How To Take the Perfect Headshot: 7 Key Tips


When it comes to taking a good portrait, it doesn’t matter if you’re taking a photo of a friend or an actor trying to make a career out of modeling. You need to know how to take a good photo! The majority of actors and models will want to capture specific images they can use to promote themselves for different roles or jobs. As such, it’s important you have an understanding of what makes a great headshot. Here are a few important tips for getting it right.

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1: Lighting

You’ll want to make sure you choose a place with great lighting for your photo session. If the light is too bright, shadows will form under the eyes and nose; if it’s too dark, there won’t be enough detail visible in your face. Try sitting by a window on an overcast day: the natural sunlight will work perfectly.

2: Angle

When you’re taking a headshot, it’s important to shoot from the proper angle. If you photograph someone from below their chin, the angle won’t look right, while if you photograph them from above, your subject’s eyes may appear larger than normal and the nose longer. The best way to get a perfect angle is to shoot from the waist up.

3: Background

It’s important you choose a background that doesn’t distract from your subject. The best backgrounds are those that reflect the personality of the person in the photo, so pick something fitting and flattering to their character. Avoid anything too busy or bright, which will take attention away from your subject’s face.

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4: People Skills

Your headshots won’t be worth much if you’re not a people person. Your ability to connect with your subjects and make them feel comfortable is key to getting the best possible shots. If you can’t get your subject to open up when you interact with them, it’s likely your headshots will suffer.

5: Poses

There are a number of poses that look great in headshots, so experiment with different ones to discover which works best for you. A good pose should show your personality while also making you appear approachable and friendly. Avoid anything too awkward or unnatural looking, though, as it will only detract from your photo.

6: Reflectors

Remember, the key to creating a great headshot is all about lighting. If you don’t have the best possible lights and backgrounds, your shots will suffer and you won’t be able to get the most out of them. There’s an easy way to fix this problem: use reflectors. Reflectors bounce light back onto subjects, which can help you to lighten up the shadows and create a more balanced image.

7: Retouching

In most cases, you don’t want your headshot to look too perfect. In fact, some blemishes or character quirks that appear in your shots can work as a great way to stand out from other models/actors. However, if you want your headshot to be as professional as possible, remember that a little bit of retouching can go a long way. If you need some extra help, then contacting a Headshots Denver-based specialist is the way to go.

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