Attack On Titan : Top 5 Reason Why Gabi Is Hated? & 7 More Questions About Gabi, Answered !


We all know that Attack on titan is count as one of the best action anime of all time. Although it change its studio from Wit to Mappa is proved as a good decision. Gabi aot played a major role in AOT season 4 from Eldian Side. Everyone hates her because she kills sasha which is really painfull death for all anime fans but today we will discuss about is Gabi attack on titan really to be hated that much ? Today we will explore it from both sides. Stay tuned with me.

Gabi AOT | Gabi Barun First Appearance : Gabi Attack On Titan

First Appearance of Gabi and Falco : Gabi Attack on Titan

Video Source : Youtube | Licensed By : Mappa Studio

Gabi Barun known as Gabi from Attack on Titan is one of the main charecter in Season 4. She is very much annoying Charecter also. She work as a candidate for the “Marley Warrior” unit, Her personality is innocent and lifeless. Se unquestionably believes in her excellence and considers even the battlefields where she exchanges lives to be a place to appeal to herself.  

Taking advantage of her weak appearance in the Battle of Slava Fortress, she led the Marley army to victory with a bold strategy of inviting the enemy to be alert and throwing grenades. Gabi attack on titan annoying for most of us. There is many reason to ” gabi aot hate. “

She genuinely believes in Marley’s education that “Eldians on the island of Paradis is the devil,” killing them all and proving that they are good Eldians and being discriminated against by the world.

Gabi Attack on titan has a strong desire to change. Reiner, the successor to the current “Giant of Armor,” is Gabi’s real cousin. She has great respect for him, and she is proud to be the leading candidate for the succession of the “armor giant.”

Gabi and Falco relation : Gabi Attack on Titan

Gabi Attack on titan
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Falco, her childhood friend and the same warrior candidate, secretly ponders her, but she is completely unaware of her own insensitivity. 

When Falco was directly told that the reason he wanted to inherit the “Giant of Armor” was “for you,” she just got angry, “Why don’t you bother me and say it’s for me?”

Her fighting ability is very high, especially for sniping. She can even shoot the neck of a moving human accurately or shoot down a human who is in 3D activation.

Why is Gabi From AOT Hated ? Is Gabi Exact Image of Eren Yeager ? – Gabi Attack on Titan

Similarities With Eren : Gabi AOT

Gabi Aot
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The main character of Attack on Titan, and Gabi, who appeared in the “Marley edition” that begins in season 4, are very similar. I will introduce what they are similar to each other, what they have in common, and what they are different from each other.

Similarities that Attack on Titan Gabi aot

and Eren are thought to be similar!

First, let’s explain the similarities between Eren and Gabi. In the first place, there are many opinions that Eren and Gabi attack on titan have similar faces.

 Eren and Gabi AOT have relatively similar angles, the eyes that are wide open and slightly raised, and the shape and texture of the eyebrows are also similar. In addition, black hair with a smooth texture is also common, and the hairstyle that was scooped up in front of the mirror in the image below is very similar. As many people say, they are very similar in appearance and hairstyle. When you watch season 4 of Attack on Titan, you will feel that Eren and Gabi attack on titan have similar personalities and their faces.

Common personality between Eren And Gabi AOT :

1. Excessive self-consciousness

2. Short temper

 3. Bad wording

 4. Selfish and selfish

Both Eren and Gabi Attack on titan are very self-conscious, such as 

“I will drive out the giant! (Eren)” and

“I will kill all the demons on the island! (Gabi)”.

Also, because of such an over-self-conscious personality, he has a short-tempered personality that makes him angry as if he bites a person who disagrees.

 And as soon as you start to get angry, you spit out hard words such as “kill” and “die,” and the wording becomes rough, isn’t it? 

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In addition, there are cases where both of them act on their own when they think of it, probably because of their excessive self-consciousness. As you can see, Eren and Gabi from Attack on titan seem to have very similar personalities.

Difference With Eren : Gabi Aot

Gabi Barun
Image Credit : Anime Corner | Image Source : Facebook | Licensed By : Mappa Studio

Consider the difference between Gabi aot and Eren! Whether the answer is by brainwashing? Eren and Gabi attack on tian are so similar, but there are definite differences between the two people. Let’s explain what kind of place is different.

1. The difference between Eren’s hatred due to actual experience and Gabi’s hatred due to brainwashing. As mentioned above, they have a strong hatred of “I’ll annihilate the enemy!” However, Eren hates because his mother killed in her childhood,

while Gabi Attack on titan said by Marley, the Eldians on Paradis are demons. That’s why Gabi attack on titan hated because of her brainwashing education. In this way, it can be said that the major difference between the two is “hate due to actual experience” and “hate due to brainwashing.” This difference seems to lead to a change in the minds of the two as the story progresses.

