Free Guy Movie Review: A Light Hearted Fun Ride


Free Guy Movie is a science fiction action-comedy movie released on 13th August 2021 in the USA, but in India, it was released on 17th September 2021. Free Guy Movie is directed by Shawn Levy, starring Ryan Renolds in the lead character Guy.

Free Guy Movie is based on a video game called Free City, and one day one of its Non-Playing Characters (NPC) developed consciousness and started acting on his free will. Free Guy Movie has become the fifth movie of the year to cross the $300 million mark on the Box-office.

Free Guy has mostly earned positive reviews from critics, and fans also seem to like this movie. Free Guy Movie is still running successfully in theatres. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the release of the movie is delayed by one year, and also the reduced occupancy in theatres has an impact on the collection of the movie.

Free Guy Movie: Summary of the Movie

Review: 7.2/10

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Image Credits: Screen Rant | Image Source: Google | Licensed By: 20th Century Studios
Direted By:Shawn Levy
Produced By:Ryan Reynolds
Shawn Levy
Sarah Schechter
Greg Berlanti
Adam Kolbrenner
Written By:Screenplay:
Matt Lieberman
Zak Penn
Story by:
Matt Lieberman
Starring:Ryan Reynolds
Jodie Comer
Lil Rel Howery
Utkarsh Ambudkar
Joe Keery
Taika Waititi
Production House:Berlanti Productions
21 Laps Entertainment
Maximum Effort
Lit Entertainment Group
TSG Entertainment
Distributed By:20th Century Studios

Free Guy Movie starts inside the Free City, where Guy is narrating the story from his point of view, and he is describing that how the person who is wearing glasses is the Hero and can do all the heroic things inside the Free City.

Guy who is following the same routine in his life every day and only wears Blue shirts and trousers, and drinks the same kind of coffee every day from the same cafe. He works in a Bank and has only one friend who is the security guard of the bank.

Guy is a lonely person and waiting for a perfect girl in his life, and one day he sees Molotov Girl, aka Millie Rusk, and he instantly gets attracted to that girl. One day a heist takes place in his bank, and he sees Molotov Girl passing by outside the bank.

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Guy fights back with the bank robber and takes his glasses off, which kills that person immediately, and then when Guy puts those glasses on, he sees some weird things which only can be seen by the glasses.

Guy follows Molotov Girl, but he gets hit by a train and gets killed, but he wakes up again in his home and again follows the same daily routine of his life. This time Guy behaves differently, and everyone else inside the city starts looking at him weirdly.

Guy finally meets Molotov Girl. Molotov girl thinks that Guy is also a player in the game and tells him that he has to level up and then only she will talk to him. Guy decides to be a good guy and starts doing good deeds in the city, which makes his level growing rapidly.

1st Free Guy Movie
Image Credits: 20th Century Studios | Image Source: Google | Licensed By: 20th Century Studios

Guy instantly becomes famous in the real world, and everyone starts wondering that who is that player whose level is growing up so rapidly then the developers of the game discover that Guy is not a player but an NCP who has started thinking on his own.

The source code of the Free City game is stolen, and the real developers of the game are looking for any evidence to prove that the code of Free City is stolen, and Millie one of the real developers of the game, knows that the evidence to prove this is hidden somewhere in the Free City.

Millie, aka Molotov Girl, tells this to Guy, and Guy decides to help her find that evidence. The fake developer of the Free City gets known about this problem, and he tries various ways to reset the game but fails to do so.

Now Guy and Molotov Girl/Millie knows where the evidence is hidden in the game, but Antwan, the fake developer of the game, decides to destroy the servers of the game. Walter, the real developer of the game, decides to help Millie and Guy.

Guy finally, after facing so many problems, finds that evidence, but till then, Antwan has destroyed 90% of the game’s servers, but Millie makes a deal with him and tells him that hand her over the remaining of the Free City, and she will recreate this game again.

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Millie and Walter create their new game, “Free Life,” with the remaining piece of Free City.

Unexpected Cameos: Free Guy Movie (Spoiler Alert!)

