger saves him from the police. She introduces herself as Mugdha. Then an assassin tries to kill Karthikeya. Through all this, he learns very intersting information about Lord Krishna and which gradually grows his faith in Lord Krishna. 

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Those who do good deeds for the world choose Karthikeya to rescue this Bangle of Lord Krishna. Then Karthikeya’s journey begins. Karthikeya has to go through many battles, adversities, and trials in this journey.

Who chooses Karthikeya? Why was he chosen? Why is he the savior? Why a stranger tries to say something? Who is the stranger? Where is that Bangle? To know that thing you must watch this movie.And to know what happened at the end you have to watch this movie. 

Start of a New Era In the Movie Industry :

Karthikeya-2 images
Image Credit : Mirchi9 | Image Source : Google |Studio Credit : Zee Studios

On the first day, This movie gets only 53 halls all over India, but on day 5th, it gets 1576+ halls. Can you imagine?? This is called the power of the public, and on the other hand, Laal Singh Chadda and Rakshabandhan get more than 4000 halls on the first day, but after the 5th day, their 70% hall canceling their shows, and it decreases with each hour.

Where Laal Singh Chadda, played by Amir Khan and Rakshabandhan, played by Akshay Kumar, is the biggest names of Bollywood, and their movie budget is very high, but they are going to flop. Now Bollywood will understand that we don’t watch movies because of celebrities; that era was gone. KGF, Bahubali, Kartikeya 2 and The Kashmir Files are proof of the beginning of a new era of South Industry.

I can’t wait for Part 3 of Karthikeya movie series. This will be surely awasome because we saw some glimpse of part 3 which is very very exciting.

FAQ Of Karthikeya 2 :

Why was Karthikeya 2 Movie Ignored? 

Karthikeya 2 didn’t get as much publicity as compared to other Bollywood films because there was no big star like Shahrukh Salman or Akshay. Also, this is a Telugu film that has been dubbed into Hindi. No one could have imagined that such a low-budget film could leave such a mark on the audience’s minds. That’s the reason Karthikeya 2 has been overlooked by the hall owner. 

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Is Karthikeya 2 a Good Movie?

Yes, No doubt this is an excellent movie Where scripture and history are beautifully combined. Anupam Kher’s description of Krishna in some places will make your hair stand up. Also, this movie is a tonic for those mentally broken And who can’t believe anything by heart. 

Is Karthikeya 2 Only for Hindus?

Lord Krishna is not a symbol of any religion. He is the symbol of humanity, He is the symbol of religion, He is the symbol of truth, and he is the symbol of love. Definitely, the movie starts and is also based on the Hindu scripture Bhagavad Gita. But the message that How our ancestors or scripture can bring back the lost faith of the man and make him one of the best human beings is for all. So this movie is for people of everyone. 

Does Karthikeya 2 Movie Make Fun of Hindu gods?

No, they even tried to show us The greatness of the Hindu religion, and an excellent religious guide can guide a man’s life in a good way even from death in the film, when Karthikeya is completely broken, how Sanskrit mantra and chanting give him a new way to live.

When will release Karthikeya 3 : 

I can’t wait for Karthikeya 3 because we already saw some awasome glimpse of karthikeya 3 which is incredible. It will release on 2023. It create an insane hype among all audiences.

My Opinion About Karthikeya 2: 

It is going to be one of the best movies of 2022. We say everyone should watch this movie at least once, and it will be best if you can watch it on this Krishna Janmashtami. This picture will not disappoint you from any angle, Yes, we give it 9.5 out of 10 stars because, In some places, VFX is not so good because of its budget but story, music, bgm, acting, cinematography is incredibly awasome. Must watch for everyone.

At the same time, it was showing action in a big way. And another thing, this movie is not even 1% linked with Karthikeya 1. But little things can be ignored. So don’t wait for another day, just go and watch this movie with your family and friends.

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