2. My feelings after going to a place other than my hometown (Marley, Paradis Island) are different

 As mentioned earlier, Eren and Gabi Aot had different qualities of hatred, which led to a subsequent change in their minds. This means that Eren gets into the enemy Marley and interacts with the inhabitants there, but the feelings of hatred do not disappear. While people worldwide are gathering, he becomes a giant and attacks, “cutting off hatred. There is no choice but to destroy the enemy. “

 On the other hand, Gabi, who came to Paradis, met various people there, and was the with the Eldia people on the island, who had been thought to be enemies, really demons?  

 In this way, both had a strong feeling of hating the enemy, but Eren changed to the idea of ​​”destroying the enemy and cutting off hatred,” while Gabi Attack on titan changed to the idea of ​​”sharing and cutting off hatred.” It can be said that there is a difference in the way of thinking that it has come.

 Marley & Eldian War : Gabi Attack On Titan

Gabi from Attack on titan
Image Credit : Hiddenremote | image Source : | Licensed By : Wit Studio

Attack on Titan Season 1, Armin and Eren wanted to know what was behind the wall. But as the anime progressed, they realized that not only was the world much larger than they thought, but Eldian was considered a demon by other humans. 

In addition, they learned that Titan was formerly Eldian, and Marley sent their warrior units (Annie, Berthold, Reiner, Marcel) to steal the Founding Titan.

The article contains major spoilers, so proceed with caution, so the story began from the past when there were two-nation Marley and Eldia, Marley was a nation that was empowered during those dark ages. At the same time, the eldia was a nation that wanted to overthrow the power of Marley. As the eldia was a nation with less cavalry, the chances of defeating the Marley were less. Still, eldia has a powerful girl named Ymir in their possession, so her TITAN powers were used in fights against Marley.

So now comes the main question of how did founder Titan came into existence? one day accidentally, Ymir died while saving the king of Eldia. Further, the power of Ymir was distributed among the daughter’s king by eating her. This is how it further leads to the emergence of descendants of Ymir. 

Further formation of these nine new powerful Titans within different families of Ymir, which helps eldia to overthrow the power of Marley easily nation the nine Titans were further descended too many people belonging to different families these families were called as subjects of Ymir so as the story progresses, internal conflict between different families increases. This leads to an increase in the chances of re-emergence of the Marley nation.

marley attack eldians
Image Credit : Otakukart | Image Source : Google | Licensed By : Mappa Studio

Now, how did eldia people end up within the walls after many years of eldia dominance over the Marley nation for power there was the start of some internal conflicts within eldians titan families, which lead to an opening for Marley nation to take advantage of the situation a legend of Marley overthrow the power of eldia at that point in time the king of Eldia was Carl fritz.

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He thought of it as a time for eldia to atone for their sin, so he let the internal conflict increase, which led to the fall of eldia. Further, he took the founding titan to paradise island after losing seven of nine Titans to Marley. he made walls on the island, erased the memory of Eldians. Lastly, he gave a message to the world if any act of war against the Eldians will lead to the release of million Titans within walls.

Why everyone hates Gabi :

 Well, there are various other opinions that why Gabi is hated, The reason is why Gabi’s is disliked can be roughly divided into four. Let’s look at each one.

Overconfident & Annoying

 Gabi appears in season 4 of AOT, but as the successor to the next “Giant of Armor,” she said to other warrior candidates that she is the only one.

 In the actual capture of Slava Fortress, She gave credit for defeating the armored train. Still, she was very proud to talk at the dinner party after returning, and many people feel that it is overconfident.

 Short Temper

 As mentioned above, Gabi attack on titan has an overconfident side, and She thinks that she is always right. For this reason, there are places where people get angry with bare hostility toward people who do not agree with them.Especially for Falco, if he disagrees with anything, Gabi will get angry immediately, and when you look at it, you will feel sorry for FALCO.


Gabi AOT acts according to her feelings, and she sometimes acts on her own without listening to the advice of others.When Eren and his friends boarded Marley, she ignored Falco’s advice and jumped on an airship that was pulling up, resulting in her being caught. In this way, Gabi has a place to act on his own, and she will be frustrated by it.

Why did Gabi kills Sasha ?

Video Source : Youtube | Licensed By : Mappa Studio

One of the main reasons is because Gabi Attack on titan killed Potato Girl (Sasha) in an airship. The people of Paradis Island who boarded Marley, returned by airship after the operation.

