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Online video editors have simplified the process of editing and creating professional-grade videos. We tried the software for editing videos and found the in-built tools simple. The software and its template helped us create marketing videos in minutes. InVideo is a simple online video editor platform with a user-friendly interface and pre-made templates for making videos for businesses, marketing, branding, and social media. 


It is an excellent editing software for freelancers, educators, small-to-medium businesses or entrepreneurs, agencies and social media influencers. We tried many online video editors and zeroed in on InVideo for its simplified platform and great features. Here are some features worth highlighting: 

Features – All-in-One for Professional-Grade Video Editing  

There are several features provided by InVideo that help create videos without much technical expertise. Here are some great features that allow efficient video editing. 

Pre-built Templates: There are over 5000+ professionally designed templates that help create elegant and professional videos. There are different categories under which the templates are designed, and users can create videos by customizing templates with videos and photos of choice. The templates are fully customizable in fonts, colors, exposure, and other elements. Users can create videos even from scratch and make templates with customizable options. 

Stock Library: The software has millions of free stock images and videos to create professional videos. Stock images and videos from Shutterstock, Pixabay, Pexels, and more, can be used free while making the videos. The platform features nearly 9 million free stock media content, including copyright-free music.


Text-to-Video Conversion: The automatic features of text-to-video conversion are free. It helps convert articles or text into engaging, relevant videos with just a single click. It also allows users to select the video dimension. There are over 50 themes, and adding the text can create a story by converting it into an automated video. 

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Text-to-Speech Conversion: On using other video editors, we found that the process of text-to-speech conversion is not as smooth – in fact, quite complicated. But, this is where InVideo stands out as it converts text into speech in a natural voice and the language of choice. The text is digitally read out, and the software’s AI system automatically selects images to match the content of the text. It can be used to generate voiceovers.

Voice Transitions and Voiceover: The editing tools have significant video transitions, which help video snippets and shots in a unique combination. There are substantial transitions that give a professional look to the edited videos. You can pre-record or add a voiceover to make the video narrative enjoyable.

Drag-and-drop Interface: The platform offers complete flexibility to users with its advanced drag-and-drop editor. It helps in putting together video clips in a sequence, adding pictures, music, text and other elements in a presentable manner. It offers seamless control and streamlines the timeline. Preview the creation by dragging it left or right to make sure that it is appropriate before proceeding further.

Steps for Creating Videos Using InVideo

Here are the three basic steps to make professional-grade videos.

i) The first step is to select a template from over 5000+ options available. Alternatively, you can start creating the video from scratch without using templates. Choose a template that suits the project requirement, and each of the templates is fully customizable.

ii) Once the template is chosen, add images, videos, text, music, and other essential audiovisual components. Users can choose from the stock library or upload content from the self-library. Customize the video with fonts, colors, adjust the brightness, exposure, etc. You can change the timing for the videos and images.

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iii) Once the video is complete, it is easy to export it with one click or upload it across various platforms. A user can download the video or export it directly to social media channels.

Types of Videos Created with the help of InVideo

The best thing we loved about the software is the range of videos you can create. It takes just a couple of minutes to select the template and create stunning videos. Here are some of the video categories we created using the templates:

● Outro Maker – The free YouTube Outro template creates stunning Outro videos and gives fantastic endings to the videos. It is usually linked with a CTA (call to action) to drive the audience to the following step.

● Facebook Videos Ads – The template is used for creating engaging video ads for Facebook to drive higher Facebook engagement. The templates are optimized for both mobile phones and laptops or PCs.

● Intro Maker – If you want to add stunning intros to videos and keep the audience hooked, use Intro Maker by InVideo. It is a great way to introduce a brand and create an exciting opening.

● Poster Maker – The drag-and-drop interface lets users make engaging and interactive posters using a fully customizable poster template.

● Invitation Maker – Create custom and interactive invitation videos using exciting videos, images and narrations. There are templates for creating invitation videos for various events.

● Promo or Ad Maker – Use templates for creating promos for events or brands and help with better endorsement. There are even enticing templates for making ads and customizing them for higher audience engagement.

There are many templates used to create highly engaging and intuitive social media content. The meme generator, slideshow maker, and other templates have made it easy and convenient for even non-technical individuals to create and edit videos. Know more on contentpond.

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Pricing and Plans  

After trying a few video editors online, we found InVideo quite affordable in terms of pricing. We tried the business plan for free for 7 days and decided to upgrade it for a year.

InVideo offers three plans or packages, each packed with factors:

● The free plan provides 3500+ templates, a stock library, an automatic text-to-speech feature, and a watermark-free video creation of up to 15 minutes.

● The business plan costs $15/month. It includes everything in the free plan and ten iStock media, 1M+ premium media, 20 remove-background credits and 60 video exports.

● The unlimited plan costs $30/month and includes everything in the business plan. It also contains 120 iStock media, unlimited video export, and 40 background credits.

Note: The paid packages come with seven days of free trial.


InVideo is an excellent software for video editing. The drag-and-drop interface, templates and in-built editing tools help with professional-grade video editing. The interface is beginner-friendly and hence, makes it an easy online editing software to create a range of different types of videos.

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Top 10 Favourite Anime Main Charecter All Time Top 10 Favourite Anime Main Charecter All Time Top 7 Strongest Zoan Devil Fruit Users One Piece Top 7 Strongest Old Man In Anime 7 Warlord Based On 7 Sins In One Piece