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Image Credits: Entertainment Weekly | Image Source: Google | Licensed By: 20th Century Studios

Free Guy does also has some unexpected cameos, which adds more stars in the kitty of the Movie. Free Guy is a very entertaining movie and the cameos it features adds more entertainment to it.

Channing Tatum:

Channing Tatum’s cames is the cameo which features for the longest time in the Movie. Channing Tatum is the first hero shown in the Movie at the start of the Movie. Channing Tatum plays the character of Revenjamin Buttons.

Channing Tatum turns out to be a fanboy of Guy later in the Movie when Guy becomes famous. Channing Tatum is at his comedy best in the Movie, and he will definitely make everyone laugh out loud.

Chris Evans:

Chris Evans is the second-best cameo in the Movie after Channing Tatum’s cameo. There is Avenger’s reference several times in the Free Guy Movie. Even Channing Tatum refers to Thanos when he meets the first time with Guy.

At the climax of the Movie, we get to see a cameo of Chris Evans, and the timing of Chris Evan’s cameo in the Movie is perfect, and it will definitely going to make everyone enjoy it very much and laugh out loud.


There are many YouTubers who cameo in the Movie and play a fictional version of themselves in the Movie. These YouTubers increase the popularity of games like Free City by having a live stream on their YouTube channels.

Avengers and Star Wars Reference:

3rd Free Guy Movie
Image Credits: YouTube | Image Source: Google | Licensed By: 20th Century Studios

In the Free Guy Movie, there is a reference to Avengers and Star Wars in the climax of the movie, and all of these references are so entertaining to see in the movie. These references and callbacks from Avengers and Star Wars make us chuckle uncontrollably.

Guy is a character who just discovered the powers and capabilities he can have after putting on the glasses. Ryan Renolds is a very talented actor and when it comes to comedy Ryan Renolds knows how to entertain his fans. And he seems to ace this technique, and in this movie, too, he successfully delivers a perfect Sci-Fi comedy.

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The Good: Free Guy Movie

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Image Credits: Los Angeles Times | Image Source: Google | Licensed By: 20th Century Studios

Free Guy is a very entertaining movie, and it does not promise a very path-breaking plot or a story. In fact, it is a very light-hearted comedy movie, and it successfully delivers it. Ryan Renolds is the main highlight of the movie.

Ryan Renolds is such an overpowering actor that no other actors seem to be existing in front of the presence of Ryan Renolds. Ryan Renolds carries the most part of the comedy onto his shoulders, and he aces the character of Guy.

The best thing about this movie is that it never tries to be something which it is not. Free Guy is a light-hearted comedy, and it never tries to be something more than that, and that is the best quality of the Free Guy Movie.

The Bad: Free Guy Movie

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Image Credits: Variety | Image Source: Google | Licensed By: 20th Century Studios

Nothing is perfect in this world, and so is Free Guy Movie. There are definitely some things about the Bad Guy Movie which does not work in favor of the movie. The first thing which is not good about the Free Guy Movie is the treatment of other characters of the movie.

Apart from Ryan Renold’s Character, Guy, no other actor makes their presence felt in the movie rather than the main characters of the movie. The Cameo characters of the movie are more memorable in the Free Guy Movie.

The other thing which does not work in favor of the movie is that the plot of the movie does not offer anything new, and we already know what to expect from it and what not to expect from it.

Final Words: Free Guy Movie

Free Guy Movie
Image Credits: Variety | Image Source: Google | Licensed By: 20th Century Studios

In the final words, Free Guy Movie definitely deserves a watch. Free Guy is a stress buster, and if you want to take some time off from your stressful work or routine, then Free Guy Movie works as a stressbuster.

Free Guy is a sure-shot entertainer and definitely should be on your list if you are looking for refreshment and wants to relax your mind.

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FAQ About Free Guy Movie:

Is it the Best movie of Ryan Renolds ?

No. This is not the Ryan Renolds Best Movie because His comic timing is missing somewhere i felt

Is Chris Evans Cameo Played for Long Time ?

No. Chris Evans Cameo is just for a moment

If Free Guy Movie Entertaining?

Yes, Oviously It is very entertaining. You can watch it I recommand you.

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