 As a result, her companion was killed, and she became angry and sad. Gabi boarded the airship and tried to take her revenge. And when she quickly foamed on airship, She shot a bullet from her gun,

The Moment Gabi shot a bullet from her gun, Sasha got the direct hit from that, and Everyone in the Airship was shocked, including me, like What-The-Hellllll,

Sasha is dead how it is possible?

I wasn’t expecting that to happen, why Sasha? 

Sasha was a glutton (Excessively Greedy Eater), and she was angry at everyone for eating and eating, but Sasha escaped from the scene with a slapstick.


 However, Sasha was an innocent and likble person, and the fact that she was eating a pinch became a story and became a memory for everyone. In this way, many viewers like Sasha, a character who is a glutton and can’t hate anything, and may think that they cannot forgive the Gabi who killed Sasha. This is the main reason why the majority of people dislike/hate Gabi.

Is Gabi Really Deserve Hate :

Image Credit : En.koreaportal | Image Source : Google | Licensed By : Mappa Studio

 What her character means to the Attack on titan world and how she is way more complex and many people think, so to understand Gaby’s character fully we have to go back to season 1 and take a close look at Eren he is someone who doesn’t know a lot about outside world he knows the titans are bad but doesn’t know why he doesn’t have the information to truly see the whole image of what’s going on in his world he only takes things as he sees it and doesn’t think about it more.

He is filled with rage because Titan killed his mother and destroyed his homeland he will do anything to kill all the titans without even battling an eye but as he grows older and as he learns all the secrets of the world he realizes that his point of view on titans was completely wrong.

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And they are not enemies in fact they are his blood and flesh they are his brothers and sisters that he wants to protect he was planning on killing his own kind for this whole time and because eren realized this we actually see him spare Titan in season 3 and even more he tried to convert him.

Now that I have briefly covered Eren’s character development involving the titans. We can take a look at Gabi’s storyline and see just how many similarities we can catch. She even kind of looks like Eren, as I already told you before, when we are first introduced to Gabi attack on titan in season 4.

She doesn’t know anything about this world other than what marley has been feeding her, which is basically all the really old outdated stories that aren’t true. She has been living her whole life knowing that all Eldians from Paradis Island are devils. Still, She doesn’t know why and hasn’t experienced it in person, so when suddenly her homeland gets attacked just like Eren’s and her friends get killed.

Of course, she gets filled with rage and decides to avenge her friends. She was blinded with fury, and the only way she could think of to get rid of this hatred in her heart was revenge; the majority of people would do the same. But in the head of the Moment, only a small percentage of people are actually able to control themselves.

If we take things at baseline and consider that Gabi AOT killed Sasha, this situation is the same as when Eren killed the random Titan. Of course, we didn’t hate Eren because we had no emotional connection to the Titan. Sasha was everyone’s favourite character that’s a majority of viewers hate Gabi.

But if we just take facts, those situations are the same in a world with huge plot twists and changes. Gabi Attack on titan has been specially set up to show the viewers that eldians and marlins are not so different after all without knowing they are suffering from the same pain and hardships.

In Upcoming episodes of season 4, we will see more of Gabi and how she learns about Eldians and how her manufactured reality and views on titans and eldians of paradise island will crumble down just like Eren’s views on titans did. And I’m sure at the end of the series Gabi will come to peace with eldians.

It’s a shonen anime that really gets our brain thinking about morals and philosophy. That’s why I like it so much.

Part 2 of Season 4 is coming, so tight your seat belt and have popcorn and tissue paper ready because many things are about to disclose in upcoming episodes Levi’s destiny? What is going on with Zeke? What about the titans who are in walls? Is Eren going to die? And so on.

So what do you think about Gabi? Do let us know in the comment box, 


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FAQ of Gabi AOT :

Gabi attack on titan death ?

Gabi is not dead till Season 4 part 1. We don’t want to spoil the any incidents of part 2.

Gabi attack on titan voice actor ? | Gabi Aot Voice Actor ?

Lindsay Seidel is the English dub voice of Gabi Braun and Ayane Sakura is the Japanese voice.

What is gabi braun birthday ? | Gabi Aot Birthday ?

April 14th is the birthday of Gabi AOT.

How tall is gabi AOT ? | Gabi AOT Height ?

138 cm is the height of Gabi Attack on Titan

Is Gabi dead in AOT?

No. Gabi is not dead in AOT

Is Gabi a boy or girl AOT?

Gabi is a girl.

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